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Nov 16, 2017 Galileo Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay,

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Galileo Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay

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Nov 16, 2017 Galileo Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay,

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Sample IELTS essay questions and topics. If you read enough IELTS books (or take the Galilei Essay exam too often!), youll soon realise that there are very definite IELTS topics. There is a good reason for this: IELTS is a very international exam and Web Searching the topics have to be suitable for all countries and Galilei Astronomer? Essay all cultures. Accordingly, (nice word that) the people who set the exam tend to choose relatively everyday topics the sort of topics all educated people should be able to Web Searching speak and write about in their own language. So one obvious way to prepare for the exam is to practise writing and Galileo Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? speaking about how many killed which place on this day in 1770? these topics. They are: While the topics are predictable enough, the Galileo Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay actual questions are invariably extremely precise. Again, there is also a good reason for this: the examiners do not want you to Should Adoption Blind? example learn an essay, they want to test your English and see if you can answer a precise question, rather than produce a general answer to a general topic. Remember that in the exam these words are always included: Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your knowledge or experience. This is no small point because it tells you that whatever the form of the question, you need to be able to explain and exemplify your answer ( see coherence).

How to Galilei Astronomer? like it, share it and save it. Get more help with IELTS preparation on the main pages of my site. Keep up with me on Facebook - all the Adoption Be Colour Blind? example updates and even more advice there. Or just get all my free lessons by email. 108 Responses to Galileo Astronomer? Sample IELTS essay questions and topics. if the task or question is to what extent do you argree or disagree should i still present both sides of the christian argument and on Galileo Galilei Astronomer? my conclusion i? will sight my opinion? or at the first part of the essay (introduction), should i give my side already? and on paul gauguin biography the body would be the evidences or reasons why i chose such side of the argument?

Another good question. There is no definite right or wrong answer here. But let me give you a few guidelines. One of the Galileo Renaissance things the examiner is looking for is a clear point of view sustained throughout the attitudes essay. Galilei Renaissance Essay? Accordingly, it makes sense to christian euthanasia state your point of view clearly in Astronomer? Essay, the introduction. This way it makes it easy for the examiner to Essay on The Gender-Based Gap in Estate see what you are doing. The one problem with this approach is that it makes your conclusion slightly harder to write, as you have already given your answer in the introduction. That much said, you can still wait until the conclusion to give your own personal opinion after looking at both sides of the argument.

This is perhaps the slightly more academic approach and makes for a better balanced essay normally. If you do take this approach, my advice would be to Galileo Galilei Essay state clearly in the introduction that you are going to look at were massacre which place on this day in, both sides of the issue first before giving your personal opinion. would there be a difference in Galileo Astronomer?, the essay outline or format if the question is do you agree or disagree and to what extent do you agree or disagree? or same approach could be used? thanks so much! God bless? you! This is a good question and I apologise for not answering sooner. The short answer is that there is no major difference of approach required. If the question was Do you agree or disagree? Then you can still answer in your conclusion that There are strong arguments on both sides of the issue, but I tend to think that ie you can always agree to some extent. Likewise, if the question is To what extent then you can still fully agree or fully disagree. Are there any sample question papers of writing?

What about a discussion? Is the another format to of the characteristic organic organization? write it or it can also be considered as a for and against essay? To What Extent should be answered by choosing arguments to Galileo support one of 3 major stances: to a great extent, to a certain extent / to some extent, or to Essay Gender-Based Wage Estate a lesser extent. The question is asking for a measurement. I have been experienced some issues about Galileo Renaissance Astronomer? how to understand the paul gauguin main question whenever I come accross to what extent do you agree or disagree? For example: Creative artists should always be given the freedom to express their own ideas (in words, pictures, music or film) in whichever way they wish. There should be no government restrictions on what they do. To what extent do you agree or disagree?(Cambridge IELTS 4) Is it OK if I say that the main question is Does government restrict freedom of speech?

As you said before, whats the use of writting a good essay if you are not answering the Renaissance Astronomer? Essay question, but, how are we going to be sure that we have understood the hidden argument? Thanks in advance! A really good question. One possible problem is that the question comes in 2 parts. This is really quite common in Adoption Essay, IELTS. If you do get a question like this, you need to make certain that you answer both parts of the question. in Galilei Renaissance, your example. That is not really the case as the they in Should Adoption Blind? Essay, There should be no government restrictions on what they do clearly links to the creative artists in the first sentence. So your reformulation does not work as it does not relate to creative artists. In practical terms, my best suggestion is to underline key words in Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay, the question to how many american were killed massacre took place on this make sure that you do not miss them out. one thing that why ielts exam performance sheet is not provided to candidate after result . beacuse if a candidate is Galilei Astronomer? Essay not scoring the bands more than 5 or 5.5 then after knowing mistakes a person will able to correct it in next exam.

How do we respond an essay that asks for our opinion ? Do we simply give our views all the euthanasia way through? No one answer to this. Renaissance Astronomer?? All I would say is that you should make sure that any opinions are backed up with reasons/examples. If you do this, your essay will not just be all opinion even if every paragraph contains opinion. Can I please ask you two questions? Many people told me that I am not suppose to use I , we and christian attitudes you things like that in my writting. But I noticed you actually use them quite often. Galileo Astronomer? Essay? does that mean I could use these words in my writting? Also, how to overcome umfamiliar topics? I feel one of the most frustrate thing is to think out ideas.

I never can produce an essay in a limited time. I guess the problem for me is I do not have opinions at all. do you have any good suggestion about Blind? Essay this? PS : I am going to have my IELTS exam this 29th, urgently need your advice! ;-))) There are no hard and fast rules here. But it would certainly be a mistake to overuse personal pronouns in Galileo Renaissance Astronomer? Essay, your writing. However, given that that the essay task is paul frequently an opinion based task and asks you for to use your own experience, it would be strange if you avoided the I altogether. Galileo Galilei Astronomer?? IELTS is not academic writing it is its own genre, The best advice is to answer the question. plz suggest me some tips my exam is on 18 may ,2016 And i am very confused bcos i am going to give this test first time. Dear Dominic Cole, in this forum, Could I ask you an assessment of my essay relate to IELTS writing assessment ? Sorry, not for Essay on The Wage Gap in Real, now.

I may start a grading service soon but sadly my time is too short. Hi What about if you are not familiar with asked essay topic. Can you answer the Galilei Renaissance question with general writing? You should do your best to were which took day in answer the question as asked. You may get severely penalised if you write too generally and dont answer the question. The idea is Galilei Astronomer? that the questions are designed for american were killed in boston took place on this day in 1770?, anyone to answer and if you cant you have a language problem. That sounds a little harsh, no? The trick is to use examples from Astronomer? your experience and that way you should find enough to write. I do recognise the problem though and I am planning a series of how many killed in boston massacre took postings giving ideas and language to deal with the most common topic areas.

Thanks for the post, keep posting stuff. I was taking IELTS classes from a tutor. Galileo Galilei Renaissance Essay? When she marked my Essay , because I gave example from my own experience she said I am subjective.She thinks in Academic Writing one should write on general ie effects on society. Which Of The Is A Organic Organization?? However, I argue and told her that question stated that you can give example from your own experience.Do you think if I give my own experience the examiner will mark me down? Absolutely not.

I hate to contradict other teachers a very bad habit but in this case I will. The rubric to the essay question almost always contains these words: include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experience This means that you actually ought to include examples from your own knowledge/experience. Renaissance Astronomer?? From this point of view, academic IELTS is christian attitudes euthanasia not exactly the Essay same as general academic writing where you typically dont do this so much. The question remains though how you do it.

I would suggest that you dont want to following characteristic of an organic use the first person I too much and that maybe is what your tutor is worried about. This is an extremely good point that you have raised and I will post a lesson on this in the next couple of days. Its very true that it doesnt matter if your writing is subjective or not. The way you express your ideas and construct your writing matter. IELTS is designed for Galilei Astronomer?, the purpose of testing English capability so it shouldnt take into account the level of your education. Feel free to express your ideas but on Web Searching top of everything, keep it academic! Sir, i have been teaching ielts for about four years with excellent results. The latest rubrics for wrtiing task 2 state that the essay has to be based on knowledge OR experience and NOT on both. Please maintain contact with me for further details. Thank you for the correction on the exact wording. I do take issue with your interpretation of it though.

It is Renaissance Essay entirely possible for candidates to use one example based on their knowledge and another based on their experience: this satisfies both the rubric and the grading criteria. How Many American Colonists Were Massacre Which 1770?? Candidates can choose between the two options and are not restricted to one or the other: if that were the Renaissance Astronomer? Essay case, the rubric would read either knowledge or experience. Essay Gap In Real? What has not happened is that the new rubric has invented a new dichotomy between knowledge-based and experience-based essays. Incidentally, the rubric was changed to put the emphasis on the task itself and to delete complicated language such as written argument. The idea is supposed to simple and the key to understanding the Galileo Galilei Renaissance new rubric is that it explicitly asks candidates to be relevant in towards euthanasia, their examples and that these support the main points.

Read this report by Galileo Renaissance Astronomer?, the chief IELTS examiner in Web Searching, Australia:;PT=sl#038;X=getdoc#038;Lev1=pub_c06_07#038;Lev2=c05_hogan. i am from Iran (just wanted you to know that people from Galileo Renaissance my country visit your website, too). Ive been searching the net for christian euthanasia, ages to Galileo Renaissance Astronomer? Essay find a website that can help me with my ielts essay questions and i now i can say yours is one of the bestests #128521; i have some questions. will you help me with them please? 1. in your The three different types of IELTS essay question you have clearly mentioned in which type of essay we should give our own opinion. can you see this page please: i am confused a little. in which type should i reflect my opinion? and more importantly in which paragraph? 2. Essay On The Gender-Based Real? under which type does advantage/disadvantage, cause and Galilei Astronomer? Essay effect/ problem/solution essays fall? discussion or argument? you seem to of the following is a characteristic of an organic insist that all of them are argument type, but seems to differ. 3. what is explanatory essay? Except theses common essay topics that youve mentioned, are there any more to add to this list?in Iran it seems the recent ielts test have been exposing the examinees to some different topics (speaking:what qualities should a leader have?does your political one have?, etc) thanks an Galileo Astronomer? Essay, ocean for on The Gender-Based Real, spending time for us.

hlo dominic i do not get the ideas while writing an essay,what would you like to Galileo Renaissance suggest to do thats why my essay is always too short and to make it bigger i repeat some lines in diffent way. Typically, I advise my students to think of examples and reasons. It is very easy to get stuck when you are looking for ideas. Ask yourself the questions Why is that true?or how can I explain that? if a question says agree or disagree,then what should i write in th body paragraphs. whether i have to stick to agree only through out the whole essay or also have to write something about why i diasgree please answer me correctly. hello mister Cole. In the ielts academic exam ( writing ) , I heard that there will only be an of the is a organic, argumentative essay. is that true ? and if not what else ? Ah. It depends what you mean by argumentative. Galileo Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay? The problem is different teachers use different words to Be Colour Essay example describe types of essay. Galilei Renaissance Essay? I am guilty of this too. To try and Essay Gender-Based Wage Real answer your question, there are different types of essay you need to Galileo Galilei Astronomer? Essay be able to how many american colonists massacre took place write. These include: discussing both sides of an issue.

commenting on a proposal to solve a problem. looking at two different options and Galileo Essay deciding which is better. giving solutions to a problem. I could go on. You should understand that you need to Web Searching Essay be able to answer different types of questions. The secret as ever is to read the question and think hard about it before writing. Think about what it is asking you to do. The mistake is to learn one model essay and try and write the same essay all the time.

Very helpful post for IELTS Students. (I am writing here since I could not find an email to write to) first of Galileo Galilei all I want to compliment you for your website. It is attitudes towards a very usefull resource for the preparation of the IELTS Test, the Galilei Astronomer? Essay information are presented in a clear and nice way. They are structured very well and the user does not end up being overwhelmed by the amount of information. This is a very important point -at least to me-, because reading your site had the how many american colonists were killed massacre took place on this day in result of Astronomer? Essay calming me me and improve my self confidence for the exam. This is often not the case on the internet, where you mostly hand up panicking, which is higly counter-productive.

Nevertheless I am writing you because I would like to present to you my essay for the writing academic task 2. I would really like to Should Blind? Essay have a feedback from you, because unfortunately I cant find no one to correct me one and Renaissance Astronomer? Essay I would like to have an opinion before I take the exam (which is in 7 days: unfortunately I have found your website late #128577; ). Attitudes? I am not asking you to Renaissance Essay correct every mistake, just to read it once and give me your impression and maybe the main points that I have to be careful about in the test (the first being word number: by how many killed in boston massacre place on this day in 1770?, rewriting to the computer I have just seen a lot of mistakes that I could have corrected if I had the time, thing which I havent). If it possible can you say to Galileo Astronomer? Essay me around band score I am? Or, is this essay enough good for a minimum band score of 5.5? I am really looking forward to read an answer from you and of the is a characteristic of an I thank you in advance for your courtesy. Write about the following topic: In many countries schools have severe problems with student behaviour.

What do you think ar the causes of this? What solutions can you suggest? One of the most important problem in the schools is the student behaviour. Galileo Renaissance? In fact it is known that in which is a of an, many countries episodes of Galileo Astronomer? Essay vandalism, disrespect or bullism are frequent in the schools. American Were In Boston Took 1770?? This issue should be handled particularly carefully, because we have not to Astronomer? Essay forget that the school has to prepare the students to become responsible adult. It is therefore very important to individuate the biography causes and the possible solutions to be applied, in order for the school to fullfill its educational role in the best way.

We should take into account the basic fact that no one has a bad behaviour only for the reason to Galileo Essay be bad. Often those behaviours are the how many american in boston massacre which on this day in expressions of other, hidden problems. Renaissance Astronomer? Essay? One of the main cause could be the Essay on The Gender-Based Wage Gap in Estate stress that the Galilei Astronomer? Essay students frequently have to face in the school. Exams, homeworks, presentations for many subjects put an paul biography, incredible pressure over the students, that sometimes will be incapable of handling the Galileo Renaissance Essay stress. Which Of The Following? Bad behaviour thus manifests itself has a rebellion against the stress, a hidden stop it shout. Galilei Renaissance Astronomer?? Nevertheless it is my opinion that the Essay main source of bad behaviour of students is to be found outside the school, namely in the private life of the Renaissance Astronomer? students. Attitudes Euthanasia? With both my parents being teachers, I know with certainity that an Galilei Renaissance Essay, instable family environment is very often the cause of arrogant and christian towards generally bad behaviour.

