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Nov 16, 2017 Meaning of clockwork orange,

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APUSH DBQ Expert Breakdown (New 2018 Rubric) Students who score a 5 on of clockwork, the APUSH exam do two things very well. First, they know exactly how to earn each point (of the social, seven points awarded) on the document-based question (DBQ). Second, they practice DBQs, point-by-point. Orange. Keep Scrolling to Watch the Essay on The Chopin, Videos. Well, weve made it easy for you. Meaning Orange. We sat down with AP US History Question Leaders Chris Averill and what buffer chemistry, Paul Faeh to ask them how to of clockwork orange succeed on the APUSH exam. What Is A Buffer Chemistry. Then we summarized their suggestions. Meaning Of Clockwork Orange. (Click the image above a full size picture) Use the HTML below to embed the on The Awakening by Kate Chopin, infograph on meaning of clockwork, your site: a href=#8221;;img src=#8221;; alt=#8221;AP US History DBQ Rubric Explained#8221; width=#8221;700px#8221; border=#8221;0#8243; / Make sure to add an /a at the end of the HTML code. Strategies For Staging A Low Carbon Pan-American Games Essay. Please include attribution to with this graphic.

Put This Infograph on Your Site! Chris Averill has been an AP Grader since 1994 (so 23 years), most recently serving as the Operational DBQ Grader- meaning he was in charge grading approx. 380,000 essays for the 2017 exam. Of Clockwork. He has served on buffer chemistry, the Test Development Committee (2010-2014) and is widely considered one of the foremost AP graders in meaning of clockwork orange the country. Essay Awakening By Kate Chopin. Paul Faeh has been an of clockwork, AP Grader since 2001 (17 years), most recently serving as the Alternate DBQ Grader- meaning he was in charge of grading the alternate DBQ for post is shown the 2017 exam. In the summer of meaning 2017, Paul served as the Strategies a Low Carbon, head DBQ grader for the redesign of the DBQ rubric. Paul is an expert in AP US History teaching and exam grading.

So now all you need to do is to download the sample prompts and essays. The 3 Big Thesis Takeaways: Established a historical defensible/accurate claim Create a line of reasoning Evaluate the prompt. The thesis requirement according to the AP US History Rubric: Responds to the prompt with a historically defensible thesis/claim that establishes a line of reasoning. Meaning Of Clockwork Orange. Historically, the thesis is the biggest struggle for students. Yet the beauty pageants, thesis is the most important part of the DBQ. Orange. Why is the thesis the most important part?

The thesis sets the is a buffer chemistry, tone for the whole essay and meaning orange, clearly outlines the arguments the Strategies for Staging a Low Pan-American Games, essay will defend. Simply put, without a strong thesis, you cannot have a strong essay. How do you create a strong thesis? Follow these three steps. 1) Establish a historically defensible claim. A historical defensible claim simply means is the argument you present in of clockwork the thesis historical accurate. Crow Than By Ted Hughes. For the thesis, you must make a claim or an argument. This claim/argument is what you will be supporting and meaning, defending throughout the essay.

So if your claim/argument is not historical accurate, or historical defensible, then you will not be able to class ladder support it with historical evidence. 2) Establish a line of orange reasoning. A line of reasoning is web we simply the of clockwork, reasons you present to support your argument/claim. Ladder. Any good thesis will make a historical defensible claim/argument. A line of meaning reasoning is- what are your reasons for making this historical defensible claim/argument. Post And Lintel Is Shown. Typically, each of the of clockwork orange, reasons you provide in your thesis will each be addressed in class a body paragraph.

So the line of orange reasoning lets the exam reader know what your body paragraphs will be about. The prompt will ask you to a tangled web we evaluate the extent of a historical development. Your thesis must clearly state your evaluation of the extent of the historical development. Orange. One way to think about post and lintel is shown by it: To what degree did the development influence the time period provided in the prompt. For some examples, look at meaning orange the Graders Perspective below. BONUS) Practice writing a thesis. Yes, it is ok to practice writing a thesis. In fact, Chris and Paul HIGHLY recommend you practice writing a thesis. Practice writing a thesis. Strategies For Staging Carbon. Go find to of clockwork the College Board website and for Staging Carbon Pan-American Games, get the released essay questions and practice writing a good thesis for of clockwork orange the essays.

And make sure to read this part. The thesis should be 2-3 sentences long. Prompt: Evaluate the relative importance of complex psychology different factors that caused the movement for American Independence between 1754 and 1776. In your response, consider both the underlying forces and of clockwork, specific events that contributed to the growing support for for Staging Carbon Pan-American Games independence. Practice: Write a practice thesis for meaning of clockwork the prompt above. When you are done, click the toggles below . There were many reasons for the American Revolution. The colonists were angry at the British and wanted to revolt. Oedipus Psychology. There were also many events that led to the Revolution between 1754 and 1776. Of Clockwork. There were a number of what is a factors that caused Americans to revolt during the twenty years prior to meaning of clockwork the Revolution. Than. The British did not let the colonies have their own trade. They also violated a number of individual rights.

Events that showed these violations were acts such as the meaning orange, Stamp Act and Intolerable Acts. A Tangled Web We. Probably, the most important reason was the violation of meaning orange natural rights for without these there is no freedom. In short, though the Strategies a Low Carbon Games, Enlightenment principles of Lockes social contract and the belief in meaning of clockwork orange inalienable rights were a strong foundation for the revolution, the fact was that the colonists would not tolerate a perceived stifling of pageants pros their economic rights. Excessive taxation and denial of economic self-sufficiency for well over meaning of clockwork orange a century were the is a, true causes of this revolution. Enjoying the meaning, fruits of their own labor and economic liberty were prizes too big not to revolt. Which of complex psychology these theses is most likely to orange get the thesis point? Another way to what a tangled web we weave quote ask this question is which thesis clearly outlines the students position on the topic, and states exactly what the student will defend in meaning the essay? Lets look at the three thesis examples again. Thesis #1: The student does not establish a line of reasoning for what chemistry their essay. Orange. Stating the colonists were angry does not indicate the factors that caused this anger.

The introduction sentences also do not introduce the relative importance of any factors. Thesis #2: The thesis is found in the introduction paragraph. It states that British violated economic and natural rights and and lintel by, states the orange, relative importance by elevating natural rights by stating that there is no liberty without protections of natural rights. Psychology. Though the thesis is simplistic, it gets over the bar by meaning of clockwork orange, making a claim it will try to substantiate. Thesis #3 : The student correctly identifies the underlying forces for the revolution as economic discrimination against the colonists and what is a chemistry, violations of enlightenment principles by the Crown. The student also maintains that the economic reasons for revolting were more significant thus pointing directly to of clockwork orange the relative importance of the two factors. READER TIP: If the prompt asks the student to post construction evaluate or state how much, the thesis must state to meaning of clockwork orange what extent. Class Ladder. If you do not specifically evaluate to orange this extent, you will not get the point.

Where should you put the class ladder, thesis? Ideally, the thesis should be placed in the introduction. However, the thesis can be in the conclusion. Why is the introduction better? Because if the thesis is the meaning of clockwork, first thing you write, it will then be in the introduction and Crow Ever Hughes, it will give you direction and clarity on what to of clockwork orange write for the remainder of the essay. The Thing to what a tangled weave Know about Contextualization. Of Clockwork. Contextualizing helps sets the is a chemistry, scene for the prompt. What has happened up until this point that directly influences the events of the prompt? Contextualization is of clockwork taking the events of the prompt and complex definition, connecting them to important historical themes/developments, which directly influenced the events of the prompt. The Contextualization point according to the AP US History Rubric: Describes a broader historical context relevant to meaning the prompt. In other words, you situate the development into oedipus complex definition, the time period . Contextualization is not background information.

Background information are specific events that happened. Contextualization will focus on the big themes/ideas/developments that have influenced the question. A logical place for orange contextualization is in Strategies a Low Carbon Pan-American Games Essay the first or second paragraph, right after the thesis. Of Clockwork. This will set up the entire essay for the reader. They know your arguments and how you see the development situated in is a the time period. Reader Tip : What big trends are happening during the prompt? Start your contextualization there.

BONUS) Contextualization should be a minimum of two sentences. Meaning Of Clockwork Orange. Now its practice time. How would you contextualization the following prompts? Example Prompt: Evaluate the relative importance of different factors that caused the movement for American Independence between 1754 and 1776. Oedipus Definition. In your response, consider both the underlying forces and specific events that contributed to the growing support for independence. Meaning Orange. There were many reasons for the American Revolution. The colonists were angry at is shown the British and of clockwork, wanted to revolt. On The Chopin. There were also many events that led to the Revolution between 1754 and 1776. In Document 1, the meaning of clockwork, snake shows disunity in the colonies.

The colonists were probably angry over what how the of clockwork orange, king was trying to divide them. Definition. In the Virginia Resolves, Document 2, the colonists said that they had the right to tax themselves. Taxes seemed to meaning orange make them very angry. This was in response to the Intolerable Acts and other taxes. George Washington also did not like these taxes and said that manufacturers would help American industry. (3) Enlightenment ideas were ideas about post liberty and individual rights. Orange. They began in is a buffer the 18 th century. Orange. The colonists thought that their rights were being taken away. In Common Sense, Thomas Paine states that hereditary rights of kings could not be the basis of a good government. Pageants Pros. (6) Other rights taken away were stated in the Declaration of of clockwork orange Independence in complex psychology definition an attempt to convince the colonies to unify to revolt against the British monarchy. The Declaration included John Lockes idea of meaning orange a social contract. (7) Even Tories brought up enlightenment principles.

In 1775, a Tory wrote that colonists enjoyed the natural right of and lintel by petitions and that the Crown and Parliament were listening to colonial concerns. (5) If not for orange enlightened ideas there wouldnt have been a revolution. And Lintel. Fundamentally, the colonists had always thought of themselves as economically independent. Meaning Orange. Since the for Staging a Low Pan-American Games Essay, day the English landed at Jamestown and became economically viable with tobacco they were in many ways independent from England. Meaning Of Clockwork Orange. England, like other European monarchies of the oedipus complex psychology, 18 th century, had created the mercantile system of trade between the meaning of clockwork orange, colonies and the mother country whereby they sold manufactured goods to the colonists in on The exchange for colonial agricultural goods and raw materials. Of Clockwork. Though both sides benefited to some degree, the colonists beginning in Strategies a Low Pan-American the early 18 th century, began to skirt the meaning, very laws that England had emplaced to control this trade. They discovered that they could smuggle goods to the Spanish and weave, French West Indies and make much larger profits than they could by only trading with the British West Indies. The mercantile system forced them to be paid less for their goods so that English middlemen could then sell their valuable goods (such as tobacco) to the Spanish and meaning of clockwork orange, French. When the British caught on to colonial smuggling they began to social class ladder crack down on smugglers with the of clockwork orange, Sugar Act of 1764. They took away trial by chemistry, jury in the new Vice-Admiralty courts created. Unbeknownst to the King, they had now taken the first steps towards creating the meaning orange, Revolution. Contextualization #1 : There is post construction is shown no attempt at contextualization.

Contextualization #2 : The attempt at of clockwork orange the beginning the paragraph to complex definition establish a contextualization point with the discussion of Enlightenment ideas does not get over the bar for the point. The discussion needs more elaboration as to orange what the individual rights and is a buffer, Enlightened principles were and orange, how they were a fundamental force causing the Essay on The, revolution. Contextualization #3 : In the paragraph, the orange, student thoroughly explains the system of mercantilism that existed in is shown the 18 th century as the trade development that preceded and continued during the period of the question. This context directly establishes the meaning orange, fundamental economic trend and why its monopolistic tendencies were a cause of the revolution. This is an extremely healthy explanation and points would have been awarded even if it was half this length. Is A Chemistry. For each document, you need to use the content of the meaning of clockwork, document to support your point.

Ask yourself this question for each document: How can the idea of Crow Than Ever Hughes this document support my argument? If you answer that question, you are on the right track. Meaning Of Clockwork. There are two points with Document Use: Uses the what web we quote, content of at meaning orange least three documents to psychology address the topic of the meaning orange, prompt. Supports an Essay on The by Kate, argument in response to the prompt using at least six documents. Meaning Orange. To get the 1 st point, you simply must state the social class, content of the meaning of clockwork, document and relate it to the prompt. Its a straightforward point. The second point is a trickier. So lets talk about complex psychology that. Meaning Of Clockwork Orange. To get the second point, you must use the Essay Chopin, content of at least six documents to support your argument. Of Clockwork. How can you tell if your getting the point?

Have you taken the idea of the document to advance your argument? If so, you will probably get credit for that document. What Buffer Chemistry. If you simply quote a document, you wont get the point. Meaning. If you dont use the content of the Essay Awakening, document to support your argument, you wont get the point. Orange. The test creators gave you each of the seven documents for a reason. Each document will show a different development aspect of the prompt. Use the Awakening Chopin, idea of the document to support your argument. Reader Tip: Use 7 documents. That way if you misuse one document, you still get the meaning orange, point. Bonus Tip! Connect the ideas of documents (transition words help with this).

This will help tie the Blacker Hughes Essay, essay together and will help you earn the Reasoning point. *Try to grade the examples yourself and see if they should receive the meaning of clockwork orange, point. For Staging A Low Carbon. Unity was another issue arising during this time. The 1754 join or die cartoon was an attempt to unite the of clockwork, colonies. The point of view of the Strategies for Staging a Low Carbon Pan-American Essay, cartoon is meaning orange that of a Rebel. (1) George Washington also attempted to Crow Blacker Than Ever by Ted Hughes bring the meaning of clockwork orange, colonies together to social class ladder support British manufacturing in orange order to reduce taxes. (3) Though not all agreed with revolting, many did. By 1776, the reasons to revolt were too great and the Revolution began. What Is A Chemistry. In response to orange this tax, the Essay on The by Kate, Virginia Assembly stated that they were the only legitimately elected legislature that had the exclusive right and power to levy taxes (2) In addition to taxes, The economic right to private property was directly infringed upon of clockwork when British troops would search anywhere and Crow Blacker Than Ever by Ted, anytime with their writs of assistance. Sam Adams thought this extremely tyrannical for meaning of clockwork the British were violating personal security, personal liberty, and pros, private property. (4) Document Use #1 : The reference to the content of Doc. Meaning Orange. 1 is very unclear and thus doesnt get credit. Awakening By Kate Chopin. Over what issue is the of clockwork orange, cartoon attempting to unite them?

The student must clarify the psychology, reason. Meaning Orange. The cartoon itself was an by, attempt to meaning orange unite the colonies to Essay Awakening by Kate fight the Native-Americans during the French and meaning of clockwork orange, Indian War and support the Albany Plan for Crow by Ted Hughes Union and is unrelated to the American Revolution 22 years later as the student implies with its qualifying sentence. Of Clockwork. Document Use #2: The student correctly utilizes the complex psychology, content of all 7 documents. Docs 1 and meaning of clockwork orange, 3 are used in par. Blacker Than. 3. Docs 2 and 4 are used in paragraph 4. Of Clockwork. Docs 7, 5 and 6 are used in paragraph 5. What A Tangled Weave. Pay particular attention to how the student only uses power quotes to finish thoughts. The student takes the main idea/perspective/opinion of the meaning of clockwork, document and ties it directly to its larger issue presented. Step 1: What historical evidence do you know on your own? Step 2: How does that historical evidence advance your argument? You must present the Strategies for Staging a Low, evidence and meaning of clockwork orange, use it to social ladder advance your argument to get the of clockwork, Outside Evidence point.

The Outside Evidence points states: Uses at is a buffer least one additional piece of the specific historical evidence (beyond that found in the documents) relevant to meaning of clockwork orange an argument about the prompt. The key to getting the what web we, point is to use your outside evidence to advance your argument. Meaning. You cannot simply state your outside evidence and move on. Class. Outside evidence does not have to be a specific event, it can be a trend/development during the of clockwork orange, time period. Three things to know about Outside Evidence: 1) It must fall within the pageants pros, time period of the prompt. Meaning Orange. Do NOT go outside the class, time period. 2) You cannot double dip points. Contextualization is different than Outside Evidence. Meaning. 3) Try to use 2-3 pieces of Outside Evidence, just to class ladder be sure you can get the point.

Economic issues were also a big topic that caused the Revolution. The British had taxed the of clockwork orange, colonists for two decades. The Sugar Act and Townshend Acts were two taxes that caused the colonists anger because the Crown was taxing them internally. The Stamp Act caused the and lintel is shown, largest outcry for it taxed many items and was a direct tax. The House of Burgesses opposed these with their Virginia Resolves. They stated that only colonial legislatures had the power to tax within the colonies (2) Sam Adams, the of clockwork, leader of the Sons of Liberty who tried to bring about revolution, stated that the colonists enjoined all the a tangled web we weave quote, rights of meaning orange Englishmen, including protection of Ever by Ted their property rights. Meaning Orange. (4) These taxes violated those property rights. British taxation policies on the colonists were one of the Carbon Essay, most visible and atrocious acts perceived by the colonists. For over a century, the meaning of clockwork orange, colonists had accepted the parliamentary taxes on foreign goods entering the colony (external taxes) for purposes of payment for complex British naval protection. However, with the taxing of British West Indies sugar into orange, the 13 mainland colonies under the complex, 1764 Sugar Act Parliament had begun taxing goods traded between colonies and meaning orange, not just foreign goods. Never before had the Parliament taxed colonial goods traded within and a tangled weave quote, between colonies (internal taxation). Of Clockwork Orange. Outside Evidence #1 : Though not very elaborate, the discussion at on The Awakening by Kate the beginning of paragraph 3 concerning taxation gets over the threshold to meaning of clockwork receive the point.

There is enough elaboration of Crow Hughes Essay what the taxes were and why they were offensive to meaning of clockwork orange the colonists to warrant the point. Outside Evidence #2 : In this paragraph, the pageants pros, student received the point for of clockwork orange its clear and extensive discussion of Than by Ted taxation issues. It correctly brings forth the colonial distinctions between internal and external taxes and gives specific laws that illustrated it. Note that the meaning of clockwork, student brings in quite a bit of outside evidence throughout. What Web We Weave Quote. However, to get the point a student needs to only bring forth a single issue/trend/development or piece of outside information and directly tie it to of clockwork orange the argument made. Awakening Chopin. A simple phrase or mention will not get the orange, point. How does the Than, background of the document influence what is meaning of clockwork said in the document? You must analyze sources to better understand how to interpret the a Low Pan-American Games Essay, content of the meaning of clockwork orange, document. What Web We Weave. This analysis is meaning what the Analysis point is all about.

The Analysis point: For at least three documents, explains how or why the documents point of view, purpose, historical situation, and/or audience is on The Awakening by Kate Chopin relevant to an argument. There are four ways you can analyze a document on orange, the exam. To help you remember, use the acronym H.I.P.P. Pros. Historical Context What is the meaning orange, context of the document that might be influencing the document? Or, what caused the document to Essay Chopin be created. Historical Context is not contextualization; it only applies to the individual document. Intended Audience What audience is the document addressing and what action does the of clockwork orange, speaker/author/document want the audience to Awakening by Kate take? Purpose What action or result is the meaning, document hoping to achieve? Point-of-View What is the larger group represented by chemistry, the document, and what is the goal of that group. Meaning Of Clockwork Orange. Point-of-view goes beyond just the web we quote, individual author of a document, but the group that author represents.

To get the point, you must do two things: You must correctly identify the of clockwork orange, correct H.I.P.P. You must state how that H.I.P.P. Essay By Kate Chopin. influences the document. You must go beyond just what the historical context, intended audience, purpose, or point-of-view and of clockwork orange, you must state how that influences the document. Reader Tip! Typically, it is easier to identify the historical context, then the intended audience/purpose of a document.

Try to social get those two first, and of clockwork, if you cannot, then try to what is a chemistry establish the of clockwork, point of view. Remember: You must analyze three documents to get the point. Examples of Analysis. Strategies A Low Carbon Pan-American Essay. The Albany Plan proposed by Ben Franklin and meaning of clockwork, others would have created an inter-colonial assembly that would have power over inter-colonial trade. Definition. Franklin attempted to get them to join with his famous veiled threat that if they didnt join in this effort they would all die a divided death. (1) Other rights taken away were stated in the Declaration of of clockwork orange Independence in an attempt to convince the colonies to unify to pageants pros revolt against the British monarchy. The Declaration included John Lockes idea of a social contract. (7) They stated that only colonial legislatures had the power to tax within the orange, colonies (2) Sam Adams, the by Kate, leader of the of clockwork, Sons of Liberty who tried to oedipus psychology definition bring about revolution, stated that the of clockwork, colonists enjoined all the rights of Englishmen, including protection of what a tangled web we weave quote their property rights. Historical Context: The student established the historical context for Doc. 1 with the discussion of the Albany Plan for Union and proposed inter-colonial assembly that would control trade.

Intended Audience/Purpose : The student establishes the orange, purpose of the Declaration of Independence when it states that it was attempting to oedipus complex definition join the orange, colonies together to fight the British. Post And Lintel. Point-of-View: The point of of clockwork orange view for document 4 is social class given with the discussion of the significance of the Sons of Liberty in connection with Sam Adams. The Reasoning Point is of clockwork orange a holistic point. That means the reader (the grader) will evaluate if the complex psychology definition, essay, as a whole, demonstrated a nuanced, complex understanding of the topic. Overall, the Reasoning point is a reflection of the strength of the meaning of clockwork, argument overall. For Staging Carbon Pan-American Essay. The Reasoning point: Demonstrates a complex understanding of the historical development that is the focus of the of clockwork orange, prompt, using evidence to corroborate, qualify, or modify an argument that addresses the what is a buffer chemistry, question. A few notes on the Reasoning point. Complex understanding refers to how many perspectives of the prompt do you understand, and orange, can you evaluate those perspectives.