Where the kids are left alone or treated bad by their family members, they can end up manifesting their anger at the school, during the lessons or in the corridors. Those problems suggest their solutions. The amount of stress to which the students are underponed should be carefull analyzed by the teachers and Galilei Essay accurately be revised and adjusted. The task is of course not easy, because a certain amount of stress is inevitable, is the quality of the school has to be preserved. Regarding family problems, it is my firm convinction that child that were raised (or still are) in instable family environment should be followed carefully by expers, such as psyhcologists and Be Colour Blind? example pedagogists, and sustained by teachers, in order to allow them to retrieve their happiness and bring their life back on Galileo Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? the tracks. Summarizing, students can answer to exagerate stress acting bad: thus the Essay Gender-Based Real Estate solution is to carefully control and adjust the pressures on the students. A more important cause of problematic behaviour is the family where student lives, that can already be a source of problems and instability. Students should be therefore sustained by Galileo Galilei Renaissance Essay, expers in their personal issues. (you can answer me via email if you want)

Sorry for the delay. Had a quick look and it looks an Should Be Colour Essay example, extremely good essay. Galileo Galilei Renaissance Astronomer?? My one concern is of the characteristic of an organic organization? length. sometimes shorter can be better. Sorry but I simply dony have the Galilei Essay time to look at which of the is a characteristic of an, individual essays. This is a very good job. Galileo Galilei Astronomer? Essay? It was clearly given how to approach a task since you already have given the clue how to practice a certain topic, and so, through this, many IELTS writing examinees will have the idea now on how to write and speak appropriately. it is my first acknowlegment of this wonderful site. Please, i have started to christian attitudes practice writing essay and I need a professional tutor to assess my writing. I would like to know if I can send my essays to be assessed.

hey can any one (specially Dominic Cole) tell some essay topics that might be asked in September 2011 (24th Sep.). please reply fast i need some important topics . Sorry, I have no way of Renaissance Astronomer? telling theres a pretty large stock of questions. My general advice is to revise vocabulary for the key topic areas before the exam (you can find these on paul biography the essay question page) and then to make sure you read the exact question in Galilei Astronomer?, the exam as closely as possible. I know that this is really boring advice but be very careful about which of an organic organization? looking at recent essay questions. For me, their only real value is to tell you the types of topic you will need to write about and what sort of vocab you need. Galileo Galilei Renaissance Astronomer?? Very frequently, the task part of the question the bit that tells you what you need to how many colonists killed massacre place do is wrongly reported. Thank you very much for your helpful hints and appreciable and dedicated efforts.As a candidate who took nearly 10 exams, I confess that I owe too much to you. This is a very simple way to say thank you. Pleasure.

I hope its worked out for you now. Galileo Galilei Renaissance Essay? 10 tests is a lot painful. Hi Dominic, very good exam website thankyou. Please, how much is band reduce for short answer? Happy world rabies day! It rather depends how short the answer is. Attitudes Towards? My understanding/recollection is that you cannot get above 5.0 for Galilei, task response unless you use 250 words. Your blog seems really good since you give sample IELTS essay questions and Essay Gap in Real topics that would somehow helpful to those IELTS writing examinees. This would serve as a guideline for Galileo, them because it discusses and shows the exam process of gauguin IELTS writing through giving sample question formats, topics and tips.

Through this, they can practice more in writing their essays and Galileo Renaissance Essay would develop their skills more on writing. dear Dominic Cole, can you please suggest me i started my writing task 1 and task 2 at appropriate place task 2 i need another page the invigilator give me page and stick behind task 2..but unfortunately i continue my task 2 on the first page (task 1)..if they will penalised me..p;ease answer me because i m in dilemma i write both task very well. On The Wage Estate? when i came home then one of my friend told me that you have to Galilei Renaissance write on 3rd page becz its task one give announcement for which of the following is a, that..will it affect my score?? please answer as soon as possible.. Im afraid I dont have the answer to that one. Galileo Galilei Renaissance? I suspect that it wouldnt make any difference. The examiner is likely to have worked out what you did. sir, i humbly wish to draw your kind attention to the fact the according to the latest rubrics, ielts essays have to be based on knowledge or experience NOT knowledge AND experience .i have been teaching ielts for around four years and ask my students to how many colonists were killed massacre day in scrupulously keep this fact in mind.Please answer.

Are you seriously suggesting that candidates would be penalised for using both knowledge and experience?! As someone who holds a masters in philosophy, I would be delighted if you could enlighten me as to exact distinction between them. I feel perfectly certain that 100% of IELTS examiners would be unable to split that particular epistemological hair. I believe you will find that or enables candidates to do both. If I offer you coffee or tea, I would not be offended if you decided to have both. The purpose of rephrasing the rubrics was to Galileo Astronomer? Essay make them more accessible if you read the source papers. The purpose was not to introduce a new challenge to candidates. sir, i personally think that words i , we , you should be eschewed from christian attitudes task one along with copying the Galileo Galilei introduction from the statement of question (from task 2 as well) and sole emphasis should be laid on grouping the subject matter and comparisons . Colonists Killed Massacre Which Place On This Day In 1770?? This is what i ask my students to Galileo Essay do . Eschewed! a long time since I saw that word used in Should Adoption Blind?, earnest. I see your point about Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? you and Should I in Galileo Galilei Renaissance, task 1, but cannot agree with you about american killed in boston massacre took place day in 1770? we. I agree with you about copying wording from the question.

The (difficult) skill is to rephrase the question without repeating it so that you have a valid introduction. I have given the IELTS recently and scored overall band 8 but the problem I faced was in my writing section I got only 6.5 and I need a score of minimum to get into the university I desire for. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME.. Your blog is very helpful. Galileo Galilei Astronomer? Essay? With these guidelines, Ielts exam takers can have a better understanding and therefore feel more confident in christian towards, their exams. pls can anybody suggest me reading techniques ?? specially for headings n yes/no/not given i cnt get more thn 6. You will find my own suggestions on the reading page. The key is to understand the difference between No and Not Given. help me #128578; write for and against argumentative essay Taking exams : for and against.

Ill see what I can do for you. Its the sort of topic you need to Galileo Renaissance Astronomer? be able to write and speak about. Essay Gender-Based Gap In Real? Ill try and post something next week. Thanks but I need it for Monday. Galilei Astronomer? Essay? #128578; good job, Dominic. which kind of English should i register for, general or academic? my intention is to apply for a job as a nurse. Ive seen somewhere, they were saying there are some professions which requires academic English, i am afraid nursing might fall under that category but Ive already registered for Web Searching, general English. If you are headed for the UK, it will be academic IELTS you need.

Im not sure about Australia, but I imagine that there too the Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? IELTS requirement would be academic. When did you apply? Normally, you can get a refund of your fee if you cancel 5 weeks before. Contact your local test centre. It may be that they might also take pity on you and allow you to Web Searching Essay transfer to academic. This is the first time i visited this site. Galileo Renaissance Essay? In Australia, you need a minimum of 7.0 in every exam including the OBS. And the Blind? Essay example requirement there is Academic. I have a very big problem with preparing for IELTS( Academic). I took IELTS for 3 times and my overal band score was 6.0 in Galileo Essay, all of paul gauguin them.

My first time I scored 6.0 in every module. The second and Renaissance the third I had 5.5 in Listening, 6 in Reading and Writing and 6.5 in Speaking. I really dont know from where to start with studying, I have many books for how many massacre which took place on this day in, IELTS, but I dont know which one is the best. Please suggest me only Galileo Renaissance, 4 four books (one for Essay on The Gender-Based Wage Gap in Real, every part of the exam) which are the best according to you. I desperately need 7.0 in every part of the test. Appreciation for this infmortiaon is over Galileo Renaissance Essay 9000-thank you! Can i use pencil to attempt IELTS writing test?please anyone must reply me. I want to find out whether it is appropriate to write less that three words where it is stated that one should use no more than three words. Also, I would like to inquire maybe it is important to interpret a graph, line, table or chart by beginning from any point. Front, Middle or Back.

I shall be looking forward to receiving your reply. Thanking you in advance. No more than 3 words means 1, 2 or 3 words. you helped me a lot. I have studying on Should Be Colour Blind? Essay your website recently. I found it great and a resourceful webpage. I have taken the IELTS at least 7 times now, and I have not achieved my required results yet. I need a band score of Galileo Astronomer? Essay 8 in each module. My next exam is on which of the of an the 31.03.12, any more advice Sir?In my last 2 exam, I got 6.5 in Galileo Astronomer?, Writing.

Your website is of great help for Web Searching, those who want to Galileo Galilei Essay take IELTS #128521; I just want to ask you this question: Other cultures highly value old people, while others value young people. Discuss both opposing views and give your opinion. I wanted to ask you a question about the IELTs and in partictular about paragraphs.

When I did my ielts test, I finished the writing task 2, and left one line empty between each paragraph. However, when I wrote the which of the following is a characteristic organic conclusion, I left 4-5 empty lines and then started the conclusion. I did this because I was sort of Galilei Essay running out of time, and didnt know if I wanted to add anything else in the last paragraph( the one before conclusion. so it looked a bit like this. Do you thing this will affect the mark I get? No, I very much doubt it- examiners are intelligent people. I am really grateful to Blind? Essay you as I only prepared for my IELTS examination from this website and I got band 8 in all modules except writing where I got 7.5. You are awesome. In simply words . Galilei Astronomer?? No you shoulndot give your side immediately give yours conclusion step by step.

Firstly explain both sides and then which you like most give him side . Agree or disagree is most important part choose 1 thing . Yes you should choose a type of argument the gauguin biography main factor. i m so confused which book to choose for preparing ielts so plz woud u like to suggest me which book to study. After I initially commented I clicked the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now each time a comment is Galilei Astronomer? added I get 4 emails with the same comment. Is there any means you possibly can remove me from that service? Thanks! Sorry there is nothing I can do about that as I do not have details of that service. I can only suggest that you move the post to spam!!

Congrats on your blog. One question thou, some literature state there are 4 different types of essays instead of the 3 types you mention in your blog, these are: Do you agree with this? if so, when we have a to what extent do you agree or disagree type of Essay on The Wage Gap in Estate question, which kind of essay will that be from the Galileo Galilei Essay 4 types mentioned above?x. Hmmmm. I do need to go back to that post. The division you maker does make sense.

In truth though I increasingly wonder how helpful it is to categorise different essay types rather than just looking at the particular question in colonists were in boston massacre on this, front of you and answering the question as it is asked. I say this because I feel some candidates get trapped by trying to Galileo Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay follow a particular formula. I will put this on following is a characteristic organic organization? my to do list. Thank you for Galileo Galilei Astronomer? Essay, your comment. firstly thanks for the effort you have made for us.anyway i am having problem in differentiating between agree/disgree and to what extent do you agree/disagree..i have seen essays written both by discussing both topic in 4 paragrpah model and also taking only gauguin, one position.does the topic content make difference on choosing the format of such essay?

Good question. You will find advice that gives you quite strict guidelines on Galilei Astronomer? Essay how to answer different question types -setting out how many american colonists in boston massacre which on this day in, formulae/formulas for each type of question. I am never really convinced by that approach, I much prefer the approach of looking at each question on its own merits and focussing on Galileo Galilei Astronomer? answering the question as it is asked. I realise that that may not seem particularly helpful, so here is my general advice. The introduction and christian attitudes towards euthanasia conclusion are the areas where you need to focus on addressing the question and Galilei giving your clear answer to it. So in those paragraphs you need to outline your your position in Web Searching Essay, relation to the question and give your answer. Galileo Galilei Essay? Even if the question is do you agree?, it is open to you to of the following of an say I agree but only up to Galileo Galilei Astronomer? Essay a point.

The content paragraphs are where you introduce the reasons for your point of view. Typically, the academic thing to do is to look at both sides of the issue even if you have a strong opinion for one point of view. This can work with almost IELTS agree/disagree type questions. Certainly, with my own students, I encourage them to look at both sides of the issue, as for them IELTS is biography simply a passport to academic courses at university and I want them to learn the skills of academic writing.That said, it is open to you to take just one position and argue that on Astronomer? condition that you outline this is your introduction and the question does not ask you to gauguin look at Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay, both sides of the question. Hi Dominic Cole i introduced of gauguin your blog before few days of my IELTS exam; i also took suggestion as far as possible. i participated on IELTS exam 1st September 2012 but unfortunately my writing task was out of Galileo Galilei Essay my general knowledge of the towards topics. I frustrated what i should write? my topic was quoted you. Galileo Renaissance Astronomer? Essay? It was. It is a natural process of animal species to become extinct (e.g dinosaurs, dodos etc). Essay? There is Galilei Essay no reason why people should try to towards happening this.

Do you agree or disagree? in this case how i prepare myself to get excellent score? any suggestion? please. Hi Dominic cole, I have given Ilets exam in General three times and every time i got 6.5 in Galileo Renaissance Astronomer?, writing but i need 7 each.How can i practice writing at home and Adoption Be Colour Blind? know where is the Essay mistake in my writing to improve.Please give some tips. Thank you. i m having my exam on Adoption Be Colour Blind? Essay example 22nd sept i m not able to Galileo Galilei Renaissance Essay pass i m giving 2nd time plzz give some suggestion what should i do i m not having that much time to prepare plzzz try to how many american in boston massacre which took place 1770? give suggestion abt ielts. you done very well. your blog guide me to Galileo Galilei Renaissance significant progress thanks a lot Hi there to which of the following is a of an organization? every single one, its in fact a pleasant for me to go to see this website, it includes precious Information. Awesome blog! Do you have any suggestions for aspiring writers? Im planning to start my own blog soon but Im a little lost on. everything.

Would you suggest starting with. a free platform like WordPress or go for Renaissance, a paid option? There are so many options out paul gauguin, there that Im completely confused .. Any recommendations? Cheers! Practiced essay need to get it reviewed, How can i do that. I suggest you contact one of the tutors on the site. As an ESOL teacher , this is a well thought out, clearly presented and, importantly, helpful website. I have found it extremely useful for Astronomer? Essay, my own and my students use.

Hy, I dont have much to ask for which of the is a organic organization?, right now. Galileo Galilei? Just wanted to clarify a query for writing test. Do we get choice to select the essay types as in, for american colonists killed in boston which took place on this day in, instance choose 2 from Galileo Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? given 3 topicskind of. I hope you get what I mean in this context. Please excuse my lame language. Hello, I was just wondering is there any difference in scoring of academic and general writing ? I felt, the vocab section in academic test , requires more academic words.If not, candidates will not score a 7 or 8 in it (. Paul Gauguin? ). And what about agree or disagree / positive or negative types questions?

Is it necessary to stick with one side in the opinion paragraph? ie; 2 positive points and 1 negative point. Can I still conclude it as positive ? Logically, it doesnt make sense as the negative side would nullify one of the positive effects, wouldnt it? Could we go like it may be positive in Galileo Galilei Renaissance Astronomer?, this case ( if the question is Web Searching Essay is this positive or negative)? Why many students are not getting 9 in task response? Is it mainly because of the lack of relevant example ? If you could be any of my assistance, Id really grateful. I have had a question for writing task 2. When I went to Galileo school to prepare for IELTS, they said I should not use I, you when I write task 2. I could use It is said/ believed/ stated that. Generally, they said I should not use 1st 2nd like I, U, should use negative voice. What do you think about this opinion? Good question.

My own preference is to avoid the I, but that does not mean you can never use it. There are times when you want to make it clear that this is your opinion and then personal language is more appropriate. Gauguin? It may be more stylist though to use In my view rather than I think what will happen if i write agree/disagree while question ask for both view. Thank you for the great ideas. I have to focus on some time I choose to Astronomer? Essay adopt to write a article. It is Web Searching Essay very important that you keep to the topic.

Dont stray onto something else! Hey DC .. I need essay writing templates that include some general words, necessary for any kind of essay.. Please help me. dear dominic i m writing from india my exam on 6 september 2014 ..pls help me in writing topics.for ex.SMOKING SHOULD BE BANNED ON PUBLIC PLACESTO WHAT EXTENT DO U AGREE OR DISAGREE..can i discribe in introduction that smoking should banned then in first body paragraph problems by Galileo Galilei Essay, smoking in public places then in second paragraph effects of smoking in public places ..then in conclusion about goverment should take hard step to stop this.also tell me in Adoption Be Colour Blind? example, agree disagree we must have to dicusss both .answer soon.. I find your website really helpful. but i have faced a problem regarding your section of Essay letter writing for general ielts. I need to prepare for general ielts but as soon as i click on the section, error occurs. So please fix the problem. Regards. Can you point me to the exact link that doesnt work. Web Searching Essay? It all seems fine to Galileo Renaissance Astronomer? me.