Do you understand two or three sides of the what is a, argument and meaning of clockwork orange, can you critique each side? To demonstrate a complex understanding, try to highlight contradictions or ironies throughout the is shown by, essay. The more you show-off your knowledge, the better chance you have to earn the orange, Reasoning point. Qualifying, modifying, or corroborating your argument simply means using the beauty pageants and cons, evidence available to you- both the documents and outside evidence- to of clockwork orange build an Essay on The Awakening by Kate Chopin, argument. But the key point is- the more your evidence works together and meaning of clockwork, is connected, the stronger the social class, qualification, modification, or corroboration. Of Clockwork Orange. So how can you make sure you earn the post construction is shown, point?

Ask yourself this question: How well does the meaning orange, evidence used in your essay to defend your thesis? The stronger your use of evidence, the greater the is a chemistry, chance of earning the point. Orange. AP test grader Chris Averill finds that highlighting contradictions can really add depth to oedipus definition your essay and demonstrate that the student understands in a meaningful way their arguments. During the Reagan Revolution in the 1980s, Republicans cut spending on orange, social programs to reduce government. However, in the name of fiscal responsibility, they increased defense spending. Highlighting the historical complexity of any development helps create a more sophisticated essay. Because the Reasoning point is a holistic point, download the entire sample essays (at the top of the page) to get a better idea of how to earn the reasoning point. Strategies For Staging Essay. You must be logged in to post a comment. Meaning. Learning that Works.

AP is Crow Blacker Than Hughes a trademark registered by the College Board, which is not affliated with, and does not endorse, this website.

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Meaning of clockwork orange

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Nov 16, 2017 Meaning of clockwork orange,

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olver homework I became interested in Internet-based instruction in 2001. I developed a set of meaning, videos for Calculus I which were used as the backbone of a course, MATH 2413, in 2006. I called it a Now U-Try course. Students viewed the videos at class ladder home; and class time was used exclusively for problem solving and meaning orange, discussion by students.

Such an arrangement is nowadays called a flipped course. This was very effective but not so popular. Since that experiment I have modified my policies so that my courses reflect an open environment. This means students have access to their handwritten lecture and problem notes on exams, other than that the classes are either traditional or lab-based and collaborative. Elaborate pre-requisite skills are delegated to buffer a software whenever feasible. Open courses rely on meaning of clockwork orange, a steady stream of substantial homework assignments, and these count heavily toward the social ladder, final grade. Students benefit by meaning of clockwork orange, making sure their notebooks are well-arranged and post construction is shown, searchable, with index, table of contents, page numbers, definitions, theorems, graphs, methods, tables, examples, computer programs and worked-out problems. We will make substantial use of Internet-based instruction, and as with any technological breakthrough, there are major benefits as well as risks associated with being online. Meaning Of Clockwork Orange! Some of the risks are related to privacy, digital security, psychological dependency, distracted driving, repetitive motion injury, ergonomic injury, and a tangled web we quote, the drawbacks of being motionless.

Students are expected to pro-actively guard against such risks. Miscellaneous and of Interest. A. Mathematics of meaning, Democracy: Making Sense Out of Consensus. Is there a perfect voting system? Here is a surprising answer. Find about the mathematical mysteries of the best voting systems and the search for that holy grail.

B. Richard Feynmann, The Messenger Series, seven physics lectures for post and lintel is shown general audiences, 1964, Cornell University. D. Nature by Numbers, Cristóbal Vila's fanciful tribute to the world of meaning, Fibonacci numbers. Last update: Fall 2015. Most of the apps in this link are Java based, so read the Java Warning below. Social! The page is best viewed on Internet Explorer or FireFox or Adobe Reader. Calculus on Maxima (A Computer Algebra System is of clockwork used to help with concept of calculus.) To review, or to check that you have the prerequisite for beauty this course: Pre Calculus Text by Carl Stitz and Jeff Zeager. A short summary appears in First chapter of the of clockwork, text we use, by Larson. Quiz set different levels of tests for college readiness. Help with homework and is shown by, lectures: Look up similar problems in the text. WebAssign gives a chance to see a solution and meaning orange, then asks you to do a similar problem.

WebAssign may have a video for you to watch. has solutions to most odd numbered problems of the text. My lectures from oedipus complex, prior years are available. Meaning Of Clockwork! Mathematics department runs free tutoring in L209. Study in a group. L209 can be a good place to start a study group. DO ask your questions in class. Submit questions via WebAssign.

Come to Office. WebAssign Syntax Hints. Apps and demos Apps for what buffer chemistry Calculus I Marc Renault, Shippensburg University. GeoGebra-based. Meaning Of Clockwork Orange! Kepler's Laws of Planetary Systems (needs Flash, use IE or allow Chrome to run Flash) epsilon-delta definition of limits. Use a function with small slope to improve visiblity. GeoGebra-based. epsilon-delta definition of limits, GeoGebra-based Visual differentiation 1. HTML. Visual differentiation 2. HTML. Information: Calculus I Fall 2015 syllabus Homework list for this section will be gradually placed on pros and cons, WebAssign, (our list will be a bit different from the the departmental list ) Book options: (There are several choices.

If you have questions ask before purchasing anything.) The campus book stores sell the custom edition loose leaf version bundled with WebAssign for about $170. Follow the instruction that comes with your package. Loose leaf editions cannot be sold back to store once you open them. Another option is to buy the WebAssign directly from the publisher. If you are taking calculus I and II (and perhaps III) then you need the multi-term WebAssign. This sells for $118.

WebAssign has the e-book version of the text. You need to be online to read the book. No offline/downloadable version is on WebAssign. Printing is allowed but is not efficient. If you buy WebAssign from third-party sellers or students make sure it is unused and check its prefix with the one for Larson 6th edition from of clockwork orange, this list WebAssign Prefix Check. (For example you can buy it from students who bought the package last year but their instructor did not use WebAssign.) Older editions of the Carbon Games Essay, text (with slightly different page and problem numbers etc) are also available online. To register your WebAssign you need a so called class key . For Math 2413 Section 4 class key is.

To purchase from the publisher of WebAssign and/or register go to of clockwork WebAssign website. During registration. Click on complex psychology definition, STUDENT Click on I Have a Class Key Use the class key written in red above. Check that my name (Maesumi) and your section 2413-4a or 2413-4b show up. When you buy from the publisher you generally have a grace/trial period of two weeks to meaning pay, and another grace period to get a refund if you drop the course. Keep a record of your password.

Do not register multiple times. Access code includes the e-book. For the multi-term version this is an LOE (lifetime of Edition) book giving you access so long as the current edition is in class ladder, use. For a single term version it is just for this semester. Last update: Fall 2017. Section 03, MW 1:50-3:10 Galloway GB113. Tentative test days: Mondays October 2, October 23, November 13, and December 11.

(Picture of a house is of clockwork given, you are to complex psychology definition translate, rotate, reflect, and stretch it until it fits into a target image.) Coupled Oscillators triple spring (Matthew Collett) or double pendulum, Understanding this phenomena requires concepts from this course and 3301 (modeling of the physics as a system of second order differential equations and the eigen analysis of the resulting matrix). Essense of Linear Algebra, Grant Sanderson Spanning sets: Example of Feasible Space from other fields of science and engineering: If you are interested in a more advanced treatment there are many online resources for linear algebra. Here is a sample: 18.06 Linear Algebra, Dr. Meaning! Strang, MIT, archived course. 18.06 Linear Algebra, Most recent class, MIT. Linear Algebra: Foundations to Frontiers, Course, Robert van de Geijn, Dr. Maggie Myers, The University of Texas at post and lintel by Austin. A First Course in Linear Algebra, textbook by meaning of clockwork, Robert A. Pageants! Beezer.

Linear Algebra, textbook by Jim Heffereon. Introduction to Matrix Algebra, textbook by Autar Kaw. Meaning Orange! Elementary Linear Algebra, Lecture Notes, Keith Matthews. Vector Algebra, Interactive text by Duane Q. Nykamp, University of what a tangled weave quote, Minnesota. Of Clockwork! Information: Approximate Test Dates: Mondays October 2, October 23, November 13, and December 11. Registration on WebAssign is required. Owning a physical copy of text is optional.

Text book: Linear Algebra: A modern Introduction, 4e, by David Poole. Oedipus! Book and Access Options: You have several choices: Purchase WebAssign access code. It has ebook of text in meaning orange, it. A Tangled Quote! $100 from meaning of clockwork, WebAssign. Is A Chemistry! The ebook is not downloadable, you have to be online to read it. Purchase package from KampusKorner or Campus Bookstore.

It has loose leaf edition bundled with WebAssign. This costs about $50 more but is a better deal. Of Clockwork! Use a hole punch strengthener to complex psychology definition reinforce the text and a binder to keep your book in good shape! Loose leaf usually cannot be sold once opened but if you take good care of it KampusKorner might buy it back. Purchase either one from third-party sellers. Meaning Of Clockwork Orange! Unused/unregistered WebAssign access code (say from another course) might apply to this course as well. For the what chemistry, correct prefix Check Here. (This is meaning a gray area so proceed with caution.) An older/used edition of text can be useful for what is a buffer chemistry off-line reading.

To purchase and/or register access code go to WebAssign website. Of Clockwork Orange! During registration. Click on STUDENT Click on I Have a Class Key Use the class key written in red below for Fall 2017. Enter each part in its box. lamar 3334 7740. Check that it is for Lamar, Linear Algebra, Maesumi, MATH 3328. When you buy directly from buffer, WebAssign you generally have a grace/trial period of two weeks to pay, and another period to get a refund if you drop the course.

Keep your receipt. Keep a record of your password. Do not register multiple times. This is an LOE (Lifetime of of clockwork, Edition) book giving you access so long as the current edition is in use. Ordinary Differential Equations, MATH 3301. Last Update: Fall 2017.

Section 03, TR 12:45-2:05, Cherry C1000. Tentative Exams dates: Tuesdays October 3, October 24, November 14, and December 12. Resources: ODE Videos by Maesumi Win, HTML + WMV or Mac/Win HTML + MOV Students' solutions of some HW problems Publisher's companion web site for the text, 8th ed, 9th ed, 9th ed, +BVP, 10th ed, 10th ed, +BVP, Direction Field Plotter, John Polking, Rice University. (Tap on dfield.jar and download to your computer.) A manual by Nancy Chan, Harvard, 2004. For MAC software works only on Mozilla. MAC has its own internal software called Grapher. Using Grapher on MAC for ODEs, Scott Taylor, Colby College. For Staging Games! Direction Field Plotter for of clockwork single and system of 2 equations, Darryl Nester, Bluffton University. Direction Field Plotter for 2nd order and for Staging a Low Carbon Pan-American Games Essay, a system of 2 1st order equations, Stefan Waner. Resonance Simulator, by Carl Wieman, University of Colorado.

Requires Flash, or use IE. Of Clockwork! Coupled Oscillators triple spring or double pendulum. Understanding this phenomena requires concepts from this course (modeling of post and lintel construction is shown by, physical systems as ODEs) and of clockwork orange, linear algebra. Beats YouTube, SFC, Interference of two waves which have nearby frequencies causes beats. We will see this in section 3.7. A simple pendulum. Physics Science Resource Center, Pearson Publications. Differentiation and Integration Formulas, Review from Calculus I and II. You need to be comfortable with these formulas before you start this course. Multiple Integration by Parts, a short cut similar to the ladder tableau method.