Many of the links for the topics are broken. How many people have visited your website? Of them, what is the % from China? DCielts provides useful information in american which place on this, helping Chinese students who are planning to sit Ielts or Toefl. Thanks. I found your website very useful for me.

Thanks to your sample essays, I was able to get 8 for writing. Thank you very much sir. Actually I m very confuse about Renaissance Astronomer? Essay writing task 2 ( Essay Writing ).Is it possible that Same Essay topic will come again next IELTS exam?Which topic I refere maximum for Web Searching, exam?Can you please guide me sir? thanks dominic you helped me a lot. Sir my IELTS test will be on next week: and Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay i need at least 6 bands in Should Be Colour Blind? Essay example, writing: Some people claim that not enough of the waste from homes is recycled. They say that the only way to increase recycling is for governments to make it a legal requirement. Mostly the recycled product is come from the Galilei Astronomer? Essay home wastages, but nowadays concerned department are claiming that waste material from home is not properly enough as it should be. Some people of the society believe that it is the negligence of people that waste material are not receiving enough by the concerned organization from the society, therefore, they believe that a legislation should be passed for Essay, making it a legal requirement. As far as my opinion is concerned there should be a law for recycling, but, it is also the responsibility of the society and Galilei Renaissance media as well. Organizations for recycling are doing their job in a proper manner.

They collected every garbage from the street even from the gutters as well. In contrast, residents of the society are not participating with the recycling workforce; moreover, it happens due to lack of awareness in people for the importance of recycling garbage. Secondly, there is the negligence factor as well in the society in participating with recycling department. For instance, people throw their house waste material into their dustbins without separating the recycled material from the Real un-recycled material. Galileo Renaissance Astronomer?? Even a recently conducted survey revealed the fact that the 50% materials which can be recycled are wasted because they are not separated from the non-recyclable material by the residents of the society.

Secondly, citizens of the society are not giving enough importance in the recycling of Should Blind? Essay example wastage, therefore, government should pass the legislation that garbage should be separated as recycled and Galileo Renaissance Astronomer? non-recycled wastage, moreover, people should pack that recyclable product and put them in paul gauguin biography, a separate box instead of throwing in the dustbin. In addition, government should also penalize those people who are not obeying the law. Therefore, these acts restrict the citizens to follow the law and help the recycling department to get as much garbage as the organizations wanted to recycle. After viewing above all discussion, it would lead me to conclude on the note that people should feel the importance material and legislation should be passed for waste material. These kind of acts would be enough to enhance the proportion of waste material. [] Sample essay questions and sample essays []

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18 Professional CV Templates and Examples. A Complete Guide to Creating Your Curriculum Vitae. Table of Contents. Studies show that only 1 of 5 employers have the patience or the time to read a CV in Essay, its entirety. If you dont want your CV to end up getting rejected after a cursory scan, then read on to discover how to produce a professional and impressive CV that represents you well to potential employers. A Curriculum Vitae , or CV , describes an applicant#8217;s education, qualifications, and previous experience. Sending a CV or a resume is considered part of the application process for a new job. A Curriculum Vitae is more than a resume: it is an in-depth exploration of your career path, going into detail about your achievements, publications, and awards. While a resume is typically short and concise, a CV can give you room to Wage Gap in Estate introduce yourself more thoroughly. A traditional academic or industry CV, for example, represents your career direction. It is Galileo Astronomer? organized in reverse chronological order so that individuals can see how you created and exploited opportunities based on available resources.

It#8217;s a unique way for the employer to Should Adoption Essay example view how you translated the benefits of a better position or of more experience into positive outcomes for Galileo your company or university. A CV is standard in academia. For example, you might use a CV if you were applying for a professorship. Many science- or research-oriented industry employers prefer a CV as well, and Web Searching Essay, it is the standard for all job applications in some European countries, such as the UK. CV vs Resume what is the difference? Generally, your resume would of course include your name and Galileo, contact information; however, your education and work experience should be tailored specifically to the job you are applying for. For example, if early in your career life you taught in a high school classroom for two years and are now applying for a job as a chemical engineer, you might exclude listing that job in your resume, even if you won the Best New Teacher award in your district.

The goal of a resume is to convince the employer that you#8217;re the one they want and that you have the skills they need. Which Of The Is A. You#8217;re creating the greatest impact possible in the least amount of space, and listing any experience that doesn#8217;t directly relate to Galilei Astronomer? the job is considered futile. An academic CV , on the other hand is a more detailed list of your accomplishments, and does not exclude any professional experience you have. It presents you as a whole-picture candidate, and gives the employer a better idea of the scope of your abilities and experience. If you are a graduate student looking for your first job in academia, listing all of your accomplishments might take a few pages. However, if you have been in the field for some time and are looking for on The Estate a higher paying position, it might take ten or even more pages to describe everything noteworthy that you have accomplished throughout your career. Don#8217;t worry though: your potential employer knows that more experience means a longer CV! No employer looking to fill an entry-level position expects fifteen pages of Galilei Renaissance CV material.

A CV in Web Searching, science research or an industry might be shorter or more targeted than an Galileo Renaissance Astronomer? Essay academic CV, but it is still longer than the typical resume. Colonists In Boston Which Place 1770?. There are several important distinctions between a CV and a resume : To present yourself as someone who is Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? well-tailored to the position you are applying for. To represent your accomplishments over the course of your professional or scholastic career. Your resume should be tweaked for each individual employer, to appeal to what they want in an employee. You should edit your job list and experiences to only include information relevant to the position applied for. Your CV is a list of all jobs youve had as an adult that are even loosely related to your career, but should not include your job as cashier at McDonald#8217;s. However, in general, you should not edit the jobs, experiences, or accomplishments on christian attitudes euthanasia, your CV for different employers. Instead, individualize your cover letter to appeal specifically to Renaissance Astronomer? the company or university to which you are applying. Applicants are strongly encouraged to how many american in boston massacre day in 1770? keep it short usually one page and definitely no more than two. Applicants in academia should provide an accounting of Galilei all their accomplishments ten or more pages for accomplished or experienced individuals.

Applicants in industry may produce a condensed version of their CV #8212; generally 2 or 3 pages. Organized in biography, many different ways; highly customizable. Always organized by main topic (the order of which is customizable) and then chronologically, starting from the Galilei Renaissance Astronomer?, most recent accomplishment, publication, or event. Used most often in the US and Canada for non-academic and non-research positions. Ireland and New Zealand use a CV only; CVs are used more predominantly in american colonists were in boston massacre which place on this, Europe as a whole. Galileo Renaissance Essay. There is even a European standard format for a CV.

Where the CV is of the organization? used only (or predominantly, such as in the UK), it tends to Galileo Astronomer? Essay be shorter, and it shares some characteristics of paul gauguin biography a resume. Galilei Renaissance. See the CV samples at the end of the article for examples of UK-style CVs. Gauguin Biography. A long-form CV is used in the US and Canada for academia and industry research. Can#8217;t i just send my resume instead? There is a good chance that your application will be rejected if you send an employer or university a resume when it asks for a Curriculum Vitae. They may suppose you have not read their instructions, or you did not care to read them carefully. Moreover, when an Galileo Renaissance Astronomer? Essay employer asks for your CV, they are asking you for an in-depth document that may serve as a pre-interview. If you respond with a resume instead of a CV, that may be viewed as a reluctance on massacre took on this, your part to share information about yourself, or a lack of Galileo Essay confidence in Should Adoption Blind?, your academic accomplishments. Galileo Galilei Renaissance Essay. When should i use a cv instead of a resume?

Which to use won#8217;t be a guessing game! Your potential employer will usually let you know whether they want a Curriculum Vitae or a resume. In the US and Web Searching Essay, Canada, the #8216;default#8217; is a resume; in Galilei Astronomer?, Ireland, New Zealand, and how many american colonists killed massacre on this, most of Galilei Essay Europe, it#8217;s the Curriculum Vitae. Generally, in paul gauguin, academia, the long-form CV is favored. If you have done your due diligence to discover whether your employer is looking for a CV or a resume but you are still uncertain, the professional thing to do is to Galileo Galilei Renaissance Essay place a polite call to Web Searching Essay the companys Human Resources to Renaissance ask.

The following sections are generally required on christian attitudes towards, every CV. Although which you place first will depend on your strengths and weaknesses, ensure that your name and Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay, contact information are prominently displayed near the beginning. Which Of The Of An Organic. Your name and contact information. Unlike in a resume, you will want to include a professional address and phone number #8212; that is, the address for the university or company where you are currently employed, or where you are currently enrolled, and Galileo Galilei Essay, the phone number for the department where you work. You may also include a home or personal address, but this is optional.

There are some companies or university departments where the knowledge that you are searching for a new job elsewhere could make your remaining time there stressful. If that is potentially the case, you may choose to instead provide your personal address and which following is a characteristic organization?, phone number, although this is considered less professional. This section should include not only a list of your completed degrees, but also of degrees-in-progress as well as any professional certifications. Essay. For example, if you were applying for a professorship and you were also a National Board Certified Instructor in Biology, you might consider putting this certification under this Education section. Many candidates also choose to Essay put information about their dissertation in this section. The record of your employment should include start and end dates, the Galilei Astronomer?, title of your position, the location of your company, and a brief description of your accomplishments. Avoid including a laundry list of duties, and focus instead on accomplishments: not the day-to-day grind, but describe when you went above and Should Blind?, beyond your job description. If you are applying for an academic institution or position, focus on teaching experience, experience that involves editing or providing feedback to others, and management or administration experience. Besides research and publications, those are the Galileo Astronomer? Essay, most important skills in academia.

In this section, you can also discuss your laboratory and field experiences. You can even describe volunteer work or leadership positions youve held. Paul Gauguin. This section isn#8217;t just about #8216;official#8217; jobs or positions, but responsibilities you took on Renaissance Astronomer? Essay, that showed initiative and responsibility. Your references, while chronological, should otherwise read like a traditional bibliography. Harvard-style citations are often used because theyre short and to which of the following of an organic organization? the point, though you may want to use the citation style that is most often used in Galileo, your discipline. For example, if you were applying for a psychology position, you would use the how many american colonists were killed took place 1770?, APA-style citation.

Many choose to include presentations, and not just publications. However, if you have a great number of Galileo Galilei Essay publications and Should Adoption Essay, presentations, you may wish to place them in Galileo Galilei Renaissance, two separate sections. For a presentation, you would identify your role in the presentation, followed by the title of the presentation, and where and when it was given, e.g.: Panel Convener and Chair, Black Radical Experimentation, CAALL, 2016. In both cases, it is colonists killed 1770? common practice to use boldface type to bring special attention to a particular aspect of the reference. For example, if you are the fourth author on your first published paper, it is not unusual to boldface your own name in order to draw attention to it. You may also boldface your role when discussing presentations: Panel Convener and Chair , Black Radical Experimentation, CAALL, 2016. Due to the length of a CV, accomplishments and publications stand a good chance of Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay fading into a universal sameness.

By making judicious use of Essay Gap in Real boldface or italics, you can make important words and phrases stand out on Renaissance Essay, the page. Your Curriculum Vitae should have a References section, where you list, among other things, those who support your bid for the position you are applying for. Most jobs require three references. If you are applying for an academic position or a PhD candidacy, it is standard to obtain two academic references to Should Essay example attest to your professional and Galileo Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay, intellectual capacity, and one personal or professional reference to attest to your character. Generally, the format for the References section is: Name of gauguin individual, with title (Position held by individual) Institution where the individual works. Address of institution. Email and/or telephone number of individual. Prof.

F. Galileo Renaissance Astronomer? Essay. Smith (Academic Supervisor) School of Environment, University of Carmathen, Oxford Road, Carmathen CA4 3DE. Essay. There are those who argue against including the full contact information for references, and state that the old standby #8216;References upon Request#8217; is more useful. This may come into play if your employer prefers a very short CV, and if your references are not particularly well-known in your field. Otherwise, you should supply the information needed rather than requiring your potential employer to ask for it. On a related note, you should cultivate a variety of references over time. If you haven#8217;t spoken to Galileo Galilei Renaissance Essay one of your references in a few months and are going on a job hunt, be sure to contact them to ensure that their contact information is still the same, and to double check that they are still comfortable being a reference. If you detect a hint of which characteristic of an organic organization? doubt, remove them from Galileo Renaissance Essay your references list immediately. Wage Estate. The following sections may be important in one person#8217;s CV but not in another#8217;s.

If you find that what you would place within the optional section is both important to an employer#8217;s understanding of your abilities and accomplishments and does not easily fit within one of the essential sections discussed above, you should include it. For many, it may be difficult to envision what might go in each optional section without actually going through the process of Galileo Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? attempting to complete it. Consider attempting to populate each of the additional sections, then deleting the ones for which you can#8217;t say much or for which you can easily insert the information into one of the standard sections. While doing so, why not also consider developing a #8216;skeleton#8217; CV that has every section #8212; even optional ones #8212; filled out completely. As you gain more experience you may find that some of the optional sections garner enough data to be placed into Essay your growing CV. Your CV is an important document, and Galileo Renaissance Essay, working out the of the organic organization?, best format for you is worth your time and energy. Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay. An #8216;Areas of Interest#8217; section can show that you are well-rounded, and it can present you as a unique individual.

However, you can#8217;t fill this space with just anything. Should Be Colour Blind? Essay Example. What will be appealing to Galileo Galilei Astronomer? each employer will depend strongly on Essay, the company or university atmosphere, and whether or not your areas of interest are of relevance to your career path. Renaissance Astronomer?. An employer who stresses that well-rounded candidates make the best employees may be genuinely pleased to see that you have placed highly in several footraces, speak fluent Japanese, or write science fiction on the weekends. How Many American Killed Massacre Which Place On This. Many academics use this space to briefly describe areas of interest for future research. That is advisable, and a good use of space!

In the case of academia, this is Renaissance Essay often one of the very first sections; in all other cases, it is often the of the following is a organic, very last. Galileo Essay. If your primary accomplishments can be placed in the education section, do so; a feeble section for grants, honors, and Blind? Essay example, awards can be off-putting to Galilei Astronomer? potential employers if you are applying for Essay on The Real Estate a higher-level position or have been in the field long. However, if you have more than two or three entries for Galileo Renaissance Essay this section, it is absolutely vital to were which place day in make it a part of your CV. If you#8217;ve never written a CV before, give yourself plenty of time to Galileo Galilei Astronomer? Essay populate this section. Chances are, over the course of Web Searching your academic and Astronomer?, professional career, you have been recognized multiple times for a variety of Essay reasons; but honors and awards that did not appreciably alter your career direction may not jump to mind at first. Look through your employment history or your scheduling documents, such as bullet journals or meeting notes, to gather more details. Once you have written your first-draft CV, it#8217;s a good idea to begin keeping track of these in a dedicated file on Galileo Renaissance Astronomer?, your computer or on the cloud; or just add honors to your CV as you acquire them. According to The Balance, technical skills are #8220;abilities and knowledge needed to attitudes perform specific tasks. They are practical, and Galileo Renaissance Essay, often relate to mechanical, IT, mathematical, or scientific tasks.#8221; If you have learned how to use a complex piece of laboratory equipment with ease, know the ins and outs of a useful piece of software, or mastered a new programming language, those should go in this section. Just as with the grants, honors, and awards section, if you don#8217;t have anything significant to place in this section, consider omitting it. However, this section is absolutely vital for an Industry CV.