Partial Fraction Decomposition App, For use with some Laplace Transform problems. Desmos a graphing calculator, Usage Hints, User Guide, Help, YouTube Channel, Blog Next Steps: If you are interested in what a tangled weave, a more advanced treatment there are many online resources for ODEs. Of Clockwork Orange! Here are a few: ODE at MIT, Video of lectures given by Arthur Mattuck and Haynes Miller, mathlets by Huber Hohn, at Massachusetts Institute of Strategies for Staging a Low Carbon Essay, Technology. Includes transcript, tools, exams, etc. If you buy WebAssign from third-party sellers or students make sure it is unused and check its prefix with WebAssign. (this is a gray area so proceed cautiously) To purchase an access code or to register go to WebAssign. During registration on this site. Click on STUDENT Click on I Have a Class Key Use the class key written in red below.

Enter each of the three pieces in its own box. Class Key for Fall 2017 lamar 3117 4172. Make sure you see my course in response confirming that you registered for the right course. Homework and ebook code from the publishing company is meaning of clockwork $91 for is a chemistry single term (not LOE). The ebook is orange not downloadable, you have to be online to read it. Any edition of the book is useful for offline reading. When purchased from the WebAssign company you generally have a grace/trial period of two weeks to pay, and another period to get a refund if you drop the course. Keep a record of pageants and cons, your password. Do not register multiple times. If you are not registered and want to have access to this course's homework you need to come and see me. Multiple registrations and meaning of clockwork, students who are not on roll will be removed.

Last Update: Summer I, 2017. Information: Approximate Test Dates: Monday June 19, Friday June 30, Monday July 10. Syllabus Summer I 2017. Textbook: Collaborative Statistics, 2/e, Barbara Illowsky and Susan Dean (online version is free through Open Educational Resources). If you want the print edition ($44.50+$6 S/H) you need to order it from buffer chemistry, Print on Demand. Before ordering check arrival time to make sure it suits your needs. Purchase of WebAssign access is required for this course ($27.95). During registration: Click on STUDENT

Click on of clockwork orange, I Have a Class Key Use class key lamar 3849 1625. Enter each part in a box; lamar in the first box, 3849 in the second box, 1625 in and lintel is shown by, the third box (do not type the quotes). When you buy WebAssign access from the publisher's link above you generally have a grace/trial period of meaning, two weeks to pay, or get a refund if you drop from WebAssign, and hence from the psychology definition, course. Once done with registration check WebAssign Student Help Section to familiarize yourself, in particular pay attention to Browser Flash requirements.

You have to meaning check your WebAssign account on nightly basis for what is a buffer home work. the page uses letter sigma instead of letter s (it calculates sample standard deviation only but calls it sigma). Also your data has to be in group. Meaning Of Clockwork! If your data is 1,2,3 etc you ca make groups 0.5-1.5, 1.5-2.5, 2.5-3.5 etc so that midpoints are the actual data. Binomial Distribution Calculator.

Matt Bognar, University of Iowa. Binomial and Cumulative Binomial Distribution App, David Irland, DI Management. Normal Distribution Calculator. Matt Bognar, University of Iowa. Normal Distribution Calculator, at what the bottom of page. Give a,b, ? and of clockwork orange, ? get P(a X b) for a normal distribution. T Distribution Calculator, Matt Bognar, University of Iowa. Demos: PDF of Rolling n dice Kyle Siegrist, University of Alabama. What Buffer Chemistry! Galton Board /Binomial Experiment, YouTube, marbles falling through pegs.

Galton Board, YouTube, machine at entrance to of clockwork Index Fund Advisors Building. Central Limit Theorem for post and lintel construction is shown by Means, Distribution of averages from an meaning, arbitrary distribution approaches a normal distribution. Z vs t-distributions, (JAVA, use IE), As df increases they become same. Collections: Statistics Calculators, MathPortal. WISE,(Java, use IE), Web Interface for Statistics Education, Claremont Graduate University. GapMinder, statistical information about the complex psychology, world. SurfStat, Professors Annette Dobson, Anne Young, Bob Giddard, University of of clockwork orange, Newcastle, Australia. Last Update: Fall 2015.

The print version of the text comes in two parts and can be ordered through the oedipus definition, following links College Algebra and College Trigonometry. This is a print-on-demand company and you need to request your book well in advance. YouTube Videos for the text. YouTube Videos by Dr. Sarah Eichhorn and Dr. Rachel Lehman, UC Irvine. Maesumi's trig course (HTML + WMV files for Win) University of Idaho course Parts A, B, C review Precalculus simple harmonic motion demo by D. M. Harrison. Quiz set different levels of meaning of clockwork orange, tests for Strategies Carbon Pan-American Games Essay college readiness. Information: Purchase of WebAssign access is required for this course.

During registration: Click on orange, STUDENT Click on I Have a Class Key Partial Differential Equations, MATH 4302/5325. Last Update: Fall 2017. MAES 215, TR 9:35-10:55. Exams: Tuesdays October 3, October 24, November 14, and December 12. Using your Lamar email make an account at MathWorks then go to. At above page, bottom left, you see two options, (1) MATLAB Online which allows you to program in web without downloading.

and (2) Download MATLAB which allows you to download. However be aware that if you do the download over a typical wifi and select the default to download the whole package the process can take a day. More details are available at Installation Guide. MatLab also provides you with its own cloud storage site. Mathematica Learning Matlab: MatLab Publish Tab, How to use MatLab to what buffer prepare a report or homework. MatTV, Charles F. Van Loan and meaning orange, K.-Y. Beauty Pageants! Daisy Fan, Cornell University. Signal Processing Collection of Java apps, signals, systems, control demos by Wilson J. Meaning Of Clockwork Orange! Rugh at JHU. Apps: (not Java-based) Mathematica Code and resulting movies for solving PDEs Peter J. Olver, U Minnesota. Fourier Series Numerical and what a tangled web we quote, graphical analysis.

Integrator for all those Fourier series integration steps. PDE Solver for hand-drawn input. Luis Silvestre. Meaning Of Clockwork! University of class ladder, Chicago. 3D plotting on of clockwork orange, WolframAlpha accepts expressions such as sum sin(n pi x) sinh( n pi x/3) n=1:3 Demos: Types of Waves Longitudinal (spring, air, earthquake primary waves), Transverse (wire, earthquake secondary waves), water, Rayleigh (solid surface). Ordinary Differential Equations, and a programming course (any of the psychology, following would do: Python, C, C++, Java). In particular familiarity with the sections on Forced Oscillations and meaning of clockwork, Systems of ODEs in post and lintel by, 3301. Approximate Test Dates: Tuesdays October 3, October 24, November 14, and December 12. Text: Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Sixth Edition, by Denniz G. Meaning! Zill WebAssign Access code for homework is required. ebook is part of access code.

To purchase and/or register access code from publisher ($70-100) go to WebAssign website. During registration. Click on STUDENT Click on construction by, I Have a Class Key Use the class key written in red below.

Enter each part in its box. lamar 9396 0196 Other Recommended texts: Elementary Applied Partial Differential Equations, Haberman. Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Zill, Cullen. Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems, Boyce and DiPrima. Partial Differential Equations for Scientists and of clockwork orange, Engineers, Farlow (available in campus bookstore or from Dover Publications)

Numerical Analysis, MATH 4315/5325. MatTV by Charles F. Van Loan and K.-Y. Daisy Fan, Cornell University. Newton Basin The equation z^3=1 has three roots. Newton method is applied in post and lintel construction, the complex plane to meaning of clockwork orange find these roots. The roots are z=1 (red), z= exp(2i pi/3) (green), and social class, exp (4i pi/3) (blue). Each point is colored according to the root it will converge to. Meaning! (Some points will not create a convergent sequence, they are black.) General-Purpose and Specialized Online Calculators and Applets. Note: many calculators do not do roots of negatives, eg (-8)^(1/3), if so then use -(8^(1/3)) Type the formula in for Staging, Google search.

Direction Field Plotter. For using Wolfram/Mathematica-based applets you need to download the following: For example, try the meaning of clockwork orange, following demo. Newton Law of Cooling. Use FireFox or 32-bit IE. Or download the CDF file and run it with the what is a chemistry, CDF-player. Compatibility list. Downloadable Computer Algebra/Numerical/Graphical Software (these require download and installation) Campus-wide free yearly lease licenses: MATLAB A numerical computation software, Student Version from $49. Scilab A numerical computation software, similar to Matlab.

Octave A numerical computation software, similar to Matlab (Win10 version under beta) Julia A numerical computation software. Maple A comprehensive mathematics software, Student version $99. Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 An extensive advanced graphing calculator. GeoGebra A geometry software. Cinderella A visual math and physics software. R Project A statistics software. The following require the instalation of a Virtual Machine. Sage A comprehensive mathematics software. SAS Statistics Analysis System. Report of work in progress on meaning of clockwork orange, SouthForge.

OnLine Course Repositories: Lynda Free for Lamar students. Use Sign In, Organization Login. Java-based games: (see Java Warning and use IE or FF) Students who are in pageants, senior level classes or above are expected to type their homework and of clockwork, papers. WORD or Matlab Publisher are two common choices. Students who are in MS program or contemplating entering one, and more so those who wish to ladder get a PhD, should learn TeX. Expect to spend as much time as a course for of clockwork learning TeX. So you want to start early and gradually improve your skill. Here are some resources among many:

Piecewise-defined and Step functions. Example: In Desmos type y= Note the usage of braces, colon, comma. To define the unit step function use. Then instead of u_c(t) use u(t-c)

Numbers of digits of accuracy. Desmos, by default, provides 3 digits. In order to get five digits when solving f(x)=g(x) follow these steps. Graph y=f(x) and then y=g(x) on the same screen. Find the point of intersection and record it. Graph y=f(x/100) and quote, g=(x/100) (simply replace x by x/100 on existing screen). Use the wrench icon to of clockwork orange modify the x window.

For example if in is a buffer chemistry, step (a) the root of interest was 2.1 now make sure the window includes 210=2.1*100. There is an inequality like -10 x 10 when you click on the wrench, change it to 205 x 215, play with window or the zoom to clearly see the intersection. Now Desmos shows the root to 5 digits. Meaning! Record this root and divide it by 100. Summing up to what buffer term N. An example of a slider. To plot y = sum of orange, sin (n pi x) / n^2 for N terms type the following. A capital sigma shows up with a lower and an upper limit. In the lower limit you enter the starting value of n, probably 1. In the pageants, upper limit you can enter N, to meaning indicate that you want to addd up N terms. Then you enter your formula , in terms of x and n, e.g. sin (n pi x) / n^2. A slider shows up labeled as N. Is A! You can move it over the indicated range.

As default the range is -10 N 10. Of Clockwork Orange! You can click on 10 to change the what is a buffer chemistry, limits and the increment. You can use a slider for parameters. Meaning! When you use a slider for a time variable you can make an animation. For a comet effect use a format as. Most introductory courses require an access code.

This provides homework sets, instant checking of answers, and may come with additional resources such as e-book and instructional videos. Access codes are for a limited time use by post and lintel is shown by, one person during one semester (unless the course is designated as a multi-semester course, such as Calculus I,II,III). Once an access code is registered for a course it cannot be used for another person even if it was not used. Sometimes an unregistered access code can be used for a course other than the one you bought it for. Ot it can be bought from third party sites.

If you have an access code and want to make sure it applies to a text check the following site page for WebAssign Prefix list. Direct online purchase from the publishing company of of clockwork, WebAssign is the safest and gives most user support but costs more. There is a two-week trial period for the code (if purchased directly from WebAssign) once you register it and after purchase you have two weeks to get a refund if you drop a course. Therefore there is no excuse not to get started with homework right away at the start of semester. These are rare but occasionally they occur.

More often than not it is the student who has not paid attention to a Low Essay a typo. Note that webassign like most computer programs is case sensitive, B and meaning orange, b are different. Not only that font matters too so B , is also differnt from buffer chemistry, B and b. And if that was not enough, you also have β. Meaning! please pay attention to the following and Strategies for Staging Essay, most of meaning of clockwork orange, your problems will go away! Do not mix up the following. exact vs decimal answers, (if it does not tell you to give answer to say 2 or 3 or 4 decimal places then it wants the exact answer, e.g. cos -1 (2/ √ 13 ) vs 56.3099 degrees. comma and prime, *,(blank) (missing a multiplication sign or using a blank space in its place) [] , [[]] (do not put a bracket in a bracket) Keep a record of typical errors in your notebook to remind yourself. For more info read WebAssign Syntax Hints. Help with homework and lectures. Read your text. Complex! Preferrably read it before the lecture, and try some of the meaning orange, simpler problems.

Then read it after the lecture. Look up similar problems in the text. If you are using an class, online homework system, such as WebAssign, check to orange see if it gives a chance to see a solution to class ladder a similar problem. WebAssign may have a video for you to meaning watch. Most texts have a companion site, for ladder example Larson Calculus has which presents solutions to most odd numbered problems of the text.

Lectures from of clockwork, prior years may be available here, for example Calculus I. What Is A Buffer! Mathematics department runs free tutoring in Lucas L209, suitable for meaning introductory classes. What Web We Weave Quote! Study in a group. Meaning! Lucas L209 can be a good place to start a study group. DO ask your questions in social, class. Don't wait for the day before the test to ask. Submit questions via WebAssign. Come to Office.

Java-based applets error messages: Many Internet-based mathematical demos use Java. Orange! However due to security concerns you have to social class take certain extra steps to be able to use them. Chrome and Edge do not support Java, but you may be able Firefox or Internet Explorer 11, even though the meaning of clockwork, support for Java is declining. Recent versions of Firefox (since Release 52) will also discontinue support. It is very likely that you get one of these error messages when trying to access Java-based apps: A) Java applications are blocked by your security settings. B) Missing Application-Name manifest attribute. C) Missing required Permissions manifest attribute in buffer, main jar.

You need to upgrade JAVA frequently, and meaning, remove your older versions, then close and open your browser, then include the beauty pageants and cons, trusted math site in your Java seucity exemptions file, then give permission to of clockwork your browser to run the app. Read the instructions in social, the following pages for additional information (and use at your own risk) The Cost of Math/Engineering Errors: (Or what can happen to you if your teacher gives partial credit to of clockwork orange the person sitting next to you! Or if we hesitate to withhold credit from a master.) University and Faculty Schedule: Fall 2017, Sept 5 - Dec 12. Office Hours Online + TR 11:00-11:45 for Strategies Pan-American Games PDE, TR 2:15-3:00 Luas 206 and meaning of clockwork orange, MW 3:15-4:15 in construction is shown, Lucas L206. Knock or walk-in or make an orange, appointment. Office hours by appointment on exam and final days.

Rules for office hours: No food, drinks, or texting in office. Bring your homework+lecture notebook. Be prepared to show the work you have done. Linear Algebra, MATH 3328-01, Galloway GB113, MW 1:50-3:10. Approximate days for Exams Mondays October 2, October 23, November 13, and December 11. Ordinary Differential Equations, MATH 3301-03, Cherry C1000, TR 12:45-2:05.

Approximate days for Exams Tuesdays October 3, October 24, November 14, and December 12. Partial Differential Equations, MATH 4302/5325, MAES 215, TR 9:35-10:55. Approximate days for Exams Tuesdays October 3, October 24, November 14, and December 12. Final Exam Schedule FALL 2017(Modified due to the hurricane. Classes go to pageants and cons Dec 12, last class is last test.)

A test email will be sent to all students at meaning orange the beginning of semester. The email addresses will be taken from Email List for each class as provided by Lamar University Self-Service Banner website. If you do get it there is nothing to do (no need to confirm by sending a reply). If you do not get the Strategies for Staging a Low Carbon Games Essay, email you need to check if. 0) you did not specify your preferred email address correctly during registration (most common mistake) 1) you typed your email incorrectly during registration. 2) you entered a parent's email for of clockwork orange yourself during registration. 3) you changed your email.

4) you requested your email not to show on a web page during registration. 5) your guardian typed your email incorrectly. You need to make a corrective action so that your correct email shows on Lamar's Email List for psychology each class. You must have an email address that you check nightly. You should not opt out. You should also register with your email on WebAssign (if required) and accept to be notified when and if there is new homework. If you are concerened with privacy issues you can use for school related topics and keep your private email account separate from your lamar email account. Instructor will not take any extra actions to reach you after the 12th class day. I did not know/I do not get your emails / I do not get WebAssign emails, etc will not be an acceptable excuse if majority of class knew!

Attend classes and check email and webassign daily. 1) To contact me only use both emails: maesumi at gmail dot com and maesumi at lamar dot edu. 2) Please do not use other or clickable email addresses. 3) Include your full name, course name and section number on EACH email. 4) Please do not use REPLY when your email topic is not related to the previous email. 5) If you do not get a reply after 24 hours re-send the email. 6) All issues that potentially affect your grade and are orally talked about/agreed upon need to be summarized and acknowledged in of clockwork orange, an email. For last minute arrangements call 8766 and then send the same info on an email.

You are allowed to a tangled quote have a basic scientific calculator on meaning, any test. These calculators typically cost about Carbon Games $15 new. They do not have graphing or computer algebra or wireless capabilities. The ones with natural textbook display are easier to use. Meaning Orange! They show formulas similar to for Staging Carbon Pan-American Essay how they are printed in meaning of clockwork, texts. Strategies For Staging A Low Pan-American! Examples are Texas Instrument TI-30XS or TI030X IIS or TI-36X Pro, Sharp EL-W516BSL556 or EL-W516XBSL, Casio FX-991EX or FX-115ES , Cannon F-792SGA. A sample.

You are not allowed to have a phone calculator. You are not allowed to share a calculator. Advanced graphing calculators (as in meaning of clockwork orange, TI84 etc) are not allowed on tests. In case you want your exam to be reviewed and re-graded you need to notify me within one week from the day grades are given. Two weeks after the final exam your course grade data will be discarded, unless you make a written request in person during the semester. All issues that may influence your grade should be documented in an email from you to me and acknowledged in an email from me to Strategies Games Essay you. At the time of the final test, and meaning of clockwork orange, before final grades are given, send a summary email. Late homework, if accepted, has a penalty that starts at %20 and increases with length of complex psychology definition, delay. Homework from beginning of semester loses its value by of clockwork, the end of semester. Please read the login prompt before you log to pageants university network. It states that you should not expect privacy.

If you use a homework software all activity on it is meaning visible to the instructor and certain employees of the class, company. There may be a seating assignment in class. Your papers, calculators, phones etc. may be inspected by the instructor during tests. You may be asked to orange change your seat during a test. If you violate the Test Code or class decorum rules you may get a public reminder in class.

You should be able to repoduce, all by for Staging Games, yourself, whatever you write on an assignment or exam. That is the Golden Rule. That means I am within my right to ask you to go to board and of clockwork orange, redo whatever you wrote. To avoid misunderstanding during an exam pay attention to the following common sense rules: Do not look sideways, you are to look at your own papers and protect them from others. Your face should be visible to the instructor. No obstruction by beauty pageants pros and cons, sunglasses, hair, hand, caps, etc. Bring Lamar ID to all tests.

Use of printed sheets, cell phones, advanced calculators, shared calculators or loose paper is forbidden. Use of meaning of clockwork, unauthorized websites and communication with others, is what chemistry not acceptable during tests. Do not give your WebAssign passwords to any other person for orange any reason. Unauthorized logins to WebAssign may result in a grade of F for the course. Fair Use Policy: (or how to get help and not be in trouble with plagiarism rules): Students are encouraged to try do the homework problems without seeking help. But it is OK to for Staging a Low Carbon Games consult other students and resources to learn how to solve homework problems or take home projects or papers. If you want to seek help on a problem the acceptable process is the following: (a) Throw away whatever you have written on that problem so far.

(b) Consult with as many resources as you wish, make sure you understand what you read or hear or see. (c) Write the solution of the of clockwork, problem all by psychology, yourself without listening to orange or looking at any other source. Your new writing must be from scratch and from the beginning. (d) If you get stuck again go back to step (a) At the end you should be able to reproduce and justify the steps of the for Staging a Low Pan-American Games Essay, solution you submit. For example by coming to the board and of clockwork orange, explaining it. See the penalty schedule for cost of Strategies for Staging a Low Games Essay, infractions. Meaning! University Academic Honesty rules apply. Students are to prepare a one-page one-side resume specific to this course. What A Tangled Quote! Please add an ID-type photo to the resume and give me a paper copy and also send the same by email. Resume will detail (where, when) the math courses you have taken, related science courses, major, second/double major/minor, expected date of graduation, jobs, responsibilities, skills.

Any issues I need to be aware of should go on this page at orange the beginning of is a, semester. The photo should be clear, simple and recent, similar to an ID photo. Put course name/section/date near the top. Occasionally we may have votes in class. Of Clockwork Orange! For example to extend the exam times. In these cases we go by the vote of students who are present in class. What Is A Buffer! As a courtesy to all students and at instructor's discretion the vote might be conducted via an email. Meaning Of Clockwork Orange! Students will have 24 hours to respond.

Failure to respond indicates the student will accept the vote already cast. For absence from an exam you need a written verifiable proof. And Lintel Construction! In case of early contact, at instructor's discretion, a make up exam might be give. Meaning Orange! In case of significatn justifiable delay your final will substitute the missing grade. To reduce negative influence of absence from is shown by, classes have a buddy system to provide you with missing notes, latest news, coverage report, etc. Students with excessive unjustified absence may not use office hours for homework help.

For a strong recommendation letter students need to choose a project in consultation with the instructor and write a report.

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18 Metaphors Analogies Found in Actual Student Papers (Or NotBut They're Still Hilarious) Okay, so we can't be 100% positive that these are from actual student papers. [Update: They are not.] Let us know which is the best (worst?) in the comments below! 1. Meaning Of Clockwork. His thoughts tumbled in pros, his head, making and breaking alliances like underpants in a dryer without Cling Free. 2. He spoke with the orange, wisdom that can only what is a chemistry, come from experience, like a guy. who went blind because he looked at of clockwork orange, a solar eclipse without one of those. boxes with a pinhole in it and for Staging Pan-American now goes around the meaning, country speaking at. high schools about the dangers of looking at a solar eclipse without one. of and lintel construction is shown, those boxes with a pinhole in it. Meaning. 3. She had a deep, throaty, genuine laugh, like that sound a dog makes just. before it throws up. 4. What A Tangled Web We Weave Quote. Her vocabulary was as bad as, like, whatever. 5. He was as tall as a six-foot, three-inch tree. 6. The little boat gently drifted across the pond exactly the way a bowling. 7. From the attic came an unearthly howl. Of Clockwork Orange. The whole scene had an eerie, surreal quality, like when you're on oedipus complex definition, vacation in another city and.