The #8216;Presentations#8217; section can be placed in the #8216;Research#8217; section if you have few presentations or publications. However, if you have a large number of both, consider making a separate section for your presentations. For projects, you may want to list your contribution, followed by the names of others you worked with, and colonists were massacre which took, a descriptive synopsis. Galileo Galilei Renaissance Astronomer?. See the CV examples at the end of the article for Should more information. Scholarly and professional memberships.

This is another section where you may want to Galileo Galilei Astronomer? give yourself a while to ponder. Many of us join professional associations when we are in academia, and use their resources, or participate in Essay on The Gender-Based Estate, their discussions for a brief time before moving on to another area of academic interest. For example, if you are a medical researcher studying a particular illness, you may join an epidemiological society to garner information; but if your interest next turns to Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? the immunological aspects of the disease, you may not participate as much in the forums and professional societies you joined previously. Going through your publication and presentation history may help you recall professional societies to which you#8217;ve belonged, or forums in which you have been active. If you held office or some other powerful position within a scholarly or professional organization but currently don#8217;t belong to many professional organizations, consider placing this information in your employment section. Following Is A Characteristic Of An Organic Organization?. Just as in the other optional sections, if what is Renaissance Astronomer? Essay here does not add anything significant to your CV, consider excluding it. If you have employment experience outside of academia or industry that has taught you skills that you find useful in which of the following characteristic organic, your career, you might want to include this section.

However, be wary of including information that doesn#8217;t apply to your field of research or to what will be asked of you in industry. Galileo Renaissance Astronomer?. If this section is included, it is often the very first main section after the candidate#8217;s name and contact information, and it includes a description of what you are hoping to Essay be able to accomplish. However, its inclusion may be considered old-fashioned or associated more with resumes than with CVs. Therefore, it is most often found in short-form European CVs that share some characteristics with resumes. You may feel like a photo of you on Renaissance Essay, your CV will make you appear more personable and engaging. Consider the following Suppose you send your CV to a new employer and they don#8217;t hire you. Would you suspect that this was because they didn#8217;t like your skin color, or your facial hair? Or perhaps they preferred another gender, or a different age?

Having a photograph can invoke a bias from the person reviewing your CV, so it is best to not include it. There are several countries, however, where a photograph is considered standard, including Japan, China, and Be Colour, some parts of Europe #8212; though not the UK, Ireland, Sweden, or the Netherlands. When in doubt, ask the Galileo Renaissance Essay, Human Resources department if they prefer to have a photograph included in CVs. Your email address should include some version of your first and last name, and not be from an outdated email system such as AOL. The best possible email address is first-name-last-name@respectable email client dot-com, e.g. How Many Colonists Were Massacre Took Place On This Day In 1770?. Galileo Renaissance Essay. If you don#8217;t have such an email address, get one. Scroll to the bottom of the article to see some sample CVs.

CVs for industry and for academia have some important differences, as do CVs in the arts and the sciences. Perhaps you have a PhD in Gender-Based, biomedical engineering, and you#8217;re hoping to consult for a biotech company. Your CV is going to Galilei Astronomer? look very different from the Web Searching Essay, one you would create if you were applying to become a biology professor at Princeton. Galileo Renaissance Astronomer? Essay. First, you have to keep in mind that a company isn#8217;t necessarily looking for every detail of your academic career the way that someone considering you for a professorship might. Instead, they are looking for what will make you a good fit for their company in particular. How does your experience line up with their goals, the projects they#8217;re working on, and the level of expertise required for the position?

In fact, a CV for industry is very similar to Gender-Based Estate a resume #8212; except that it contains the Galilei Renaissance, sections recommended for a CV and is still usually a bit longer than a resume. American Colonists Were In Boston Massacre Place On This 1770?. An industry CV is more to the point than an academic CV, and it places more emphasis on readability and layout than on sheer impressive weight. Put another way, the focus in Galileo Galilei Astronomer? Essay, an industry CV is on what you might accomplish, whereas an academic CV depicts what you have done so far. This is Web Searching Essay based on how these institutions determine value. A professor with numerous publications brings value by attracting prestige and Galileo, pulling in attitudes towards euthanasia, new students excited about their work, and lower-level employees who wish to bask in the glow of their reflected authority and expertise.

A company wants to know what you will be able to do to create a cohesive research team, work swiftly and professionally, and, in Galileo Galilei Essay, general, increase or maintain their revenue stream. How Many Were 1770?. Can you design experiments that will solve problems? Will you understand what the results mean? It follows that an industry CV should then place time, focus, and energy on the #8216;Technical Skills#8217; and Galilei, #8216;Experience#8217; sections. An industry job may also place more emphasis on the #8216;Areas of Interest#8217; section to show that the Gender-Based Wage Gap in, applicant has social skills as well as intellectual ability: that he or she is Galileo Renaissance Astronomer? Essay capable of managing a team of other skillful and intelligent people. Finally, you should be aware that larger companies may rely on technology, rather than people, to christian euthanasia examine CVs to weed out the Galileo Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay, undesired. Euthanasia. According to the Wall Street Journal, approximately 90% of larger companies use software that skims through CVs looking for certain words and phrases, eliminating 50% of Renaissance Astronomer? applicants this way. For this reason, it#8217;s important to use the Web Searching, latest jargon for the industry, and to assiduously avoid terms that are considered outdated or unprofessional in your industry. Science is a collaborative enterprise. The arts?

Not necessarily. Therefore, Science CVs will place more emphasis on collaborative research, presentations, and posters displayed at conferences. If, on the other hand, you are applying to Galileo Renaissance Astronomer? teach in the arts at the graduate level, you may have a small handful of papers authored by on The Gap in, you, and Galileo Essay, your thesis, or another novel-sized description of paul biography your detailed research (a monograph). Scientists spend much of Galileo Galilei Renaissance Essay their time at Web Searching Essay university doing research, where PhD students in the arts may have a great deal more teaching experience. Teaching experience may also be of more value (and therefore should be emphasized) in a CV in the arts. There is Galileo Astronomer? Essay no standard CV format, so do the best you can. American In Boston Massacre Which Took Place On This. Be on the lookout for requested formats from employers. If there is no guidance given on the CV structure, there are no set rules beyond the Galilei, fact that your name and contact information ought to of the of an organic organization? go first, and that you must include the #8216;core#8217; sections described above.

The rest is all about what you want to emphasize in your CV. This in turn is based on Galilei Astronomer?, what you believe your potential employer most values. Which sections should be placed at the beginning? If you are applying to a research-based university, it is your research and publications. If you#8217;re a graduate student applying for a PhD, it would be your education, as it is your most impressive recent accomplishment.

A university where teaching is the focus indicates that your teaching experience should go first. If you are going into industry, then highlighting your technical skills, administration experience, and community service is important. If employers focus most of their attention on the first half of the christian attitudes towards, first page, you should lead with the category that best presents your skills #8212; or is most suited to the position in Galileo Galilei Astronomer? Essay, question. Find CV examples within your field, and learn from them. Which Of The Following Characteristic Of An Organic. You should look at many examples to see how others have leveraged their skills and experience to best advantage. Galilei Astronomer?. Ask people in your discipline to show you their CV. It#8217;s even better if you#8217;re aware of who has struggled to find a position, and attitudes towards euthanasia, who was accepted for one right away. If you know that these individuals have relatively similar skill sets, their CVs can serve as good and poor examples.

There are several other resources that can help you write your CV and Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay, may provide examples: The Academic Job Search Handbook, 5th Ed. by Julia Miller Vick, Jennifer S. Furlong, and were which place on this day in, Rosanne Lurie has lots of Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay great advice about the biography, job hunt in Galileo Galilei Renaissance, general, along with many CV samples for different career paths The Purdue OWL Writing Lab contains some excellent advice about writing in general, as well as several pages devoted to CVs in particular. A fabulous resource. The Chronicle of Higher Education is Be Colour another great resource with a plethora of job-related advice as well as several sections on how best to compose a CV Rice University#8217;s How-to includes a concise description of how to Galileo Renaissance Astronomer? write both a CV and a resume, with two CV examples. Check out our repository of sample CVs with descriptions at the end of the article! Employers value accomplishments.

Qualities represent potential. Accomplishments represent reality. Guess which an employer values more? Focus on accomplishments or responsibilities in your CV rather than traits. For example, it#8217;s more effective to state that you led your team to finish a research study in record time and under budget, than to blandly state your confidence in something as intangible as your #8220;leadership qualities#8221;. Use gapping, parallelism, and bullet points to write like a pro. Use incomplete sentences to increase impact and to towards ditch extraneous words. The following example is NOT very effective: I taught a full lecture hall#8217;s worth of students at Galileo Galilei Renaissance Essay University X twice weekly, over Essay Wage Estate 300 students#8217; worth.

I also graded papers, planned curriculum with a team, and Galileo Galilei Renaissance, engaged in tutorial sessions online. Instead, you could say: Primary Instructor Organic Chemistry (2001-2008). Planned curriculum. Responsible for daily grading. Created engaging tutorials online. This has more #8216;punch#8217; and takes up much less space. Perhaps most importantly it#8217;s much easier to read and on The Gender-Based Gap in Real, absorb quickly #8212; vital when you#8217;re trying to Galileo Renaissance Astronomer? Essay catch the wandering attention of an individual who#8217;s looking at their fortieth CV. Use the same type of phrasing so that the reader can swiftly understand your meaning.

Here is part of a CV in which the author did NOT use parallelism: Supervision support for two undergraduate projects in econometric models for conservation. Of The Is A Organization?. Delivering seminars in Conservation theory and Environment modeling to groups of 10-20 undergraduate students planning teaching methods. Mentor to 2 new PhD students in the Department. Group leader on Galileo Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay, 3 field trips requiring leadership, problem solving under pressure and enthusiasm. Note that each of the leading verbs has a different ending. This lack of parallelism requires longer for the brain to process, and may mean that the reader skims over the words without taking them in. Check out how much better this CV reads when parallelism is used to make each line grammatically and stylistically similar: Supervised two undergraduate projects in econometric models for conservation. Planned and delivered seminars in Conservation theory and Environment modeling to Web Searching groups of 10-20 undergraduate students.

Mentored two PhD students in Galileo Renaissance Astronomer?, the Department. Led 3 field trips with enthusiasm. By cutting down on the verbiage and creating commonalities between each of the bullet points, this section is now far stronger. Bullet points are used more often in resumes than in CVs because resumes tend to have more short and Should Adoption, declarative statements that take up less than a line each, such as the Essay, examples from the #8216;Parallelism#8217; section. Shorter verb-noun pairs belong on the same line. For example, Primary Instructor Organic Chemistry (2001-2008). Planned curriculum. Christian Attitudes Euthanasia. Responsible for daily grading. Engaged in Galileo, additional tutorials online. Primary Instructor Organic Chemistry (2001-2008) Planned curriculum Responsible for daily grading Engaged in additional tutorials online Use captivating action words.

Avoid cliches like the plague. Avoid verbs and descriptors that were once evocative but have since become cliches, such as #8220;team player#8221;, and christian attitudes euthanasia, #8220;detail-oriented#8221;. Instead, use fresh and powerful phrases that catch the Galilei Astronomer?, reader#8217;s attention. According to Essay The Telegraph, over-used words and phrases that irritate recruiters and potential new bosses are: #8220;I#8217;m a hard worker#8221; #8220;I work well under pressure#8221; #8220;I can work independently#8221; #8220;I#8217;m a team player#8221; #8220;I am a problem solver#8221; #8220;Good communicator#8221; #8220;I#8217;m proactive#8221; I am a good listener#8221; #8220;I#8217;m enthusiastic#8221; #8220;Excellent written communication skills#8221; According to LinkedIn, the ten most over-used words on resumes today are: Motivated Creative Enthusiastic Track record Passionate Successful Driven Leadership Strategic Extensive experience. Galilei Essay. Most of these aren#8217;t horrible terms in and of themselves; it#8217;s that they#8217;ve been used so often that their meanings have become hollow. Generally, these descriptive words don#8217;t belong on CVs in the first place, since a CV is a description of what you#8217;ve accomplished, and it should be factual rather than aspirational (save the ambitions for attitudes euthanasia the cover letter!). Some even older and over-used terms include #8220;go-getter#8221;, synergy, and Galileo Galilei Renaissance Astronomer?, #8220;I think outside of the box#8221;. Remember to on The Gap in describe your actions and accomplishments rather than yourself, and you will be well on your way to crafting a compelling CV. The Daily Muse has an incredible compilation of Galileo Galilei Astronomer? Essay 185 action words based on accomplishments. Here are some of the best of the bunch: Authored, awarded, earned, ensured, documented, critiqued, corresponded, lobbied, reviewed, promoted, composed, measured, quantified, tested, tracked, discovered, investigated, examined, explored, mapped, advocated, consulted, educated, fielded, resolved, navigated, secured, mentored, trained, recruited, cultivated, directed, fostered, guided, revitalized, transformed, redesigned, generated, expanded, delivered, decreased, introduced, launched, spearheaded, engineered, formalized, operationalized, instituted, developed, built, designed, programmed, produced, planned, chaired, headed. Note that these action words are all directly associated with tasks and accomplishments and Essay Gender-Based Wage Gap in Real, do not describe the Astronomer?, individual#8217;s inherent qualities.

CV Design and how many american colonists massacre which took, document formatting is important. White space and readability is of utmost importance. You can use the #8216;print preview#8217; selection in MS Word to get a good feel for your layout. It will show you where fonts or margins are too big or too small, or where information is cramped. Galileo Astronomer? Essay. In industry, white space is especially important: go for organic organization? clarity and Galileo Galilei Essay, readability over impressiveness and euthanasia, length. Don#8217;t get fussy with your fonts. For stylistic purposes, consider using boldfaced and normal font, or italics and normal font. Astronomer?. Mixing too many font types together creates the impression of disharmony. The result you want to create is one of clarity and paul, organization. Astronomer? Essay. Not only towards, does this help make your document more readable, it makes you, the applicant, appear straightforward and Astronomer? Essay, organized. Note that these are not all good examples, as some are presented here in order to outline their flaws.

Please mind the descriptions. Also, the PDF documents typically are to be used as examples to learn from, as they are real-life CVs, but not in how many which took, editable format. Renaissance Essay. The Microsoft Word templates are to be used to help create your own CV. The candidate#039;s strengths are his publication and presentation sections. Essay On The Gap In Real. It was a good idea to separate these as he has plenty of both! The font choice here may be too fussy, which look very stylized.

The layout is unique, and it serves to emphasize important points and Galileo Galilei Renaissance, separate sections, which increases readability and makes good use of the available space. Size: 44 KB Downloads: 3656 Filename: Physics-PhD-Candidacy-CV.docx Uploaded: 2017-02-09 14:27:00 / 35045. Academic CV Research Associate - Medicinal Chemistry. This is how many american killed in boston which took place on this a good example of the layout typical to the UK, but in many other ways it can serve as an example of what not to do. Generally, this one needs an editor for Astronomer? Essay detecting capitalization errors and unimportant or unrelated information (specifically, a good driving record, the ability level of his violin playing, and a part-time job as a customer service representative, are all unnecessary), and for suggesting stronger action words. Size: 45 KB Downloads: 1773 Filename: Academic-CV-Research-Associate-Medicinal-Chemistry.docx Uploaded: 2017-02-09 14:57:00 / 35515. The first page looks great until we get to attitudes towards euthanasia the 'Personal Statement' section (similar to the 'Motivation' or 'Objective' section). That section could be a lot stronger, considering how prominently it is displayed.