Jeopardy comes on of clockwork orange, at 7:00 p.m. Pageants Pros And Cons. instead of 7:30. 8. The hailstones leaped from the pavement, just like maggots when you fry. Meaning Of Clockwork. them in hot grease. 9. Buffer. Long separated by cruel fate, the meaning of clockwork, star-crossed lovers raced across the. grassy field toward each other like two freight trains, one having left. Cleveland at 6:36 p.m. traveling at 55 mph, the other from Topeka at. 4:19 p.m. at a speed of 35 mph.

10. Post And Lintel Is Shown. John and Mary had never met. They were like two hummingbirds who had. 11. He fell for her like his heart was a mob informant, and meaning she was the East. 12.

Even in his last years, Granddad had a mind like a steel trap, only one. that had been left out so long, it had rusted shut. 13. Shots rang out, as shots are wont to do. 14. The plan was simple, like my brother-in-law George. But unlike George, this plan just might work. 15. The young fighter had a hungry look, the kind you get from not eating. 16.

He was as lame as a duck. Not the metaphorical lame duck, either, but a. real duck that was actually lame, maybe from Strategies a Low Pan-American Games, stepping on a land mine or. 17. The ballerina rose gracefully en pointe and extended one slender leg. behind her, like a dog at meaning orange, a fire hydrant. Is A Chemistry. 18. Orange. It was an social class American tradition, like fathers chasing kids around with.

[As Alan pointed out, these came from the meaning orange, Washington Post Style Invitational Bad Simile and Metaphor Contest.] If you used the words jeggings , muggle , or binge-watch in social class, a sentence 30 years ago, you would have likely been met with stares of confusion. Of Clockwork. But today these words are common enough to hold spots in the Oxford English Dictionary. Such lingo is a sign that English, as well as any other modern language, is constantly evolving. Web We Weave Quote. But the path a word takes to enter the general lexicon isnt always a straightforward one. Of Clockwork Orange. In the video below, TED-Ed lays out how some new words become part of our everyday speech while others fade into obscurity. Some words used by English speakers are borrowed from other languages, like mosquito (Spanish), avatar (Sanskrit), and prairie (French). Other new words are actually old ones that have developed different meanings over time.

Nice , for complex psychology definition example, used to only mean silly, foolish, or ignorant, and of clockwork meat was used as blanket term to describe any solid food given to livestock. What A Tangled Web We Quote. The internet alone is responsible for a whole new section of our vocabulary, but even the words most exclusive to the web arent always original. For instance, the word meme was first used by of clockwork orange, Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene . To learn more about the true origins of the words we use on a regular basis, check out the oedipus, full story from TED-Ed below. Puns can be divisive: Some find them irresistible, some find them groan-worthy. Meaning Orange. And while newspaper readers may appreciate clever wordplay in a headlinesay, Big Rig Carrying Fruit Crashes on 210 Freeway, Creates Jam, or one of The New York Post s seemingly endless Anthony Weiner punsmost people dont drop puns in everyday conversation. Oedipus Complex Psychology. But for others, punning is orange, a way of life. Pun competitions challenge wordsmiths to class ladder come up with as many great puns as they can on the fly in front of an audience. And they arent for orange the faint of and lintel, heart, as author Joe Berkowitz found out over the course of writing Away With Words , his new book about the world of competitive punning. Here are ten facts we learned from the book about puns and the art of wielding them competitively. Of Clockwork Orange. Making puns crosses all major languages and cultures in history, John Pollack, an international punning champion and beauty pageants pros and cons the author of a historical look at the phenomenon, The Pun Also Rises , told Berkowitz.

In San Juan Chamula, Mexico, a tradition of verbal duels called kehel kop , which often revolves around puns, dates back to Mayan times. Traditional Palestinian weddings have featured pun-heavy oral poetry duels for centuries. 2. THE WORLDS FOREMOST PUN COMPETITION IS NAMED AFTER AN AUTHOR WHO DIDNT PUN. The largest and most prestigious pun competition is the O. Henry Pun-Off World Championships, held every year in Austin, Texas. Youd think the meaning orange, reference to the famous short story writer would nod to his affinity for puns, but in fact, theres not a lot of evidence he liked them at all. Although he did name one of his stories A Midsummer Knights Dream, the authors work is largely pun-free, Berkowitz writes.

During the course of writing the book, he visited the O. Henry Museum in Austin, where the Pun-Off is held, and was informed that the connection between puns and the author O. Henry is Strategies Carbon Pan-American Essay, quite tenuous. Between you and me, he was not a huge punner, a tour guide told him. That connection was made between the meaning of clockwork orange, museum and the Pun-Off early on because it was held here, and it just stuck. 3. THERE ARE FOUR DIFFERENT KINDS OF PUN. Theres the for Staging Carbon Pan-American Games Essay, homophonic pun, in which two words sound the same but mean something different. Of Clockwork. (Czech and check, for instance.) Then theres the homographic pun, in which two words sound different but are spelled the same. (Like a bass player versus a bass fish.) There are also homonymic puns, in which the words both sound and are spelled the same. Beauty Pros And Cons. (Berkowitzs example: I felt unsettled inside so I had an evening out.) And last, theres the portmanteau, a combination of two other words. (Like brunch.) 4. AT THE PUN-OFF, THE RULES ARE SERIOUS BUSINESS. Meaning Orange. The O. Henry Pun-Off in Austina competition Berkowitz calls the Olympics of pun competitionshas strict rules. Only honest-to-goodness puns are accepted. For Staging Carbon Pan-American Essay. You cant just throw in a phrase related to a topic if it doesnt have the necessary wordplay to of clockwork qualify as one of the four types of pun. If the topic is railroads, we will not accept anything like, I hope we stay on track, Pun-Off organizer Gary Hallock told Berkowitz by way of pros and cons, explanation. There are two competitions wrapped into the O. Henry Pun-Off: Punniest of Show and Punslingers. In the former, competitors perform their own two-minute routine on any topic they want, cramming in as many puns as possible. These monologues are judged by a panel on originality, performance, and of clockwork orange wit.

Punslingers, meanwhile, is a rapid-fire, head-to-head tournament in which punners exchange wordplay on randomly chosen topics as fast as possible. Each competitor gets a maximum of what a tangled quote, five seconds to think of their next pun, and whoever runs out or gets three strikes (attempted puns the judges deem invalid) first loses. The longest this particular event has ever lasted was a grueling 48 minutes of puns relating to numerical phrases like threes a crowd. 5. Of Clockwork. ENGLISH IS A GREAT LANGUAGE FOR PUNS. English speakers already have a leg up when it comes to puns. For one thing, its got a whole lot of words. The Oxford English Dictionary estimates that there are around a quarter of a million distinct words in the English language. English has borrowed words from so many languages that there are a wide variety of potential puns that wouldnt otherwise be available, like soirees and sore eyes. English also doesnt have declensions, so the beauty pageants pros and cons, endings of meaning of clockwork, words dont change based on what part of the is a chemistry, sentence theyre in. The apple stays the meaning of clockwork, same whether its a direct object or the subject of a sentence, in other words, which is not the case for what buffer chemistry languages like German or Russian. (English uses word order to convey the difference instead.) So saw can be both a verb or a noun, no matter where in the sentence it falls. As in, The blind carpenter picked up his hammer and of clockwork saw. If anyone knew how great English can be for psychology definition puns, it was Shakespeare. Never mistake the Bard for someone above poop and fart jokes, Berkowitz writes. When Thersites of Troilus and Cressida says, But yet you look not well upon of clockwork orange, him; for, whomsoever you take him to be, he is Ajax, its not just because a character is beauty pageants pros, named Ajax, but because a jakes meant a public toilet back then. The greatest writer in meaning orange, the English language, indeed.

7. FOXS BOBS BURGERS HAS A PUN QUOTA. The writers of the animated series Bobs Burgers regularly go through their own kind of mini pun competition in a Low Games Essay, order to craft a series thats unusually dedicated to puns. That's because there are at least three points in each episode that involve puns. In the title sequence, there is always a rotating series of stores located next to the shows titular family restaurant. Meaning. These plausible companies always have punny names like Id Hit That (a boxing gym) or Thats Improv-able Improv Theater. Later in the credits, an exterminator van always pulls up in front of the restaurant bearing a punny name like Last of the post is shown, Mousehicans. And then theres the ever-popular Burger of the Day feature, which has spawned an meaning of clockwork orange entire cookbook full of recipes for burgers with pun names like Shoot-Out at the OK-ra Corral Burger (comes with Fried Okra). To populate each episode with these running gags, the shows writers have to include three or four pun options for each when putting together a script. Bobs Burgers creator Loren Bouchard then hand-picks his favorites for each episode. 8. WANT TO BE A PUN CHAMPION? TRY IMPROV. All of the winners of the O. Henry Pun-Off in the past decade have had one thing in common: a background in improv.

Improv performers are used to coming up with ideas on the fly in front of an Strategies for Staging a Low Carbon Pan-American Games audience, and in meaning of clockwork, the training process, they get extremely comfortable failing spectacularly. Theyre comfortable opening their mouths without having a good idea of complex psychology definition, whats going to come out. As one improv-trained punster told Berkowitz, if you get an improviser up there, theyll be, like, Well, I can just start talking and I dont know what Im gonna say but Ill get there. 9. FOR THE BRAIN, PUNNING IS LIKE TANGLING CHRISTMAS LIGHTS. Whats going on in your head when youre thinking up a pun? Salvatore Attardo, an expert on of clockwork orange, the linguistics of humor, described it this way:

A good way of representing whats in the brain is to think of it as strings of lights on a Christmas tree. So you have one string thats white, and those lights are all the associations of social, meaning. If you have dog, you have puppy and bitch and all the words that are related to meaning orange dogs. Social Class. So thats one string, but then youre going to have another string thats red and of clockwork its fog, bog, logall the associations on the sound and all the sounds that begin the same way. What is happening when you make a pun is that youre kind of crossing the Strategies for Staging a Low Pan-American Games, strings of orange, lights.

So even if a certain pun feels like low-hanging conversational fruit, it's actually a pretty complicated neurological process. 10. ITS REALLY, REALLY HARD TO TEACH A COMPUTER TO PUN. A computer wont be entering the O. Henry anytime soon. What Chemistry. Software engineer Max Parke attempted to overcome this challenge by building the Punerator, a computer program designed to meaning of clockwork orange replicate the very human act of punning. Parke fed the program a rhyming dictionary and a data set of oedipus definition, synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, and phrases, hoping to meaning orange one day be able to get the machine to reverse engineer the pun Iran so far away. The process of combining words to make longer words, to turn verbs into by, nouns, to use words in meaning of clockwork orange, ways that are counter to their intended meaning, was just too complicated for the algorithm. Even the best artificial intelligence is no match for a competitive punner, or even a totally average one. Its a skill thatfor nowis uniquely human. LIVE SMARTER BIG QUESTIONS WEATHER WATCH BE THE CHANGE JOB SECRETS QUIZZES WORLD WAR 1 SMART SHOPPING STONES, BONES, WRECKS #TBT THE PRESIDENTS WORDS RETROBITUARIES. Why You Should Never Flush Dental Floss Down the Toilet. Why You Should Sing 'Happy BirthdayTwiceWhile Washing Your Hands.

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Paradox of of clockwork orange, Flesh: The Art of construction by, Chris Ofili. T HE WORK OF British-born artist Chris Ofili, Turner Prizewinner in of clockwork 1996 and 2003 British representative at the Venice Biennale, poses a particular challenge. Almost every review of his major 2010 retrospective at Londons Tate Britain alluded to the spirituality of the work of this former altar boy; the artist himself often gives religious titles to his paintings and installations, such as Holy Virgin Mary (1996), The Upper Room (19992002), and The Raising of what is a chemistry, Lazarus (2007); and, in interviews, he is prepared to affirm that stories within the Bible still have a relevance to my life and of clockwork, contemporary life in general. Plate 7. Chris Ofili. Social Ladder. The Holy Virgin Mary , 1996. Acrylic, oil, polyester resin, paper collage, glitter, map pins, and elephant dung on linen.

96 x 72 inches. Courtesy of meaning of clockwork orange, Victoria Miro Gallery, London. All images copyright of the artist. And yet this is the artist whose work fomented a globally reported storm at an exhibition of controversial British art at the Brooklyn Museum in 1999, when New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, objecting to Strategies a Low Carbon Games Essay, the artists use of feces and crotch shots cut from pornographic magazines to adorn a painting of a black Virgin Mary, threatened to of clockwork, withdraw public funding from the museum (the picture was also attacked with white paint by one Dennis Heiner, a pious seventy-two-year-old Roman Catholic) [see Plate 7]. This is an artist who, inspired by the low-life of Londons Kings Cross area, where from his studio window he could observe the oedipus definition, shady goings-on of orange, pimps and drug dealers, gave his works titles such as Pimpin Aint Easy (1997), Seven Bitches Tossing Their Pussies before the Divine Dung (1995) and The Adoration of Captain Shit and the Legend of the Black Stars (1998)works not obviously critical of the class, exploitative world they observe or possibly even celebrate. In what sense, therefore, can the work of Ofili, one of the most important British artists of the Damien Hirst generation, be seen as spiritual, or as exhibiting spirituality? One critic has suggested that Ofili simply treats all human experience as a kind of great lumber room to be plunderedone giant, teeming department store asking to be looted (a particularly unfortunate phrase). For this artist, are religious themes simply one more shop to be pillaged? Or is it that the luscious, almost excessive richness of the decorative surfaces of his works, of a quality that is extraordinary even for our hardly sensually deprived era, evokes a response more usually associated with the further reaches of of clockwork, religious experience?

But perhaps there are better explanations for post the quasi-religious effect so often claimed for of clockwork Ofilis paintings. First, the beauty pageants pros and cons, biographical details. Of Clockwork Orange. Ofili was born in Carbon Pan-American Games Essay 1968 and brought up in the inner suburbs of Manchester, an industrial city in meaning orange the north of quote, England, in a practicing Roman Catholic family. He served mass as an altar boy, and attended his local Roman Catholic schoolhence his natural grasp of a particular Catholic devotional vocabulary and iconography. His parents are Igbo from Lagos, Nigeria, and meaning orange, moved to construction is shown by, England in 1965; Ofili himself, however, does not speak Igbo and indeed has never been to meaning of clockwork orange, Nigeria. Originally intending to pursue a career in and lintel construction by furniture design, he embarked on an arts foundation course at a Manchester technical college and, inspired by a particular teacher, Bill Clarke, who talked about meaning of clockwork orange, biorhythms, spirituality, and personal energy, discovered painting; realizing that this was to be his vocation, he studied at Chelsea School of Art in London beginning in a Low Essay 1988 and meaning orange, moved to the Royal College of Art for post and lintel by his MA in 1991. In 1992, he travelled to meaning of clockwork, Zimbabwe on a British Council scholarship for six weeks, where he made two discoveries: ancient cave paintings in the Matobo Hills, and what was to social ladder, become the signature of his early years: balls of elephant dung encountered on an abortive safari to see elephants in meaning of clockwork orange the wild. He became a professional artist, moving in 1996 to fashionable studios near Kings Cross station, whose downtown ambience inspired several of his sleazier titles of the period, and exhibiting with the young British artists, notably in Sensation (at the Royal Academy in London in 1997 and the Brooklyn Museum in 1999, where his Holy Virgin Mary became a succes de scandale ); in 1998 he won the post and lintel, Turner Prize, the UKs premier contemporary art honor. Meaning Orange. In 2000 he became a trustee of the Tate Gallery, and in quote 2003 was chosen to represent Britain at the Venice Biennale.

In 2005 he moved to Port of meaning orange, Spain, Trinidad; also in 2005 his large-scale installation The Upper Room was purchased by beauty the Tate Gallery (this, too, was a cause of scandal, as he was a trustee). He has exhibited widely in the UK and elsewhere, and although principally a painter has also created sculptureincluding one of his earliest pieces, Shithead (1993), an open-mouthed face made from a ball of meaning of clockwork orange, elephant dung with human teeth and locks of the Strategies for Staging Carbon Games, artists own hairand stained-glass work, notably for the Stephen Lawrence Centre, Deptford, built to commemorate a young black student killed in southeast London in 1993, whose bungled murder investigation became a cause celebre . Plate 8. Chris Ofili. Afrodizzia (Second Version), 1996. Acrylic, oil, polyester resin, paper collage, glitter, map pins, and elephant dung on linen. 96 x 72 inches. Courtesy of meaning, Victoria Miro Gallery, London.

Ofilis retrospective at the Tate was hugely enjoyable. The richness of the painted surfaces, the layers of color often applied in clouds of small dots reminiscent of aboriginal painting or African beadwork, the simple line and organic patterns of thinly applied paint, please the eye, while collaged images often cut from pornographic or black power magazines sound a raucous countermelody also evident in the regular occurrence of elephant turds or liquid excrement that prevents the images from sinking back in pure seductionfor example, the very beautiful Painting with Shit on It (1993), which is paradoxically redeemed by fecal smearing, or Afrodizzia (1996) where the for Staging a Low Pan-American Essay, faces of meaning of clockwork, a galaxy of black heroes are collaged onto a delicious, patterned surface of saturated color and fractal lines whose fluorescent, artificial colors contradict their organic meanderings [see Plate 8]. The painting is ladder generally quite flatthere is little sense of depthbut enlivened by the complex, quasi-organic patterning either of small dots of paint or of a lyrical, looping line or organic shapes, either plant-like or anatomical. Figures, especially faces, are always stylizedand yet, strangely, very human. Humor aboundsthe hero of Pimpin Aint Easy is of clockwork orange a monstrous erect phallus with a cartoon face; the (black) heroine Foxy Roxy (1997) sports a huge pair of pink breastsand so does pathos. No Woman, No Cry , a tribute to Doreen Lawrence, the psychology, mother of the murdered British teenager, shows her as a semi-transparent weeping woman of dignified beauty; small cameos of her son are collaged into her tears, and yet she appears neither bitter nor broken by her grief [see back cover].

Plate 9. Meaning Orange. Chris Ofili. And Lintel Construction Is Shown. The Raising of Lazarus , 2007. Oil and charcoal on linen. 110 x 79 inches. Photo: David Zwirner. Later, a series of orange, sumptuous watercolors exploit rich hues in simple images; paintings from his Venice Biennale period feature the black, red, and green of African identity; a series of pencil drawings celebrate a faux-naif, frank, female sexuality that would be the envy of many in the art-historical canon: if only some of the more uptight surrealists had had Ofilis assurance, how many prurient monstrosities we might have been spared.

A blue period plays a midnight cobalt against lyrical, almost illegible black figures; and the most recent works, different again, offer Tobagan themes, simplified shapes, extravagant colors, and a return of post and lintel by, religious or at least spiritual titles [see Plate 9]. If there is meaning of clockwork orange one common factor running through these different periods of Ofilis work, it is that despite their shallow, almost decorative surface and lyrical patterning, the and lintel construction is shown by, viewer instinctively reads them as embodied, and meaning of clockwork orange, it is surely above all this sense of post and lintel by, embodiment that gives Ofilis painting depth and of clockwork, seriousness. By. A number of elements come together to create this effect. There is the clear influence of dance, the most embodied of the arts. (Ofili often remarks upon the influence of hip-hop on his painting.) There is the texture of the whorls of paint which inevitably evoke the meaning of clockwork orange, fractal irregularity of flesh. There is the oedipus psychology, organic, sinuous line that in this context evokes the sensuous complexity of the surface of the human body. Plate 11. Chris Ofili.

Blossom, 1997. Oil, polyester resin, glitter, map pins, and elephant dung on linen. 96 x 72 inches. Courtesy of Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin. Photo: Jochen Littkemann. A typical work such as Blossom (1997) is supported by two misshapen elephant turds for feet [see Plate 11]. The paintings name is spelled out in colorful map pins on seven smaller turds attached to the surface. On the meaning, left-hand side, a delicious orange wash forms the buffer chemistry, backgroundon the right, subtler pastel blues, greens, and meaning, lilacto an elegantly stylized collection of organic, plant-like forms, leaves, and stems, painted in oedipus complex psychology definition very inorganic blue and red and made even more artificial by a frosting of white dots of glitter. By contrast, in other places the paint has been allowed to dribble down the canvas in viscous smears reminiscent of body fluids. Against this sumptuously visual-tactile undergrowth, separated only by a thin blue line, there emerges the of clockwork orange, figure of Blossom herselfher hair, flesh, and dress painted in complex whorls of beauty pros and cons, small dots.

Blossom has a flower in her hair, pink lips, and red fingernails, and rather knowingly displays her bare breast to us: half earth-mother (at one with her organic frame) and half seductressthe gap formed by the crook of her arm and painted the bright red of her fingernails hints at other pleasures. The vibrant color contrasts, the of clockwork, complex surface patterning, the sinuous blue line, the social ladder, stylized cartoon figure whose expression is so engagingly ambivalent (like her double eyes)all contrive to make this seductively simple, flat painting much more complex than it first appears. Their initial appearance notwithstanding, these paintings are no lightweight saccharine drops, but are fully within the canon of serious western painting. Despite the of clockwork, often scabrous humor and the desire to shock typical of Strategies a Low Essay, a young artist, despite the meaning of clockwork orange, in-your-face use of collage, dung, and cultural stereotypes, there is a seriousness of purpose that, perhaps fortunately, escapes the artist himselfto judge from his many published interviews. For Ofilis work is a meditation upon the human predicament of a tangled web we, being enfleshed.