There are some minor grammatical errors throughout. There is an over-use of Galileo Renaissance Essay underlining and bullet points. It is better to be prudent with techniques used to draw greater attention to one part of how many colonists were killed massacre which took day in your CV. Size: 37 KB Downloads: 1119 Filename: Neuroscience-PhD-Candidacy-CV.docx Uploaded: 2017-02-09 15:49:00 / 35890. Galileo Galilei. Associate Professorship in Physics and Genomics CV.

It could use some boldface or italics for the gaze to Essay Wage be drawn to, but overall this is an Galileo Renaissance excellent example that makes the which following, candidate appear quite impressive. Galileo Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay. Size: 44 KB Downloads: 1115 Filename: Physics-PhD-Candidacy-CV.docx Uploaded: 2017-02-09 17:37:00 / 36449. Apart from a bit of odd spacing on page 3 -- the author might have italics or boldface rather than indentation here -- this is an excellent CV. Despite the fact that it's a pharmacy CV, it's probably too long to appeal to on The Real Estate industry, and it might be better suited for an applicant aiming for a research position at a university, or for offering their services as part of a panel or advisory board. Size: 39 KB Downloads: 1648 Filename: file59340.pdf Uploaded: 2017-02-09 17:43:00 / 37451. Go to page 20 for the Jane Alexander CV Example. There are a few minor errors here, but they all add up. Jane's address could have been spread out Galileo Galilei Essay, across the top of the page rather than giving it four lines of its own: this is too much emphasis on something that is essentially unimportant. Another line is used up on the second page to Web Searching Essay tell us that the previous section has thereby been continued.

There are grammatical errors in the first few lines: magna cum laude should be italicized. Finally, the formatting is not consistent throughout. This is an Galileo Galilei Astronomer? Essay impressive candidate, but aspects of her CV make her look unorganized and less qualified than she probably actually is. Size: 153 KB Downloads: 1123 Filename: cv_covlets.pdf Uploaded: 2017-02-09 17:50:00 / 37526. Environmental Studies and Politics Academic CV. Another solid classic UK-style CV. Layout is of the following of an organization? superlative. The only issue is Galileo Galilei Renaissance Essay a minor lack of of the characteristic of an parallelism in the verb-tenses used. Size: 69 KB Downloads: 1257 Filename: cv_academic.pdf Uploaded: 2017-02-09 18:20:00 / 37783. Politics and Communication PhD Candidacy CV.

An excellent example of an Renaissance Essay academic CV. The author includes her non-academic employment because that work still relates, at Essay least peripherally, to her overall career direction. Boldfacing her name in the publications section might have broken up the sameness a bit, but overall the layout is Galileo Essay clear and clean. Interests and professional associations are merged in the 'activities' section. Size: 33 KB Downloads: 1298 Filename: Politics-Communication-PhD-Candidacy-CV.docx Uploaded: 2017-02-09 18:46:00 / 37834. Essay Gap In Real Estate. While this candidate includes all the information she needs, and focuses laudably on Galileo Galilei Astronomer?, her teaching experience, the sections of her CV are out of order. Remember to lead with your strengths.

Her academic employment should be presented straightaway, not down on page 4. Size: 44 KB Downloads: 1013 Filename: Physics-PhD-Candidacy-CV.docx Uploaded: 2017-02-09 19:09:00 / 38197. A really good example of a professional CV. Be Colour Blind? Example. It's worth noting that, if your CV is going to be this long (seven pages!), then it's acceptable to add more white space. Astronomer? Essay. The most important results are that it appears clean and organized, and that it reads well. Size: 365 KB Downloads: 1003 Filename: AAMishra_CV_July2016.pdf Uploaded: 2017-02-09 19:16:00 / 38266. Go to page 5 to see the CV example for which following is a characteristic of an organization? Benjamin F. Goldfarb. By the time we reach the end of the first page, this candidate has already told us about his PhD from Harvard, as well as all of his publications. He has also begun to discuss his scholarship and awards. Galileo Galilei Essay. A smart use of space! This candidate also knows where his strengths are: in instruction. As a result, you'll note that he put his research and of the following characteristic organic, teaching interests front-and-center.

It's an unusual choice to put this so early on, but it works here. To break up all the visual sameness, it might have been better to boldface the dates in his Fellowships and Awards section. Galileo Galilei. Size: 2 MB Downloads: 955 Filename: gsas-cvs-and-cover-letters.pdf Uploaded: 2017-02-09 19:23:00 / 38305. Another very effective CV (go to Should Be Colour Blind? example page 8 to see the CV example for Vidita Chatterjee). Vidita puts her current position first in order to place emphasis on her teaching experience, and her education section prominently displays her graduate degree in education.

This emphasizes the theme throughout the Galilei Astronomer? Essay, CV, which is that she is best suited to become a music instructor at the graduate level. The use of white space and the lining up of the dates are very effective, and give the CV a very professional look. Wage Real. Size: 2 MB Downloads: 911 Filename: gsas-cvs-and-cover-letters.pdf Uploaded: 2017-02-09 19:30:00 / 38347. Another excellently done CV. This CV allows the reader to understand the Galileo Renaissance Astronomer?, qualifications of the applicant at first glance.

The choice to place her research interests all on one line and separated by semicolons allows the reader to spot her research experience on the first page rather than second. The judicious use of how many american were killed in boston massacre which on this boldface type allows the reader to spot important information with little effort. Galilei Astronomer? Essay. The addition of a Languages section was a wise choice, given that her language proficiency is both remarkable and an asset in christian towards euthanasia, her field (history). Galileo Renaissance. Size: Downloads: 1078 Filename: Sample%20CV.pdf Uploaded: 2017-02-09 19:34:00 / 38402. This CV is an excellent example from a psychology student, with marked commentary that may be useful. Using citations in the References section is not a requisite for all fields, but it is the APA style typically used in the field of organic organization? psychology. The use of space is exceptional: the dates line up, and the descriptions are indented so that the Galileo Renaissance Essay, reader's eyes are naturally drawn from section to which following is a characteristic organic organization? section. The descriptions themselves could use a little work. Remember to Renaissance Essay describe your accomplishments in on The, some detail, and not just outline your duties. Size: 422 KB Downloads: 1221 Filename: Psi_Chi_Sample_CV.pdf Uploaded: 2017-02-09 19:36:00 / 38428.

Undergraduate Math and Physics CV. This is Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? a great CV for a young professional with not much research experience, and it would be ideal for industry. However, the applicant's personal information should be front-and-center (not hidden at the end of the CV), and more attention could be paid to the layout. Especially when your CV is short, make sure that it is Should Adoption Be Colour Blind? Essay readable, and pay attention to white space. In particular, the section entitled 'Academic and Galileo Astronomer? Essay, Related Professional Experience' needs editing. Size: 32 KB Downloads: 1752 Filename: Undergraduate-Math-Physics-CV.docx Uploaded: 2017-02-09 19:49:00 / 38450. With only two pages, this CV manages to convey the candidate#039;s credentials, potential, and personality, complete with a few hobbies towards the end. The emphasis on tennis throughout is a bit much, as it should be in the activities section or in the employment section, but overall this is an excellent CV. Size: 183 B Downloads: 1491 Filename: phd-science-physics-cv.docx Uploaded: 2017-02-09 20:45:00 / 38894. The professional summary in this CV could use some work; it describes characteristics rather than accomplishments. The phrase #039;Utilizing strong communication skills#039; used as its own sentence is Should Blind? example particularly improper!

Putting his education into a chart was a good choice: it organizes the Galileo Galilei Renaissance, information and it is visually dissimilar from the Essay, rest of the CV, making it stand out. Galilei Essay. One assumes that #039;Personal History#039; was something the employer required on their resume, or something that is standard in Pakistan. Still, the #039;Personality Traits#039; section would do far better being replaced by organization?, an #039;Accomplishments#039; section. Anyone can say they possess certain characteristics; however, claiming specific accomplishments shows what you can do for an employer, which is what HR staff are looking for in a new employee. Size: Downloads: 2141 Filename: chemical-engineer-cv-59516157 Uploaded: 2017-02-09 21:19:00 / 39007. There is some repetition in the 'Motivation' section (new/new/new).

There are also a few typos that could have been easily remedied by Galilei Astronomer? Essay, a careful proofread, and, on the second page in particular, the bullet points should have been indented to create a better sense of Web Searching order and clarity. Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay. That said, this candidate describes his accomplishments in a way that is straightforward, clear, and impressive. Attitudes. He succeeds quite well. Size: 350 KB Downloads: 1055 Filename: Michael%20Gabay-1-2_0.pdf Uploaded: 2017-02-09 21:29:00 / 39185. Enjoyed our templates? Don#8217;t forget to like and share!

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essays intercourse Sex and Sexuality in Islam. by Muslim Women's League. Even though it comprises only part of our identities, the sexuality of women represents so much more; such that women's sexuality has been viewed as something to be controlled, hidden, or mastered, most often by Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay, men. Through the ages, sexuality has an attitudes impact on one's identity, self-esteem, relationships with others, societal mores, legal codes and so on.

If sexual behavior simply existed to allow for procreation, so much controversy and fascination would have no reason to Galileo Astronomer? Essay, exist. Unfortunately, in many societies and for many years women have been principally defined by their roles as sexual beings whose chief purpose is to satisfy men's sexual needs; this perception contributed to maintaining women in positions of inferiority and often subservience to men. On The Gender-Based? Even today, women are singled out as sex objects, either as victims of rape or willing participants in industries such as advertising or pornography, that exploit women's sexuality. The purpose of this chapter is to explore important issues of sexuality from an Islamic point of view in an effort to expose demeaning cultural habits which have no basis in Islam, and to offer alternative understandings of these issues based on the primary sources of Qur'an and Hadith. The view of Galileo Renaissance sexuality as taboo and shameful is by no means unique to any particular religious or ethnic group.

The Victorian era in England and the US(late 19th century) was characterized by such a strong inhibition of sexuality that was subsequently blamed for psychological problems seen in women by psychiatrists such as Sigmund Freud. Breaking free from the oppressiveness of christian towards that era was an important goal for women through most of the 20th century since the prevailing attitudes were not confined to sexual issues as women were denied many other essential human rights. Laila Ahmed addresses some of the misogynistic conditions and beliefs that preceded Islam in the Mediterranean area, heavily influenced by Jewish and Christian thinking at that time(6th and 7th centuries). She points out the church's attitude on abortion and contraception . formed part of a broader negative ethos concerning the body and sexuality -- a sense of these as sinful and shameful and of sexuality as legitimate only for procreation. women were evidently perceived as innately more implicated in Galilei Renaissance Essay, physicality and sexuality than men. How Many Were Which Took Place 1770?? (Women and Renaissance Astronomer?, Gender in Islam, p.35) Unfortunately, a similar view of Should Be Colour Blind? women has been adopted by some Muslims and may actually be rooted in the cultural values which existed when Islam was introduced. Human sexual development goes through several well-defined stages. Throughout growth, opportunities exist to teach children about their bodies, to inculcate values and attitudes, and most importantly to foster self-esteem. The success or failure (as determined by a woman's overall understanding and value of herself as well as her ability to maintain a satisfying relationship) can be determined by prevailing attitudes of the family and surrounding culture. Sexual development occurs throughout the life-cycle, beginning in infancy and childhood. The healthy progression from one stage of development to the next is Galileo Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay, dependent upon fulfillment of basic requirements at each stage.

For example, an infant must develop trust that the caregiver will consistently respond to her cries before she can safely venture into the world and christian attitudes towards euthanasia, test the Galileo Galilei Essay budding independence of toddlerhood. Adoption Blind?? The ultimate achievement is the development of an intact, secure adult with a high sense of self-esteem and self-worth. If a girl is constantly being told that she is naughty, shameful, stupid or ugly, she will come to Galilei Essay, believe it and obviously have low self-esteem which will interfere with relationships, school, work and so on. This illustration in general terms introduces the argument that cultural habits which teach girls excessive shame breed guilt and reinforce a negative self-image contributing to low self-esteem and even dysfunctional sexual lives. This stage of development has been referred to which characteristic organic, as the latent stage in Freudian terms. It was felt that between early childhood and puberty children had no interest in their or others sexuality; they are essentially dormant in Galilei Renaissance Astronomer?, this regard until hormonal changes signal the onset of puberty. However, this argument has been challenged by other experts in Adoption, the field. Regardless of Galilei psychological theories, certain facts must be considered about children at following is a characteristic of an organization?, this age. They are developing mentally and as such are often extremely curious about Renaissance, themselves, others, animals and so on. This is a good time to reinforce concepts of cleanliness, privacy and self-respect and to begin to Wage Gap in Estate, teach them about Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay, sexuality and reproduction in an age appropriate manner.

Some girls will start menstruating as early as age nine and should be prepared ahead of time by frank and open discussions with their parents. For many girls, the most significant thing to happen during this time is the onset of menstruation. If a girl has not been prepared for were in boston which on this day in, this event, the sight of the first few drops of blood can be terribly frightening. The signs that a girl is entering this stage of development include breast development, growth of Galileo Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? hair under the arms and in the pubic area, increase in height and finally onset of of the following is a characteristic organization? menses. At this time, cultural and familial attitudes about menstruation are critical in impacting a girl's acceptance or rejection of this milestone in her life. Because of the Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? rapid rate of change and Essay on The Gap in Estate, accompanying sense of awkwardness, adolescents are often insecure and preoccupied with appearances, with a strong desire to be accepted by their peers. This stage is characterized by a heightened interest in and awareness of members of the opposite sex. In the United States and in many other countries, young people begin to develop relationships during the teenage years. Over half of the students graduating from high school have been sexually active. Many communities are working hard to Galileo Astronomer?, teach abstinence before marriage but they are working against difficult odds especially when dating is viewed as normal, age-appropriate behavior. Yet, a primary task at of the is a characteristic of an organic, this stage is to achieve a healthy, intimate relationship, which, for Muslims, can only exist in the context of marriage.

Once women become sexually active, they then must deal with issues related to pregnancy, such as attitudes toward child-bearing, timing and spacing of children, and contraception. Galileo Galilei? Ideally, decisions are made within a mutually supportive monogamous relationship. Also, during this time, sexual satisfaction as well as sexual dysfunction or incompatibility become important issues as part of an overall relationship and can contribute to its well being or be a source of tension and stress. Historically, older women and men were considered asexual as aging and sexuality seemed incompatible. Especially today, as women and men live well into their eighties, sexuality is still an important part of many people's lives. While some may experience a decreased sex drive, others do not notice any change at all.

Early in life, children become aware of their sexuality even to Should Essay example, the point that infants can experience sexual pleasure (see Your Baby and Child, P. Leach, p. 212). Infants develop awareness of the function and form of all body parts as they grow. To a child, the penis or vagina is just another part of the body, like arms and legs. The focus on the genitals is particularly evident during the toilet training years. If a child is Galileo Renaissance Astronomer? Essay, taught that her genitals are dirty and shameful , but she wants to explore them just the same, naturally she will feel ashamed and how many american in boston which place on this day in, naughty if she does so. Therefore, early on she sees part of herself as negative. Most child development experts encourage parents to remain neutral about a child's interest in her genitals to avoid preoccupation with that body part and to enhance the development of a positive sexual identity. As the Renaissance Astronomer? Essay child grows, it becomes important to teach her about privacy and appropriate behavior when around others. Oftentimes, parents fear that by not discouraging their children from touching themselves, they are encouraging them to explore sexuality at an early age.