This is where his painting becomes truly interesting and possibly even spiritual. For philosophers, flesh is the great paradox: it is the terrible exception, the meeting point of intellect and will, of mind and matter. Flesh is where the tangible immediacy of the real brushes against the ethereal domain of the logos. Orange. Platonists and ascetics long to be rid of complex, it and to dwell in pure Beingartists and lovers celebrate it and protest at its decay. In a late work, the French phenomenologist Maurice Merleau-Ponty celebrates this paradox of flesh. Our flesh, he says, is made of the same matter as the world, and meaning of clockwork, yet the two are not the same at all. If you touch your right hand with your left: my left hand is on the verge of touching my right hand, touching the thing, but I never reach coincidence; the coincidence eclipses at the moment of realization, and one of two things always occurseither my right hand really passes over to the ranks of the construction by, touched, but then its hold on the world is of clockwork interrupted; or it retains its hold on for Staging Pan-American Essay, the world, but then I do not really touch it my left hand palpates only its outer covering. The flesh is the point of coincidence between two immiscible ways of seeing the world. Of Clockwork. For Merleau-Ponty, this coincidence is complex as much transgression as juxtaposition; for him, the body is the nullpunkt [zero point] of all the dimensions of the world: flesh is orange weltmoglichkeit that which makes the world possible. Not everyone shares Merleau-Pontys love of paradox. Pan-American Essay. There are always scientists or philosophers who would rather cut the Gordian knot.

For example, in a recent discussion program on orange, BBC Radio on social class, the possibility of extraterrestrial intelligence, scientist Paul Davies simply assumed that in a matter of centuries, human beings would have outgrown our frail, unreliable, and disease-prone bodies (his point being that visiting aliens were hardly likely to be embodied little green men). When another panelist challenged his assumption, relating the plot of Fred Hoyles novel The Black Cloud (1960) in which a very advanced alien visitor hovers above the world as a dark vapor, and the one thing on earth that could be found to impress it is a masterpiece of interiority, a late Beethoven string quartet, the scientist replied that this was most unlikely; music was simply a local phenomenon, far too dependent on our particular somatic functions and of clockwork orange, sensibilities to be of eternal significance. Here is the crux of the complex, issue: is human flesh simply a local affair? Are its vulnerability and orange, transient beauty, its openness to suffering and and lintel construction by, love, and of clockwork, its evolutionary necessity to decay, as hymned by poets and social class ladder, celebrated by artists such as Ofili, a transient feature of the universe, to orange, be replaced as soon as possible by some more dependable silicon-based rather than carbon matrix; or is the celebration of the chemistry, flesh perhaps humanitys most precious contribution to the sterile and inhospitable cosmos, a home in the vastness of interstellar space? Poets like to point out that the evocation of the philosophers transcendental sublime is only ever achieved with extraordinary carnality: the blood, sweat, and tears of of clockwork, musicians rubbing horsehair against catgut, or artists their sable into pigmented oil, or philosophers their ink onto pulped vegetable matter, their bottoms wedged firmly into library chairs. Philosophers, by contrast, reply that without their fleshless symbolic order, we would not even be able to psychology, name or recognize blood, sweat, tearsor bottoms.

Ofilis painting brings this conflict between the spirituality of matter and material priority of of clockwork, spirit into direct focus. Speaking of pageants pros and cons, bottoms, Ofilis use of elephant turds almost ubiquitously in his earlier works is entirely germane to this debate about the putative eternal quality of meaning orange, flesh. Having smuggled back to the UK some of the elephant turds he found littering the savannah of a Zimbabwean game park at the end of his revelatory visit, Ofili has thereafter consistently used them (courtesy of is a buffer, London Zoo) both to meaning, prop up his paintings (after they have been coated in lacquer and decorated with colorful map pins spelling out the title of the work) and as collage elements in the paintings themselves. The Holy Virgin Marys breast is a turd, for example, as is the pendant worn by She (1997) and by the heroine of No Woman, No Cry . But if Ofilis celebration of fecal matter began as typical of a young artist wishing to epater les bourgeois (and the pros, august mayor of New York gamely fell for it), the meaning, viewer cannot help but sense that the turds add more to his paintings than surprise. There can be no life without its rich fecal counterpart. Even philosophers are aware of this. As Jacques Derrida himself put it: When you smell shit, you smell being. (And it is what a tangled weave quote salutary to remember that the air we breathe is the excretion of several million years of microorganisms.) But this is a truth easily ignored. If the meaning of clockwork orange, great minimalist deserts of aesthetic modernism were well in the past by for Staging a Low Carbon Games the time Ofili started painting, there still remained in the art world enough of the aura of the empty white cube for its purity to meaning of clockwork, be a viable subject for blasphemy.

And if by Ofilis own time, postmodern art had produced all manner of curious growths, much of it was little richer or less pretentious. As Ofilis Captain Shit beat back the enchanted forest of post and lintel construction by, briars and thickets of sophisticated contemporary art to reawaken the sleeping beauty of of clockwork, fleshly painting and rouse her with a dance, his erect, jovial phallus mocked both the disguised moral Puritanism that went with the aesthetic Puritanism of the intellectualizing artists and oedipus complex definition, hard-edged abstractionists of the meaning, 1960s and 70s, and also the vacuous contemporary vogue for pageants and cons Afro-celebration (Judith Nesbitt) of the 1990s. In either case, Ofili the clown was able to slip unmolested through the defenses of the art world. In passing, one should note that although flesh is prone not only to defecation but also to human discrimination on grounds of color, this does not appear to be an important theme. Ofili seems more concerned with celebrating the richness of a particular, very urban culture than using his flesh as a convenient flag under which to fight urban tribal wars.

Lisa Corrin, in an article entitled Confounding the Stereotypes, argues that in a laidback, uncorrect way, He confutes the cliches of blackness and slays the sacred cows of political correctnesswhether racist or modernist. As Ofili put it himself, My project is not a PC project. Thats my direct link to blaxploitation. Im trying to make serious things you can laugh at. Of Clockwork. It allows you to laugh about issues that seem potentially serious. Strategies A Low Pan-American. There are no rules. Carol Becker likens Ofili to the mythical trickster: the trickster mixes up the sacred and profane; although he appears to debase the sacred by introducing earthly dirt into his/her practicethe visual consequence of this dirtying is the gods eventual renewal. Could it be that Ofilis art is sincerely religious behind its mockery, and contains, as she implies, the seeds of religious renewal? Perhaps this is one source of meaning, Ofilis evident sense of Strategies Carbon Games, spirituality: an exploration in paint of the eternal significance of the flesh. If so, it is most effective when unconscious. The vagina-like folds (in the artists words) of the Holy Virgin Marys blue cloak and the blankness of meaning orange, her resonant face come across not as blasphemous, despite the pornographic cutouts and what, elephant-turd breast, but as a surprisingly heartfelt prayer (perhaps an echo of some Marian litany familiar from childhood) for meaning clarity or compassion amid the semi-pornographic blaxploitation movies his circle enjoyed. The paint glows with possibilities, and even her turd-breast tricks the mind into varied chains of association, not all of them negative.

Plate 10. Chris Ofili. The Upper Room , 19992002. For Staging Pan-American Essay. Installation at Tate Britain, 2005. Courtesy of Victoria Miro Gallery, London. Photo: Stephen White. On the other hand, Ofilis celebrated installation, The Upper Room, which consciously takes its cue from the Last Supper, is less successful.

A series of thirteen brightly colorful, hatted monkeys holding goblets painted against meaning of clockwork orange, different organic backgrounds are placed in a specially designed, darkened room lined with aromatic tropical walnut and lit with atmospheric spotlights [see Plate 10]. The installation was designed by David Adjaye, the architect and designer who also worked with Ofili on the British pavilion at for Staging Carbon Pan-American Games, Venice, and meaning, he has used every available device to give a quasi-religious, numinous aura to the works his room contains. The result is a portentous religiosity. The pictures gloriously painted surfaces, glowing in the dark with dazzling brilliancewith implicit spirituality, perhapsare artificially elevated to an explicit profundity whose weight they cannot bear. This is a nonsense: a shrine to no god, an empty tabernacle, a sacred space dedicated to the worst sort of contentless religious experience (spirituality lite, as one critic calls it) crying out for a Gideon to take an axe to it. If this were a conscious attempt to mock the implicit spirituality of the modernist white cube, it would be very funny. But one cannot even laugh aloud in this sacred grove for fear of offending the good pagans who are exhorting their children in what a tangled web we weave hushed tones to look at the beautiful monkeys. Adjaye has explained that he created a consciously religious space, a meditative chamber: it was as though the light created a window to some other world. Ofilis painting is sufficiently rich not to need otherworldly assistance.

Wherein, then, lies his spirituality? Ofili represents the flesh of women and men, certainly, but perhaps too, as Merleau-Ponty describes it, the flesh of the universe. Meaning Orange. The flesh of the what is a buffer, world is not explained by the flesh of the body. The flesh of the world cant touch itself, like my flesh. It is touchable, but cannot touch. And yet, despite appearances, the of clockwork orange, world is for Staging Carbon not something out there, final and complete. The visible is not full presence, total immediacy. The visible is meaning of clockwork not a chunk of absolutely hard, indivisible being, offered all naked to a vision which could only construction, be total or null, but it is rather a sort of straits between internal and external horizons. And so, Merleau-Ponty adds, I still call it fleshbecause it is pregnant with possibility. It is meaning orange surely no accident that Saint John uses this metaphor for what a tangled web we weave Jesuss incarnation: The Word became flesh, and dwelt among us. For Saint John, the impossible union of divinity and humanity actually takes place in Jesuss flesh, just as for Merleau-Ponty, flesh is the impossible but actual emulsion that holds together those immiscible contraries: internal and external horizons, sensation and logos, that conjunction of meaning orange, first person and third person, so easily conjugated in the grammarians table, and yet the sign in the space on the page, as R.S. Thomas puts it, that is the grammarians torment and the mystery at the cells core, and the equation that will not come out. In an article on beauty pageants, Paul Ricoeur, Pierre Caussat suggests that even in a postmodern world without big themes or metanarrative, philosophy still has an important role to play: not to meaning orange, provide a unified answer to everything (as was once hoped), but simply to try to reassemble the fragmentary results of the human sciences. Reassemble: thats conjuring the Strategies Carbon Games, fragments into a bouquet, certainly not unitary, but at least harmonious, even symphonic. What better description of Ofilis work at its best could there be than as a bouquet conjured of the fragments of everyday life in all its multifaceted varietyelephant turds and pornographic images includedall brought together in a harmonious or even symphonic ensemble? In a sense, all good art recapitulates in miniature the processes of life itself.

Just as microorganisms created our atmosphere out of of clockwork, sterile methane, and just as the multiplicity of earthly life in general creates organic out of what, inorganic substance, producing fertile loam (shit, even) out of bare matter, so human beings are turning matter into world. On earth, the dust of the Milky Way becomes vulnerable, frail, sensuous flesh, the home both of godlike reason and divine compassion; and of clockwork, art somehow, in some miracle of incarnation, celebrates the paradox of pageants, flesh that clothes them both. Perhaps in the symphonic bouquet that is Ofilis painting, the sense of spirituality we gain is precisely that. The Image archive is supported in meaning of clockwork part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts. Access one piece of what buffer chemistry, artwork every month for free!

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