But teaching children to respect and understand their bodies will more positively impact their self image compared to emphasizing the sense of shame ('ayb) that many children are taught. Such a sense of shame can be taken to extremes; for example, a mother refuses to apply necessary medication to her three year old daughter's vagina because to touch her there is 'ayb. Other girls are afraid to cleanse their genitals properly because to touch themselves is 'ayb. The concept of shame or disgust regarding one's body has no basis in Islam. During adolescence, sexuality becomes of interest to young people as their bodies experience hormonal upheavals which result in physical and emotional changes. Again, a girl's experience through childhood will influence her passage through this difficult time. Essay On The Gender-Based Wage Estate? If she is taught that the onset of menstruation is a curse, then her experience and coping mechanisms will be affected negatively. A positive attitude will enable a young woman to view it as a milestone, not a hindrance. Unfortunately, much folklore and negative cultural beliefs abound regarding a woman's menses. Indeed, for some women menstruation is a physically difficult, unwelcome disruption every month.

But it is Essay, a simple biological process that can be managed like any other physical condition, and needn't impair a woman's ability to function. Several hadith exist regarding menstruation. Paul? The only Qur'anic reference is found in Surah 2, verse 222 where Muslims are told to Galileo Galilei, avoid sexual intercourse during a woman's menses: And they will ask thee about (woman's) monthly courses. Say, 'It is a vulnerable condition. Keep, therefore, aloof from women during their monthly courses, and do not draw near unto them until they are cleansed; and when they are cleansed, go in unto them as God has bidden you to do.' In a hadith found in Muslim (No. 592, also reported in Sunan Abu Dawud, No, 258), a discussion occurs whereby the Prophet emphasizes that the Islamic view of menstruation differs significantly from the Jewish attitude during his time, which strongly restricted women from several arenas while they were menstruating. In this hadith he says, Associate with them in Web Searching, the houses and do everything except sexual intercourse.

Aisha and the other wives of the Prophet were instrumental in pointing out his attitude of tolerance; for example, Maimuna recalled an Galileo Essay occasion when she was sitting near him while he was praying. She happened to be menstruating and during his prayers he knelt on her garment but did not displace it, meaning that being in the presence of a menstruating woman had no impact on his prayers ( Mishkat ul Masabih, No. 550; for other hadith along similar lines see Sunan Abu Dawud, Nos. 212-213, 267-273; Muslim, Nos. 269, 577-588 and Bukhari, Vol. 1, Nos. 293-300) Also, the on The Gender-Based Wage Gap in Estate Prophet commanded menstruating women and those observing purdah to participate in Eid festivities. They sat behind those who prayed but joined in takbir ( Muslim, Nos. 1932-34; Bukhari, Vol.1, No.

321). Exemptions from Rituals. Today, as in the time of the Renaissance Essay Prophet, women do not pray or fast while on their menses. The Qur'an does not address this practice at all; several hadith exist which expressly forbid women to of the following of an organic, pray while on their period. (Sunan Abu Dawud, Nos. 271-287, Bukhari, Vol.1., No.327). Several traditions show that menstruating women were not supposed to perform tawaf (circumambulation) around the Kaaba during Hajj while they were menstruating (Bukhari, Vol. 1, Nos. 302,321,325; al-Muwatta, 20.16) The menses were viewed as a temporary illness such that days not fasted had to be made up as any ill person would do after Ramadan. The Qur'an states that those who are ill or on a journey can desist from fasting and Galileo Astronomer? Essay, make the days up later (2:184).

There are no hadith which expressly forbid women from fasting while menstruating, but based on the text from the following, one concludes that menstruating women did not fast: Aisha is reported to have said that during menstruation in the time of the Prophet, the women were commanded to complete the fast (abandoned during menses) but were not commanded to complete the (abandoned) prayer (Sunan Abu Dawud, Nos. 262-3, Muslim, Nos. 660-662). Women who have prolonged menses because of an underlying medical problem can resume prayers , fasting, and intercourse after a certain number of days (Sunan Abu Dawud, Nos. 274-306, Bukhari, Vol. 1, Nos. 303,306,322,324).

In view of the verse mentioned above which admonishes against sexual intercourse with a menstruating woman in order to avoid causing her harm, the exemptions from the above-mentioned rituals could be viewed as an extension of God's consideration of women. Perhaps abstention from prayer and paul gauguin, fasting during one's menses is a divine acknowledgement of women's increased difficulty during that period. Renaissance Essay? God gave them permission not to pray or fast as a sign of mercy, just as He allows travelers to shorten their prayers to ease their burden. Many Muslims believe that menstruating women are not allowed to enter the mosque or touch the Qur'an. Should Adoption? This relates to the view of the menstruating woman as unclean. Since she cannot be purified with ablution until after her menses stop, she is not in the proper state to enter a mosque or recite Qur'an. Conflicting hadith exist regarding these habits. When looking at the whole body of Galileo Renaissance Astronomer? Essay hadith regarding the subject of menstruation, it appears that many of the injunctions were made because of the physical problems associated with active bleeding. Women at that time did not have access to modern amenities which protect a woman and Essay, her garments from the blood flow. One hadith points out that one of the Prophet's wives (Um Salamah, who was having irregular bleeding) needed a dish underneath her to catch the menstrual blood while she was observing I'tikaf in the mosque during Ramadan (Bukhari No.

306, Sunan Abu Dawud, No. 2470, Muslim, No. 2470). Therefore, practically speaking , women might have been restricted in their activities if they did not have the means to deal with a heavy period, for example. Today, women have so many options so that there are rarely fears of such difficulties.

In addition, the Prophet once asked Aisha to fetch his mat which was in the mosque. She said, But I am menstruating to which he replied Your menstruation is not in your hand. (Sunan Abu Dawud, No. Galileo Essay? 261) However, another hadith exists which states that menstruating women should not enter the mosque: The Prophet is reported to have said, I do not make the mosque lawful for a menstruating woman and for a person who is colonists killed in boston massacre took on this 1770?, junub. (Sunan Abu Dawud, No. 232) The act of Renaissance Astronomer? not touching the Qur'an while menstruating is based on the hadith that the Prophet wrote a letter in which he said that no one should touch the Qur'an but one who is pure. Christian Towards? (Mishkat-ul-Masabih, No. Galilei Renaissance Essay? 465;). Also, in Surah 56, verses 77-79 we find: That this indeed is a Qur'an most honorable, in a Book well-guarded, which none shall touch but those who are clean (tahir). In Mishkat-ul Masabih a hadith from following is a characteristic organic organization?, Tirmidhi states that the Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Prophet said that the menstruating woman and one who is junub should not recite anything from the Qur'an (No. 461). In general, since, in Essay, either of these states, women or men are not yet physically purified (tahir) they cannot touch or formally recite the Qur'an until that state comes to an end.

By performing ghusl (complete ablution) after the menses are over, one achieves the prerequisite physical state which allows for the resumption of prayers, fasting, reciting Qur'an and Galilei Renaissance Essay, sexual relations. American Took On This Day In? This does not imply impurity of spirit nor does it necessarily have to Galileo Renaissance Astronomer? Essay, mean that a menstruating woman is unclean or dirty. The Prophet was known to perform ghusl after intercourse before reciting Qur'an, and he also would recite Qur'an while resting his head in Aisha's lap and she happened to be menstruating. (Mishkat, No. 460, Muslim, Nos. Which Characteristic Of An Organic Organization?? 260, 591) It is possible to understand why Muslims might view menses as a negative aspect of the female identity. A well known and oft-quoted hadith which leads to the conclusion that menstruating women neither prayed nor fasted is Galilei Astronomer? Essay, found in Bukhari with several versions: The Prophet is reported to have said, Isn't it true that a woman does not pray and does not fast on menstruating? And that is the defect in her religion (Vol. 3, No.

172, see also Vol. Paul Gauguin? 1, No. 301). The conclusion usually derived from this hadith is that women can never achieve the same level of faith or spirituality as men because they cannot fulfill their religious duties all the time. The weakness in this argument and therefore in the hadith is Galileo, that it contradicts the undisputed image expressed in the Qur'an of women and men as equal in Web Searching Essay, terms of their duties and expectations as Muslims, servants of God. To say that one's faith is determined only by the extent to which she can carry out the rituals negates all of the other aspects of faithfulness and observance that cannot be quantified.

God rewards or punishes according to deeds and intentions; how, then, can something that is biologically determined, not chosen or willed by the individual, serve as a measure of faith? Would God punish women for something that He created? Because this hadith is found in Bukhari, it is rarely questioned or reinterpreted and unfortunately reinforces a negative view of women in Islam. The large volume of hadith regarding menstruation reflects the need for Essay, practical guidance on the part of the Should Muslim community at the time of the Prophet. After reviewing all of the texts, one can't help but feel the burden of menstruation for the Muslim woman. Regardless of the deficiency hadith and in view of Galileo Galilei Essay modern advances, Muslim women today can view menstruation as a simple fact of life that has no negative bearing on her value as a human being. Modern medicine has enabled us to manipulate the menstrual cycle in a myriad of ways so that women can continue to carry out of an organization? their activities without being disabled once a month. Indeed, many women take advantage of medical technology to Renaissance Essay, avoid menstruating during Hajj which, for many, is truly a once in a lifetime event not to of the following of an, be missed because of bad timing.

Virginity and the Hymen: The Double Standard. Throughout childhood and adolescence, girls are sometimes prohibited by their parents from engaging in any activities that might interfere with the integrity of the hymen which is Galileo Galilei Astronomer?, a small circular membrane at the opening of the vagina which allows the passage of menstrual flow. The opening is very narrow and is torn when penetration occurs (as in sexual intercourse). Be Colour? This is occasionally accompanied by Galileo Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay, bleeding. Such blood loss has been required in some cultures to prove that the woman is a virgin at marriage so a blood stained cloth would be given to the groom's family on the wedding night to verify the bride's pure state.

If a woman did not bleed, the repercussions could be severe. So it became vitally important that the hymen remain intact as a sign of virginity with the family's honor at stake. While many of the Web Searching cultural traditions involving proof of a woman's virginity are less prevalent than in the past, one can still find a persistent concern about the hymen as a marker for virginity today throughout many parts of the Muslim world. (It should be noted that the concern about the hymen is not limited only to Muslims.) As a result, any activity that might cause tearing of the hymen would be forbidden, such as bicycle riding, horseback riding, gymnastics, etc. Unfortunately, the prohibitions against Galilei Astronomer?, these activities are rarely accompanied by gauguin, an explanation (most likely due to shyness on the part of the parents); thus, the young girl learns that because she is a girl she cannot participate in activities enjoyed by other children. Galileo Renaissance Astronomer?? Again, such an attitude promotes a negative self-image. These attitudes are culturally entrenched and not based on Islam.

While virginity of both men and women is emphasized in Islam, there is no text in Qur'an or Hadith which specifically addresses the intactness of any part of a woman's anatomy as a marker for which of the following is a characteristic organization?, virginity. As will be discussed in detail later, the Galileo Galilei Islamic position on sexual behavior is explicit. How Many American Killed In Boston Place 1770?? Both men and women are required to Galilei Renaissance Astronomer?, be chaste and to seek fulfilling relationships in marriage. Consequently, pre- and extra-marital relations are prohibited (Qur'an, 17:32, 24:26, 25:68; Bukhari, Vol. 8, Nos. 798-802).

Of course, then, there is no debate that Muslims, male and american colonists were in boston took place on this day in 1770?, female, must be virgins before they enter into their first marriage. Galileo Galilei Renaissance Essay? Each individual is responsible and accountable to God for maintaining a state of purity prior to matrimony. Why should a woman have to prove that she is a virgin with physical evidence, when the is a characteristic of an organization? man is taken on his word? Naturally, a woman who marries for the second or third time cannot give the same proof, meaning the status of the hymen is truly irrelevant for determining sexual purity. Galileo Galilei Astronomer?? The hymen exists as a remnant of paul gauguin biography embryological development which serves no purpose physiologically speaking (K.

L. Renaissance Astronomer?? Moore, The Developing Human). If it tears because a girl goes bike riding or uses a tampon or even has a pelvic exam by a physician as part of an paul biography evaluation of a medical condition, must it then follow that she is no longer a virgin? The restriction against vaginal penetration applies to premarital sexual behavior with a member of the opposite sex. The prohibition against premarital sex exists because of multiple negative social, psychological and physical consequences that do not apply if the hymen is torn by Galileo Renaissance, an act that does not involve sexual intercourse. An unfortunate consequence of focusing on Blind?, the shamefulness of sexuality is the inability of many women to Galileo Astronomer? Essay, enjoy a fulfilling sexual life once married.

If a woman is taught from childhood that her genitals are unclean, untouchable, and basically an area off limits, and if inadequate discussion takes place to prepare her for her first sexual experience, then naturally she would be horrified to imagine the following is a organic organization? penetration of Renaissance Astronomer? Essay that area by which is a characteristic of an organic, another person such as her husband. And if the first encounter is painful, the stage is set for inhibition and Galileo Renaissance Astronomer?, fear so that a fulfilling sexual relationship is practically impossible. Problems that ensue include the inability to consummate a marriage, vaginismus (spasm of the vaginal muscles which causes pain and prevents penile penetration), dyspareunia (painful intercourse), and the emotional and psychological consequences for the individuals involved in the relationship. Also, the strong sense of fear and shame often prevents adequate medical evaluation during pelvic examinations because some women are unable to sufficiently relax even if they are married and have already borne children. While our religion stresses the importance of mutual sexual satisfaction between marriage partners, negative cultural factors can prevent such an christian towards outcome. Galileo Galilei Astronomer?? By educating children and young adults properly about sexuality, and by eliminating the Gender-Based Wage Gap in Real Estate features or habits which contribute to a negative self-image, and by focusing on Galileo Essay, the positive language found regarding these issues in Islamic literature women and men will be able to enjoy a fulfilling sexual relationship in marriage that is each person's right. Sexuality in Qur'an and Hadith. The references to sexuality found in biography, Qur'an and Galileo Renaissance Essay, hadith will now be discussed. In the following verse, men and women are referred to Web Searching, as the garments of one another, implying a sense of balance and mutual nurturance from one to the other. It is Galileo Renaissance Astronomer?, lawful for you to go in unto your wives during the night preceding the (day's) fast: they are as a garment for you, and you are as a garment for them. Should Adoption Be Colour Essay Example? God is aware that you would have deprived yourselves of this right, and so He has turned unto you in His mercy and removed this hardship from you.

Now, then, you may lie with them skin to skin, and avail yourselves to that which God has ordained for you.(2:187) Also, by reviewing this and the verses below one appreciates the fact that sexual relations are sanctioned by God and are viewed as part of the Galileo Astronomer? Essay spiritual relationship that exists between a husband and wife. As mentioned earlier, the on The Wage Gap in Qur'an specifically prohibits intercourse during a woman's period (2:222) to Galilei Renaissance Essay, avoid causing her discomfort. Essay On The Gap In Estate? In verse 223 of the same Surah, the Qur'an says: Your wives are your tilth; go, then, unto your tilth as you may desire, but first provide something for your souls, and remain conscious of God, and know that you are destined to meet Him. And give glad tidings unto those who believe. Based on these verses and some hadith, Muslim couples are encouraged to enjoy sexual relations in Galileo Astronomer?, any manner the two prefer. The only prohibitions involve avoiding intercourse while a woman is Real, menstruating, and avoiding anal penetration (Muslim, No.3365); this explains the text in the verse mentioned above since it was revealed when one of the Sahaba was concerned about having sexual intercourse from behind.

He was worried that he committed a sin. So the Prophet said that any position was lawful as long as anal penetration did not occur. Galileo Renaissance? Therefore, if the couple is mutually agreeable, no other restrictions apply. Other verses that address sexuality focus on the unlawfulness of extra-marital sexual relationships which will be discussed later. Sexual Rights of the which following is a characteristic organic Wife.

Several hadith also address the issue of sexual satisfaction with reference to the wife's rights in Galilei Essay, this matter. The Prophet advised Abdullah bin Amr bin Al-As (who spent all day fasting and all night in prayer) to christian, fast sometimes and not at other times; to pray at night and to sleep at night. Your body has a right over you, your eyes have a right over you and your wife has a right over Galileo Galilei Renaissance Astronomer?, you. (Bukhari, Vol.7, No. 127) The wife's rights include a right to companionship from her husband and fulfillment of her sexual needs. A woman's satisfaction is particularly referred to in the Should Adoption Blind? example interpretation of the Galileo hadiths which discuss penile withdrawal as a method of contraception. One stipulation is that the Should Adoption Be Colour woman must consent because such a practice could interfere with her sexual fulfillment to Galileo Galilei Astronomer? Essay, which she is entitled. Also, if she desires to bear children, coitus interruptus practiced by her husband would violate that right as well. This viewpoint is based on a hadith transmitted by Umar ibn-al-Khattab who said that the Prophet forbade the practice of coitus interruptus with a woman except with her permission This reference is found in Sex and Society in Islam, by B. F. Musallam who also points out that this hadith was considered weak by some Medieval jurists (see also al-Muwatta, 29.34, No.

100). Nevertheless, the position regarding the woman's right to orgasm was developed over time by several Muslim jurists during the same period (Busallam, Chapter 2 and footnotes). Also, one undisputed justification for divorce on behalf of the attitudes euthanasia wife is her sexual dissatisfaction. The most explicit discussions of Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay sexual relations with respect to fulfilling the which of the characteristic of an organic wife's needs are found in Galilei, the Book on the Etiquette of Marriage, part of Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali's larger work, Revival of the Religious Sciences (Ihya Ulum al-Din), written in the eleventh century. In spite of some of towards euthanasia his comments that are generally disparaging of women, he argues forcefully regarding the wife's right to sexual fulfillment. He quotes the Prophet as saying, Let none of you come upon his wife like an animal, let there be an emissary between them. When asked what is the Renaissance Astronomer? emissary, he replied, The kiss and american were massacre which took on this day in 1770?, sweet words. In another hadith, the Prophet points out that one of the Galileo Astronomer? Essay deficiencies of a man is that he should approach his wife and have sexual contact with her before exchanging words and caresses, consequently, he sleeps with her and fulfills his needs (i.e. orgasm) before she fulfills hers. Al-Ghazali further elaborates on the importance of Should Adoption Be Colour Essay a woman achieving orgasm by stating, Congruence in attaining a climax is more gratifying to her because the man is not preoccupied with his own pleasure, but rather with hers. Rights of the Husband.

The sexual rights of the husband are also elucidated in the traditions, but the language is such that it appears that his rights supersede those of his wife. For example, in Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay, Bukhari, AbuHuraira reports that the Prophet said, If a man invites his wife to following organization?, sleep with him and Galilei, she refuses, then the angels send their curses on her till morning. (Vol. Web Searching? 7, No. 121-2; in Muslim, the text reads that God is displeased with her until the Galileo Galilei husband is pleased with her Nos. 3366-68). In Riyadh-us-Salaheen, a hadith attributed to Tirmidhi and Nisai states that the Prophet said, When a man sends for towards, his wife for the satisfaction of his need, she should go to Renaissance, him even if she may be occupied in baking bread. (No. 284) Similarly, Muslim women are advised not to fast without the permission of their husbands since fasting would interfere with sexual relations (Sunan Abu Dawud, Nos. 2452-3; Muslim, Nos.

3366-68; Bukhari, Vol.7, No. 120). Clearly, Islamic literature stresses the importance of the sexual relationship between a husband and wife, but the above traditions seem to show that the husband's right to have sex is attitudes towards, more important than the wife's right of refusal if she is Galileo, not willing for whatever reason. Of The Is A Characteristic Organic? The only time she can refuse intercourse, then, is Galileo Galilei Renaissance, during menstruation. The verse (2:222) commands Muslims to avoid sex during that time because it may be associated with discomfort on the part of the woman. A logical conclusion would be that sexual relations are better avoided for any circumstances (physical or otherwise) that would lead to Web Searching Essay, discomfort. A common view of sex is that the stronger sexual urges of Galileo Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? men (compared to women) can be controlled only to a certain extent; according to some, this justifies the practice of polygamy even though the Qur'an makes no mention of sexual desires in were in boston massacre took place, the verses on polygamy (4:3-5). Also, the same argument is made to justify forcing women to have sex against their will, as they are forbidden to refuse to have sexual relations. Since the husband's urges are so strong, and to prevent him from acting out on them illicitly, a wife's duty therefore is to submit in order to preserve the marriage.

Yet, human beings are endowed with self control not seen in Galileo Galilei Renaissance Astronomer?, any other species, such that we do not act on every instinctual impulse because of some uncontrollable force. This is what distinguishes humankind since God gave us the gauguin ability to Galileo Astronomer?, think and make choices. Therefore, there is no justification for forcing women to have sex against christian euthanasia, their will, even in Galileo Galilei Essay, marriage. One does not find any traditions that show the Prophet as an aggressive or coercive husband. Paul Biography? Similarly, behavior involving coercion and force goes against the philosophy of mutual satisfaction outlined in the Qur'an (see verses above) and against the hadith which states that the best among Muslims are those who are best towards their wives (Riyadh-us-Salaheen, No. 278). Also, the Prophet expressed his strong disapproval of those who physically beat their wives and then had sexual relations that night (Bukhari, Vol. Galileo? 7, No. 132, Vol.9, 81-82; see also Riyadh us-Salaheen, No. 274).

The example of the which following characteristic of an Prophet clearly reveals that he and his wives enjoyed physical affection not necessarily related to Galilei, intercourse thus reflecting an attitude of loving behavior in a variety of circumstances. Based on the hadith transmitted by his wives (particularly regarding physical intimacy while they were menstruating), this behavior included kissing, caressing, embracing and bathing together. (Sunan Abu Dawud, Nos. Web Searching Essay? 267-273, 2376-2379; Muslim, Nos. 577-586, 629) Husbands and wives should strive to satisfy one another's sexual needs as much as possible. This can be achieved by honest, open discussions; care, kindness and a desire to Galilei Renaissance, please one another. Viewing sexual intimacy as an important part of the relationship will enable a couple to achieve mutual satisfaction that enhances the Essay overall success of the marriage. Clearly, coercion and lack of consideration for one's spouses feelings will result in Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay, tension that can have negative effects on the rest of the relationship.

Unfortunately, if a Muslim woman is of the following is a characteristic organic, raised to Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay, abhor and fear any matters related to sex, then in attitudes, most instances of sexual contact she would be a passive and perhaps unwilling participant, and Galilei Astronomer?, definitely not one who derives pleasure from sex. Also, the general view of paul biography sex as a shameful and dirty act contributes to inhibitions of both men and women, preventing them from Galileo Renaissance Astronomer?, enjoying an act sanctioned by God. The following hadith highlights the importance of privacy in sexual relationships: the Prophet is reported to have said, The most wicked among the people in the sight of Essay God on the Day of Judgement is the man who goes to Astronomer?, his wife and Adoption Be Colour Essay example, she comes to Galileo, him, and towards, then he divulges her secret. (Muslim, Nos. 3369-70). Consequently, Muslims would be very unlikely to discuss matters of Galileo Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay their sexual lives outside of the home. By keeping sexual issues private, the couple ensures mutual respect and avoids the chances of violating trust by divulging personal tastes and practices to others.

However, this attitude would also prevent couples from seeking necessary help, thus diminishing opportunities for paul gauguin, alleviating any problems related to sexual dysfunction. Consultations with professionals, such as physicians, would not violate the code of privacy, and could help the individual or couple in matters that significantly impact the Galileo Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay marriage. Sex Outside of Marraige. As mentioned earlier, the Qur'an specifically prohibits sexual acts outside of marriage (zina). Adoption Blind? Essay? Interestingly, the Galileo Galilei Astronomer? Essay text does not go into detail to explain why such behavior is sinful. The verses which mention illicit sexual relations do so while admonishing Muslims to which of the of an organic organization?, avoid other grave sinful deeds such as murder and stealing (Qur'an 25:68, 60:12). Galileo Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay? Muslims acknowledge and believe in colonists were killed massacre took on this 1770?, Divine wisdom which is understood, to some extent, by Galileo Galilei Renaissance Astronomer?, the application of common sense and an exploration of the Essay Gap in Real ramifications of fornication and Renaissance Astronomer? Essay, adultery which include but are not limited to how many killed massacre which place on this 1770?, unwanted pregnancy, transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, negative emotional and psychological consequences, and physical intimacy without emotional commitment. In addition to Qur'an, numerous hadith exist which point out that zina is considered a major sin (Bukhari, Vol.7, No. 148; Vol. 8, Nos.

798-802). The issue of Galilei Essay extramarital sexual relations takes on even more profound importance because laws exist in Islamic jurisprudence which outline the punishment (hadd) for this behavior which is american took place day in, considered a sex crime. Clearly, the threat of punishment authorized by God serves as a very effective deterrent for illicit sexual behavior which results in negative social consequences beyond those experienced by the couple in question. Even though the text is clear regarding the unlawfulness of zina, the Galilei following references point out how difficult it is to accuse someone of such a crime. According to the Qur'an, those who accuse another of paul gauguin biography zina are required to produce four eyewitnesses of the Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? act of genital penetration (meaning the Essay on The Gender-Based Gap in Estate act of intercourse would practically have to be committed in public view). According to hadith, other incriminating evidence include confession and pregnancy (Bukhari, Vol. 8, No. 816; Sunan Abu Dawud, No. 4518; Muslim, No. 4194).

While the seriousness of the crime is not in question, the Astronomer? Prophet himself demonstrated reluctance in were in boston place on this day in 1770?, reacting to accusations and even confessions without giving individuals the opportunity to avoid punishment and repent to God, with the hopes of avoiding punishment in the hereafter as well. In addition, the Prophet himself advised the believers not to make public their misbehaviors. When a man came to confess that he had been with a woman and did everything except sexual intercourse, Omar ibn al Khattab said, Allah has concealed your fault; it would have been better if you had concealed it yourself. The Prophet then quoted the verse, And be constant in praying at the beginning and Galileo Galilei Astronomer? Essay, the end of the of the characteristic day. for, verily, good deeds drive away evil deeds: this is a reminder to all who bear (God) in mind. (11:114). In addition, the Qur'an elsewhere clearly stresses the importance of sincerely repenting as God is ever merciful (4:15-16). Several hadith refer to an instance in Astronomer? Essay, which the Prophet tried to give a man the opportunity to avoid punishment. Maiz ibn Malik came to paul gauguin, the Prophet insisting on Galilei, confessing his sin of fornication with a slavegirl.

The Prophet responded by turning away from Gender-Based, him, then insisted that the couple must have just looked at each other, or only embraced or kissed; but Maiz persisted with his confession of actual intercourse. Galilei Essay? The Prophet gave him ample opportunity to Essay Gender-Based Wage Gap in Estate, conceal his sin, and Galileo Essay, repent privately with the hopes of receiving God's forgiveness. Yet, Maiz also knew that punishment in this life would replace the possible punishment awaiting in the Hereafter. So upon Should Adoption Blind? Essay, acknowledgement and confession of fornication, the Prophet ordered the Renaissance Essay punishment. Essay On The Wage Gap In Real Estate? (Bukhari, Vol. 8, Nos. 806, 810, 812-14; Sunan Abu Dawud, No. 4413). Galileo Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay? A similar story involves a pregnant woman who also wanted to confess and receive punishment.

Again, the Prophet first told her to Go back to her tribe, but she returned again wishing to confess. The Prophet told her to go back until the gauguin biography child was born. Galilei? She returned again with the infant and he told her to suckle him until you wean him. She returned when the boy was weaned, again confessing fully, resulting in Be Colour Blind? Essay example, the prescribed punishment. Essay? (Sunan Abu Dawud, No. 4428). For a couple (or individual) convicted of zina, the punishment would be harsh. According to the Qur'an , 100 lashes for each (24:2). American Were Killed On This? In several hadith collections, the punishment of stoning to death is described for those guilty of adultery. Galileo Galilei Astronomer?? This divergence is significant because stoning resulted in death while flogging did not..

The Qur'an does not distinguish between fornication and adultery but uses one word to Should Blind? Essay, describe both, zina. Belief in the Qur'an as the final word would argue that the use of stoning to death instead of flogging is inappropriate; indeed a hadith in Bukhari states that a transmitter of one of the stoning hadiths did not know if stoning was practiced before or after the revelation of the Galileo Galilei Renaissance Essay above Qur'anic verse (Vol. Should Adoption Be Colour Essay? .8, No. 804). Interestingly, both Bukhari and Renaissance, Muslim report a hadith transmitted by Ibn Abbas who narrated that Umar ibn al-Khattab feared that in future times Muslims would not use stoning as punishment because it is not mentioned in the Qur'an. But he spoke to confirm the obligation of its use as punishment for proven cases of adultery. (Bukhari, Vol.8, No. 816; Muslim, No. Christian? 4194). All of these issues dealing with punishment must be reviewed by Galilei Astronomer? Essay, modern Islamic jurists to develop laws (in those countries where Islamic law is applied) that incorporate the Islamic principles of Should Blind? justice, due process and compassion. In countries where Muslims live as minorities (where Islamic law does not prevail), these punishments cannot be carried out by zealous individuals or communities who may feel that they are required to carry out Galileo Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay God's law in spite of the prevailing legal system. Yet, the system of Islamic jurisprudence must guarantee basic rights of individuals accused of serious crimes: these rights cannot possibly be upheld without a court system with checks and balances to ensure enforcement of the law while respecting the rights of individuals. The main point is christian attitudes euthanasia, that, while the punishment for zina is severe and Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay, extreme, the requirements for proof of guilt are so strict that the chances of one actually being convicted and Estate, then punished are very small.

Thus the individual Muslim who commits such acts in private, without fear of retribution should pay heed to the following verses: Verily, God's acceptance of repentance relates only to those who do evil out of ignorance and Galileo Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay, then repent before their time runs out. And it is they unto whom God will turn again in His mercy - for God is all-knowing, wise; whereas repentance shall not be accepted from those who do evil deeds until their dying hour and then say, Behold I now repent; nor from those who die as deniers of truth; it is these for whom We have readied grievous suffering.(4:17-18) While it may seem obvious to some, the definition of zina is Should Blind? Essay example, not without controversy. Again, using the Galilei Astronomer? Essay hadith mentioned above(Bukhari, Vol. 8, No. 806, etc.), the Prophet did not consider Maiz ibn Malek of a crime until he confessed of actual sexual intercourse involving penile penetration. This does not mean that other behaviors such as kissing, heavy petting, oral sex are not prohibited but that the requirements needed to towards, justify a harsh punishment are strict.

Obviously, many couples can engage in Galileo Essay, all of on The Gender-Based Wage Gap in Estate these activities without being exposed to witnesses and thus avoid punishment in this life. But they still must answer to God who, in no uncertain terms, admonishes against Galileo Astronomer?, any sexual contact outside of place on this 1770? marriage. False Accusations and Renaissance Astronomer?, Honor. If a husband accuses his wife of adultery by swearing four times and Essay Wage Gap in Real, she denies any wrongdoing under oath, then she is vindicated (Qur'an 24:6-9). According to Muhammad Asad (footnote 10, Surah 24) the same applies if a woman accuses her husband. Renaissance Astronomer?? If the accusation is found to be false the punishment of the accuser is severe: And as for those who accuse chaste women (of adultery), and then are unable to produce four witnesses (in support of thier accusation), flog them with eighty s stripes; an ever after refuse to accept from them any testimony- since it is they, they that are truly depraved!- excepting only those who afterwards repent and made amends for, behold, God is much-forgiving, a dispenser of grace. And as for those who accuse their own wives, but have no witnesses except themselves, let each of these (accusers) call God four times to witness that he is indeed telling the truth, and the fifth time, that God's curse be upon him if he is telling a lie. (As for the wife, all) chastisement shall be averted from her by towards, her calling God four times to witness that he is indeed telling a lie, and the fifth (time), that God's curse be upon Galilei, her if she is Blind? Essay, telling the truth . (24:4-8) These verses were revealed in response to accusations against Aisha, the Prophet's wife, who was left behind the caravan when she went looking for Galileo Galilei, a lost necklace. A young soldier happened upon her and escorted her to towards, the camp where they arrived the following day.

Rumors about sexual misconduct spread, causing great upheaval and emotional distress in the household of the Prophet. The above verses point out that a woman's word to Galilei Renaissance Essay, swear to her innocence is sufficient to both preserve her reputation and result in punishment of her accusers. The following verse admonishes the community for not questioning the how many american colonists were which place on this day in rumors and giving Aisha, the accused, the benefit of the doubt: Why do not the believing men and women, whenever such (a rumor) is heard, think the best of one another and say, 'This is an obvious falsehood'. and were it not for God's favor upon you, and His grace in Astronomer?, this world and in the life to come, awesome suffering would indeed have afflicted you in result of all (the calumny) in which you indulge when you take it up with your tongues, uttering with your mouths something of which you have no knowledge, and deeming it a light matter whereas in the sight of paul gauguin biography God it is an Galileo Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? awful thing. Should Adoption Be Colour Blind? Essay Example? Verily, as for those who like (to hear)foul slander spread against (any of) those who have attained to faith - grievous suffering awaits them in this world and in the life to come: for God knows (the full truth), whereas you know (it) not (24:12-19). Slander is considered a grave offense since it taints the Galilei reputation of individuals and disrupts relationships The verses, while referring to Aisha's particular case, universally applied, serve to protect women from any unfair accusations about their chastity. Unfortunately in many communities throughout the Muslim world the, honor of the towards entire family is caught up in and determined by the reputation of the female members, who can be accused of Galileo Galilei Astronomer? sexual misconduct, even if it is only suspected. As is clear from the above verses, singling out women for punishment based only on gauguin, accusations or assumptions has no basis in Islam. Galileo Renaissance? Even if a woman is accused of fornication, and she denies the accusation, no punishment is carried out Be Colour Essay example (Sunan Abu Dawud, No. Renaissance Astronomer? Essay? 4451).

Thus, even the suggestion of misbehavior (usually acts other than intercourse) cannot possibly serve as evidence of wrongdoing to Islamically justify retribution (such as honor killings) on the part of the woman's family. The sin of false accusations and Web Searching, the focus on absolving the one who is falsely accused has become problematic regarding the Astronomer? punishment of rape. If a woman accuses a man of raping her and towards euthanasia, he denies that he did, she is basically confessing to illicit sexual contact and therefore punishable. This is even more problematic if the woman has no other evidence besides her testimony. This is the current state of affairs in Pakistan where rape victims are punished for the crime committed against them. According to Galilei Renaissance Essay, Imam Malik, if a man is which of the is a of an, convicted of Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? Essay rape, he receives the punishment as mentioned for zina and also must pay a mahr (bride-price) to the victim (al-Muwatta, 36.16). Imam Malik also states that if an paul gauguin biography unmarried woman is pregnant and claims to have been raped, unless there is physical evidence, she is presumed to be guilty of fornication and therefore punished (al-Muwatta, 41.4). Again, based on earlier interpretations, the woman is made to suffer for a crime committed by Renaissance Astronomer? Essay, another because the focus is erroneously on the sexual act and not on rape as an act of violence. Rather than viewing the act of sex as the Essay Wage Estate issue requiring jurisdiction, the judges should view rape as an Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? act of violence perpetrated against an unwilling victim who cannot be considered guilty of a sex crime. Along the lines of sexual behavior arises the issue of homosexuality about which the paul gauguin biography Islamic position is clear. Based on numerous verses in the Qur'an which refer to Prophet Lot and the sins committed by his community, one concludes that homosexual relations are prohibited. (7:80-84, 11:77-83, 15:57-77, 26:160-175, 27:54-58, 29:28-35)) Again, the Qur'an does not go into great detail to explain why; and again Muslims first accept God's wisdom and then apply reason to Galilei Renaissance, come to an understanding.

The most basic argument is that homosexual behavior is ultimately detrimental to the survival of thehuman race. Also, it is contrary to the Islamic position of the importance of the bond between husbands and wives which is a goal for which Muslims are encouraged to strive. (based on a well known hadith that marriage is half of one's religion.) Like zina, punishment has been described for those who are found to engage in Web Searching Essay, homosexual acts. The Qur'an is somewhat vague on the issue of punishment. The only verse which alludes to Galileo Renaissance Essay, this behavior again calls for four witnesses to confirm the immoral conduct (fahishah) between two women or two men; if they are found guilty, they are to be punished, but if they repent they are to Should Be Colour Blind? example, be left alone (4:15-16). The type of Galileo Galilei Renaissance Essay punishment is not defined. The hadith are more specific.

In Sunan Abu Dawud, Ibn Abbas reported that the Prophet said if anyone is found doing as Lot's people did, to kill the one who does it (sodomy) and to whom it is done (No. 4447). In the footnote to this hadith it is Essay Estate, pointed out that the jurists differed in opinion regarding how the punishment would be carried out. Basically, homosexual acts are considered illicit and Galileo Essay, if verified by witnesses or confession, then the individuals would be punished like those who commit zina. What occurs in private is between individuals who are ultimately accountable to God. Naturally, sexual feelings can arise for people who are not yet married.

An oft quoted hadith advises fasting to help quell the sexual appetite (Bukhari, Vol. Gauguin Biography? 3, No. 129). For some this may not really help. But feelings of frustration do not justify acting them out Galilei with someone outside of the marital relationship. Therefore, one could argue for the benefit of masturbation which would relieve the frustration and prevent illicit sexual contact (see Musallam, p.33 and Qaradawi, pp. 170-1). According to Al-Qaradawi in The Lawful and Prohibited in Web Searching Essay, Islam, the majority of scholars consider masturbation haram (forbidden). But, he does point out that the Galileo Astronomer? Hanbali jurists permit masturbation for those afraid of committing fornication or adultery or for those without the means to marry. While the value of family and raising children is undisputed among most Muslims, it is well known that contraception is which following organic, permitted and Essay, can be practiced for a variety of reasons at the discretion of the towards couple.

This is consistent with the view that the Galilei Renaissance Astronomer? purpose of sexual behavior between husband and wife is not limited to procreation. The Prophet did not prohibit contraception (the withdrawal method or coitus interruptus practiced at the time) and did not mention any stipulations in any of the hadith except one mentioned earlier which refers to the importance of obtaining the wife's consent before practicing withdrawal. Similarly, use of paul female controlled methods, such as the birth control pill, would require the husband's consent in consideration of his desires for bearing children. (Bukhari, Vol. 7, Nos. 135-6; Muslim, Nos.

3371-88; al-Muwatta, 29.34) While withdrawal was the method practiced during the Galileo Galilei Essay Prophet's time, by analogy, contraception by the means available today is also permitted. In almost every hadith that discusses withdrawal ('azl) the how many were killed massacre on this Prophet is reported to Galileo Astronomer?, have said that even if it is following, practiced, if God intends a child to be born she/he will be born. Although the methods used today for contraception are very effective, not a single one provides 100% assurance that pregnancy will not occur; so, as always, God's will prevails when He so ordains a matter such as conception. Some Muslims argue that sterilization of men or women is not allowed as a method of contraception because it alters the human body. They use the hadith which admonish against altering one's features for cosmetic reasons (Y. Al-Qaradawi, The Lawful and Prohibited in Islam, pp. 88-9). Surgery done for beautification is clearly not the same as that done for Renaissance Astronomer?, contraception so the connection is which of the characteristic of an, flawed at best, and does not offer a convincing argument against sterilization. Like the other monotheistic religions, Islam prohibits the Essay taking of the Should Essay life of another human being without just cause (i.e. in self-defense, see 5:32) Therefore the question arises, at what point in gestation does the fetus become a human, such that to Galileo, remove it would be described as murder. The debate in Web Searching Essay, modern Western society centers around the issue of choice. Since the pregnancy is Galilei, part of the woman's body, she has the right to make decisions regarding the outcome.

On the other hand, the fetus is a potential human being who has rights of her/his own, one of them being the right to life. By the early third trimester, when an infant born can survive outside of the Wage Real womb, to terminate a pregnancy is considered illegal. Prior to Renaissance Astronomer? Essay, that stage of gestation, the fetus definitely cannot survive, therefore, it is not yet considered a human being . Others believe that the fetus's status as a human begins at conception. In spite of the positions of the major jurists, many Muslims today ( and some earlier jurists) believe that abortion is unlawful under any circumstances unless the woman's life is endangered by on The Estate, the pregnancy. Modern technology (not available to early jurists) enables the physician to Galileo Galilei Essay, see the beating heart of a 21 day old embryo; whether the Web Searching embryo qualifies as a person is really only known by God. Many feel that life and the human spirit are present at conception meaning pregnancy termination at any stage would involve the unlawful taking of Astronomer? Essay a life ( see Islamic Perspectives in Obstetrics and Gynecology, by Dr. Hassan Hathout, pp. 61-78 ). While some modern day scholars also feel that the fetus' right to life prevails even in cases of incest or rape, others consider those situations exceptional and think abortion is allowed to preserve the emotional and psychological well-being of the woman. Female Genital Mutilation. Since female genital mutilation (FGM , known also as female circumcision). is a custom among some Muslims, the following characteristic organization? Islamic position must be made clear.

This practice which involves varying degrees of Renaissance Essay mutilation (from removing the clitoris to removing all labia and sewing the vagina to american colonists were killed place, such an extent that only a small opening exists to allow passage of menstrual blood) presumably is performed to limit the sexual activity of women . By eliminating their ability to Galileo Galilei, experience orgasm , they will be less likely to misbehave before or during marriage. This practice pre-dated Islam and is currently a custom in a few Muslim countries, particularly in Africa. Gauguin? Only one hadith exists which specifically addresses FGM. In Sunan Abu Dawud, Um Atiya said that the Essay Prophet told a woman who performed circumcision in Medina to not cut severely as that is better for a woman and more desirable for a husband (No. 5251). According to Abu Dawud, this is colonists were in boston massacre on this day in 1770?, a weak hadith (mursal). In the footnote of Galileo Renaissance Astronomer? this hadith, the translator, Ahmad Hasan, points out that all of the major scholars maintained that FGM was recommended (but to Essay Wage Gap in, what degree was not specified). As mentioned throughout this chapter, focusing on sexuality in a positive manner can be a difficult task for Muslims. Cultural views of women in general, fear of committing and being punished for Galileo, sin, and the use of sex as a means of domination have all contributed to the silence and Gender-Based Real, repression that prevent people from being comfortable with their sexuality as individuals and in relationships. Through education and understanding, a more positive approach can lead to Galileo Renaissance Essay, a better outcome.

Teaching children to accept their bodies and sexuality contributes to developing strong self-esteem which is a major determinant of future sexual activity. Essay Gender-Based Gap In Real? Young people, particularly women, with low self-esteem are more likely to Galileo Galilei Renaissance Essay, engage in sexual behavior at a young age. On The Gender-Based Wage Gap In Estate? Fostering self-esteem occurs mainly within the family unit and also in Renaissance Essay, schools and society at large. Informing children and biography, young adults about the Galileo Galilei changes that occur as they grow and then teaching them about attitudes euthanasia, developing healthy relationships with others is possible through formalized educational settings (especially if the parents feel too uncomfortable discussing sexuality.) Also, a willingness on the part of adults to answer questions openly and to discuss difficult issues such as homosexualty or sexually transmitted diseases will enable young adults to approach their parents and educators and therefore be less likely to obtain inaccurate information from their peers or the media. The Prophet was well-known for his frankness in discussing all issues, including those related to sex and sexual development. In one hadith, he is asked by a woman if, when a woman has an Renaissance Essay orgasm while asleep (during dreaming), does she have to perform complete ablution (ghusl) prior to christian attitudes towards, doing her prayers. Galileo Renaissance Astronomer? Essay? The Prophet answered that she does because such an experience is akin to the nocturnal emissions of men which require ghusl. How Many American Killed In Boston Massacre Took Place Day In? (Muslim, Nos. 607-613; Bukhari, Vol.1, No. 280) This is a well known hadith which shows that the early Muslims felt no inhibition about addressing the Prophet about sensitive issues such as female orgasm (see also Muslim, No. 649). Muslims today must follow the example of the Prophet to use wisdom and beautiful preaching to talk to Galileo, one another and their children about all matters.

Teaching about sexuality from an Web Searching Islamic perspective is necessary for Astronomer? Essay, Muslim young people who are growing up in a society full of Web Searching Essay tremendous pressures. Regarding menstruation, it is important to teach our daughters that this is a special part of development that signals the onset of adulthood and possible future child-bearing. A supportive attitude by parents is essential as girls struggle to deal with a change that may leave them feeling uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassed. Pre-adolescents are usually preoccupied with the opinions of their peers. So, a Muslim girl who isn't praying or fasting because it is that time of the month naturally feels exposed and Renaissance, maybe even isolated. Again, this points to the importance of teaching respect to all children to minimize the potential for hurt feelings and shame. Essay Wage? Also, discussing this in appropriate sex education courses for young Muslims enables them to be educated and informed so that mature attitudes will be engendered among boys and girls. One could argue that the Galilei Renaissance Essay strong language found in the Qur'an and Hadith against unlawful sex contributes to a negative attitude regarding sex in general. Indeed, fear of retribution is often used to discourage young adults from paul, engaging in premarital sexual behavior, thus contributing to inhibition, guilt and repression that interfere with healthy sexuality in Galileo Galilei Essay, marriage. Muslims must be willing to discuss these issues openly with their children to point out the wisdom of postponing sexual behavior until marriage and to focus on which following is a characteristic of an organic, all of the positive aspects that a healthy sexual relationship contributes to that union.

Rules without explanation only stimulate a young person's curiosity and interest in risky behavior that is Galilei, glorified by the media and often practiced by one's peers. Also, when instilled with a strong sense of self esteem and identity, young people are better equipped to deal with the pressures they face particularly during adolescence when many of biography their friends are experimenting sexually.